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  1. Petra says on May 15, 2015

    Hello, pls what street of notting hill were these photos taken. I am looking for photoshoot spots in Nottinghill Area for my next week engagement photos,

    many thanks

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  7. You took off that banner! I’m liking it a lot more this way because it really wasn’t all that necessary. Less is more right?

    As usual, love your outfit. I like the subtle striped pattern on that trench coat!

    Maggie S.

  8. I love Notting Hill and just don’t go enough – great shots. How early did you go to avoid all the people? :)

  9. What I would do to be back in London!! Love the neutral colors with mixed fabrics

  10. First the lady that was saying the pictures don’t look so good now, have you thought it might be your computer that needs looking at as the settings may need changing. The pictures look wonderful to me.
    About Notting hill you need to be a star to live there. Prices are in the millions. Would to live there, will have to buy a lottery ticket. Thats the only chance for me but when l got them each week never won

  11. Esther says on March 30, 2014

    Hello, I hope a negative comment doesn’t bother you… but I really wanted to be honest because I came to your blog to see the newest wearable insperations and your blog has never failed to give me directions. However, with the new change in your rescent change in your blog, your pictures doesn’t look as beautiful as it used to… I hope this doesn’t bother you. As another Korean, I really wanted to be frank and let you know that your legs look really short with your new pictures. I don’t know how that can happen because in previous pictures, you looked really long and proportioned. Maybe you knew this already, but something in the photo that doesn’t look very flattering…. But you are so pretty and I really love your style.

  12. I adore Notting Hill, it’s one of my favorite parts in my most beloved city. I am really happy to be there again, in 2 weeks! Thank you very much for warm me up! Those pastel houses are stunning :)

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  14. Kristina Wilde says on March 30, 2014

    I never was able to visit this colorful setting, but hopefully when I return this summer!

  15. What a gorgeous backdrop for a photo shoot! I love the way you styled that outfit with those boots and the bracelets!