Knightsbridge, London

song_of_style_orange_sweater_ripped_jeans_3 London might be my newest favorite city! It was my first time in London (I know, so hard to believe!) and I loved every moment of it from the people, to architecture, to the accent! I think I can do a pretty good British accent approved by the people I met in London. ;)song_of_style_orange_sweater_ripped_jeans_chain_bootsFor a day filled with sightseeing, I opted for comfy boots from Belle by Sigerson Morrison. I mainly wore these boots only while I was in London because they went with almost every outfit I brought with me. The chain details add an interesting detail to these boots.song_of_style_celine_edge_bag_pythonsong_of_style_orange_sweater_ripped_jeanssong_of_style_orange_sweatersong_of_style_orange_sweater_ripped_jeans_2


  1. Loving the bright orange of this sweater!! And your jeans are always perfect ;)

    Love from Munich, L


  2. I love London! I am going to visit April 5. The city is lovely. And your boots, are fab!

  3. Love it! that sweater is amazing!

    XX Nora /

  4. These jeans are awesome cannot wait to visit London.


  5. Cool look. Love the oversized orange sweater so much :D

    xx Mira

  6. Love the slouchy knit. Those boots were definitely a good choice for walking round London, heels are out!!
    Hugs xoxo

  7. love the sweater, wonderful color
    you look fantastic
    how nice to be in London for the first time. It is an amazing city

  8. Sonja

    Great look!Love the oversized sweater!

  9. Honestly London is like the best place ever

  10. London is my favorite city in the world.
    I´ve been there twice and lost my heart there.
    I don´t know why, but I love it more than NYC …
    The outfit you´re wearing is really cool.
    And the boots are awesome :)

    xx Julia

  11. That sweater! I love the cut and color. Looks great on you.

  12. WOW! absolutely loved the orange jumper, looks fantastic on you Aimee! <3 xoxo

  13. Me ha encantado el jersey, un color precioso!
    un beso

  14. I love London so much, it’s an amazing city, all the people, street, everything is wonderful, I have to come back now! Your look is perfect, the jumper coat is very intense. Beautiful handbag and love love love so much these boots, they are so rock

  15. Love the outfit! I admire how you don’t shy away from bright colors, you totally rock them!

  16. Incredible outfit and very colorful photos !


  17. I just love everything, the colour of the sweater is amazing, the bag is wonderful and I want your boots so bad *_* perfection!
    Have a lovely day!

  18. Natali

    Such a perfect bag and sweater! You look beautiful!

  19. london is my favorite city as well! and i just love your knit x

  20. awesome top, no to jeans though

  21. The chain detail definitely adds to an interesting touch. love your sweater, so cute and bright

  22. Amazing Outfit, I really like the bright jumper! I am in love with London, it’s hands down my favourite city

  23. Ana

    This orange sweater makes a statement! Love this look, great shoes and bag

  24. I like your style and you look fantastic

  25. Amazing look! Love the bag and sweater so much!

  26. Adore this slouchy jumper! A casual look and so perfect for sightseeing/touring London.

    Beth xo.

  27. amazing sweater! so cool it’s from Zara!

  28. this orange sweater is beyond fab! love!

  29. You came at such a good time! The weather was so lovely the past week, hope you had fun!

    LIVE . IN . LOVE ✞





  31. I want your bag !!! I’m so jealous ^^

  32. This outfit is perfect for London! Love the oversized sweater!

  33. This is amazing, love the orange jumper with the ripped jeans. So gorgeous! x

  34. Eva

    That orange really pops out of my screen and it looks amazing on you! xx GIVEAWAY TIME

  35. Nico

    What cool sweater!

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  37. Love the oversized sweater, such a pop of color<3 xoxo

    New on

  38. Great color! It’s a great pop for this caudal relaxed look! Love your edgy booties too! London must be such a fun city!



  39. I just came back from London a couple of weeks ago, and I agree that it really is a city of its own. So unique…just like that outfit!
    Your Friend, Jess

  40. pia

    Amazing sweater, it totally makes the outfit special! And your jeans are perfect :)
    Fashion latte with vanilla

  41. So glad you loved London and appreciated what we have to offer! Your style suits the city well!

    Visit us again soon please!


  42. The bright orange sweater adds a nice pop of color to your outfit!

  43. I love London! I been there two times now and I can’t wait to go back :)



  44. Marie

    Pretty Outfit! Amazing sweater & jeans !!

  45. I just came back from a long vacation in London a couple months ago, I always love going back to that wonderful city. Glad you are having such a great time there, and adore the boots!

  46. Love this look! Very edgy-chic!


  47. Jen

    Loving that orange sweater! It looks so great mixed in with your Celine. x

  48. Ahh London has so much history it would be so awesome to visit one day. Loving the distressed skinnies and the brightness of that sweater!

