Notting Hill, London


  1. Such a great location – in love with those houses! :) And great outfit!

  2. I love your look, very nice mix!

    Viky — MySecretFashionPoison

  3. I’m in love with this look! It’s so simple yet edgy & i love your boots!

    Love Emma xx

  4. Nico

    What stylish trench coat!

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  5. You look fabulous!

  6. Mel

    Love your coat! What an easy and chic outfit! Stunning!


  7. This coat is amazing! Love the look and the background! :)

    xx Su

  8. this look is fantastic!

    xoxo from rome

  9. Glad you and your sister enjoyed your stay in London!

  10. Love so much Notting Hill, it’s so colorful and very amazing. Your look is so perfect, these boots are very rock and these leather pants are so cool. Love London!

  11. pia

    Amazing photos and even more amazing outfit!

  12. I love your bag, It’s gorgeous. It’s already in my list!

  13. OMG, your boots.. I want them so badly!

    XOXO Maud


  14. I love this entire outfit!! Your shoes are beautiful

  15. María


    NARANJA el color de MODA con Tonos FRÍOS y BURDEOS en un look EASY CHIC, no te lo pierdas y Saca Partido a tu Armario – ->>
    besos desde ESPAÑA!

  16. That Mini Cooper is so cute. And your trench is amazing.

    Fabulous 30s

  17. Absolutely stunning. Love the coat.

    Dejhana || Waite a Little

  18. Emma

    This is such a nice trench coat, very nice for the beginning of spring

  19. Nice colors, coat is beautiful!

  20. Love the bag, it’s incredible!! And this place is so beautiful!


  21. Nice look, I love the boots !


  22. Great outfit, love the pants and the shoes!

  23. Lindsey

    Love the trench coat and bag!

  24. The trench coat color actually matches the notting hills building! Love this :)))
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    xx, Claire from Vancouver, Canada

  25. What a gorgeous backdrop for a photo shoot! I love the way you styled that outfit with those boots and the bracelets!

  26. Notting Hill is so pretty! love that neighborhood

  27. Kristina Wilde

    I never was able to visit this colorful setting, but hopefully when I return this summer!

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  29. Love your purse, very nice casual look.

  30. Love the pants, they look comfy as. Also loving the light knit top.

    The Fashann Monster

  31. Loving your handbag and I love the background! All the colors are so vibrant!

  32. Sasa

    The chain boots and the Celine bag are so awesome! Love them<3

  33. I love how you paired the leather pants with the softness of the sweater and coat.

  34. Ah I love love love this coat!

  35. Beautiful location and love those fantastic boots!

  36. what a beautiful sweater and jacket!
    ladies in navy

  37. The look, the photos, the background – love everything!

  38. love your shoes!! they complete the whole look!!<3

  39. Love your style Aimee! Pink cars are adorable as well. :)

  40. I adore Notting Hill, it’s one of my favorite parts in my most beloved city. I am really happy to be there again, in 2 weeks! Thank you very much for warm me up! Those pastel houses are stunning :)

  41. I love this look! It’s not just a simple black and white combo. The cardigan is gorgeous and these shoes go so well with leather pants.

  42. Que guapa, me encanta el look.


  43. Esther

    Hello, I hope a negative comment doesn’t bother you… but I really wanted to be honest because I came to your blog to see the newest wearable insperations and your blog has never failed to give me directions. However, with the new change in your rescent change in your blog, your pictures doesn’t look as beautiful as it used to… I hope this doesn’t bother you. As another Korean, I really wanted to be frank and let you know that your legs look really short with your new pictures. I don’t know how that can happen because in previous pictures, you looked really long and proportioned. Maybe you knew this already, but something in the photo that doesn’t look very flattering…. But you are so pretty and I really love your style.

  44. Great location! :) Loving your arm candy!

  45. Stunning outfit ! The trench coat is fabulous Xx Elle

  46. Fabulous look as always! Your Celine handbag is beyond beautiful ❤

  47. Liz

    would love to go there! great look!

  48. Aaah the bag & boots are making my heart skip a beat!
    Hugs xoxo

  49. Beautiful trench! It´s classy but different. By the way, I looove the pink MINI. xo


  50. Saša

    Cool look, this coat really softens it!

  51. Lovely look. The shoes are very nice! I like the way you mix everithing. I invite you to visit my blog, NEW POST


  52. First the lady that was saying the pictures don’t look so good now, have you thought it might be your computer that needs looking at as the settings may need changing. The pictures look wonderful to me.
    About Notting hill you need to be a star to live there. Prices are in the millions. Would to live there, will have to buy a lottery ticket. Thats the only chance for me but when l got them each week never won

  53. Leta

    I love your pants and bag!

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  54. Isn’t that pink car just the best? I love this outfit so much, you look wonderful!

    x Savannah

  55. Loving all the pink in this post and you look fabulous as always!

  56. Those boots are amazing! And the pink house and pink mini are so adorable!

    Charlie x

  57. Cutest trench and booties!! And I just adore the backdrop and the little pink car!!! That cars to did for!!



  58. I absolutely love London! I adore your bag and the pink wall is beautiful!

  59. fashionsbit

    Such amazing pictures! Your lovely coat goes so well with the lovely buildings!

  60. Love these leather pants! So edgy!

    Jamie W

  61. Francine

    Great post, love this outfit!

  62. Impeccable styling as always !
    Sharing my yoga practice on personal blog today –>

  63. love the knitted sweater/top!
    Xo, Belen

  64. So stylish! Love your boots!!!

  65. Nice look. I, especially love the coat.

  66. What I would do to be back in London!! Love the neutral colors with mixed fabrics

  67. Beautiful striped trench! I love the photos that you’ve taken – the colors are so vibrant! FashionEdible

  68. Jen

    I have that sweater and love it! This whole ensemble is fab. x

  69. Love your bag! The style and shape are impeccable!

  70. Wow so beautiful place, the colorful houses are amazing, I wish to be there someday. The look is amazing and I love the bag

  71. amazing look so simple and edgy <3
    xoxo manu

  72. This is honestly a really cute cohesive outfit! Love the trench :)

  73. Love your outfit!! The bag, the shoes… lovely!

  74. lovely outfit, you chose the perfect Céline bag <3

  75. Hope you enjoyed London! love the trench coat~



  76. Love this!! The inside ankle zip detail on those pants is amazing. Hope you enjoyed london!


  77. I love this post! Great outfit and cute backdrop! <3

  78. Macie

    Perfect for an overcast London day!

    Amen Fashion †

  79. I love this place of London, it has something special! I love your outfit, perfect like always :)

  80. Ana

    You are such an inspiration <3


  81. I love Notting Hill and just don’t go enough – great shots. How early did you go to avoid all the people? :)

  82. Laid back and cool. This is a total killer. Love it.

    Guilty of Glitz

  83. Love that coat, perfect for spring

  84. Gorgeous like always! I love your hair!

  85. I love your jacket! And Notting Hill as well. So charming. xx

  86. Very funky and bright look! I’m sure the streets of London looked much better while you were here :))

    Lu ❤

  87. The perfect background for a photoshoot

    Love the leggings

  88. You took off that banner! I’m liking it a lot more this way because it really wasn’t all that necessary. Less is more right?

    As usual, love your outfit. I like the subtle striped pattern on that trench coat!

    Maggie S.

  89. Wow… Love the pink house, and that long sweater. So cozy!

  90. Notting Hill reminds me of San Juan in Puerto Rico. They both have the colorful side by side houses!! Now I want to go backk…ahhh or just make a trip to London! Lolz.

  91. Loving the boots with the chains. Great mix of cozy and tough.

  92. Love your trench and the background! The colours are so pretty!

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  94. The coat looks like a perfect entrance to Spring~

    xx Doori Park

  95. Love the outfit too, but omg, that pink wall! Adorable <3

  96. Paty

    Love your blog!
    I’m posting looks from Los Angeles and accessories:

  97. The colours in these photos are absolutely gorgeous! One of my favourite posts of all time.

    Beth xo.

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  99. i love the colours of these photographs (both in the background and the outfit!) :)

  100. Preciosa ubicacion para fotografiar el look. Me ha hecho mucha gracia la casa y el mini en rosa jaja todo conjuntado ;P
    El look muy bueno y el bolso.. lo mas! =)

  101. The location is amazing!! Great pictures :)

  102. I just love your style, Aimee! You put everything together so perfectly!

  103. Lovely look ! Perfect sweater and coat ^^


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