  49. That Zara sweater is amazing, the color is really nice!

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  51. i’m keen to see where you went, what you liked whilst in London!

  52. yeap. beautiful boots! also, don’t know if anyone has told you but orange is definitely your color!
    xo Belen, Androbel Insider

  53. Love that sweater and the color! x

  54. Love that sweater and the color! x

  55. That Celine bag is gorgeous!! What a great color! :)

  56. That oversized sweater is so perfect!

  57. I like your sweater! Amazing and simple look!!

  58. I like your sweater! Amazing and simple look!!

  59. London is the epitome of street style – love the tangerine!

  60. That orange sweater is gorgeous and I just love your accessories. The boots and purse are FAB!

  61. London is the best, I’m in love with that city! The orange jumper is sooooo gorgeous!!

  62. Welcome to London! I can’t believe it’s your first time, hope we the British have drawn you to London! Love your casual wear, I want your oversize orange sweater!


  63. This outfit looks sooo comfy!
    ah that sweater is the just amount of chunkiness to it. AND THAT COLOR my goodness. its orange without being TOO orange..does that make sense? LOL. I love this look. looks so casual yet put together and the soft waves hair do really compliment the look. And those booties look perfect for walking around in. I would have paired it with a simple cross over body bag but that bag is still divine. great combo. and what a great location to shoot!


  64. The orange oversized sweater is so beautiful! Overall, a very cool casual look for Spring :)

  65. Alicia

    Amazing outfit girl

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  66. katherine

    Aimeeee all your bags are so adorable. Love your look, you look so beautiful!.

  67. Love your jumper, hope you had fun in London!

    Love from Barcelona x

    Emma from E L E C T R I C S O I R E E

  68. I really love those shoes and the bag! The snakeskin print is super sexy!

  69. i love that Celine edge bag so much don’t even know how to explain it!! <3

  70. Gorgeous look :)

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  71. Loving the bright pop of orange in this look!


  72. Love those boots. Comfy boots are dire need when walking around London. I walked everywhere when I visited London and I was so thankful I brought comfy shoots with me. Love the bright Zara Sweater. Hope you had fun. Hope you could check out my blog. I’m giving my readers 20% off their purchase from Otaki Clothing.


  73. How come I didn’t see this sweater from ZARA? Love the wide sleeves and the color!
    New Post: The Progress & Giveaway
    xx, Claire from Vancouver, Canada

  74. pipa

    Amazing bag!!!

  75. Absolutely stunning! Love the pop of colour x

  76. Evi

    Great look! Loving your oversized sweater!!

    Evi xoxo

    The Notebook of a Fashion Lover

  77. Those skinny jeans are cool! Love the bag and the boots

  78. completely in love with that casual look!


  79. Love your outfit! I’m from London so it’s really cool to see the streets of London in the back of your photos. Next time you say you’re going I’ll give you some tips on the best places for blog photos, shopping and going out! ;) xx

  80. Can’t believe you hadn’t been in London before!! Indeed, my home is the best city in the world, it was good having you here and I’m glad you enjoyed it!! x

  81. Lindsey

    Loving the orange chunky sweater and bag!

  82. I Love London and your orange sweater too!! nice outfit dear.


  83. I adore the boots! And the bag, is absolutley gorgeous :)

  84. Love the sweater. Orange is the new black!

  85. Eli


    Such a lovely outfit :)

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  86. stephanie

    I love london, going back next week again!

    Love the colour of your sweater as well.

  87. Love this jersey, orange is my favourite colour. I have never been in London and I.want to.visit it soon.


  88. Just AWESOME as usual!
    You look great!

  89. Fi

    you look amazing, love the large orange sweater.

    xx Fi

  90. Sec

    I’m glad you like London. Even though I was bought up here; still amazes me the kind of things it offers.

  91. Beautiful look! The colour of the sweater looks so great on your skin, love it!

    xxx Chris

  92. Another perfect look :)

    Take a look at Rüga fashion Blog

  93. This sweater is absolutely gorgeous, and looks so comfy!

    I love London so much – it’s one of my favourite cities in Europe

  94. love the orange sweater! Wish I could pull of the color orange lol

    You look great and good idea going with hardy/comfy boots for getting around and seeing sights!


  95. I love this pop of orange on you…you really can do no wrong! Always so fabulous!

    Auna xx

  96. What a fun outfit, I love the pop of color with that sweater!!

  97. You look amazing as always! I love that orange sweater.. Sooo vibrant, :),

  98. Sarah

    Absolutely love the orange coat. Perfect color. xx Sarah

  99. Digging those sleeves! Combined with that color and the denim, it’s all perfect.

    Pretty in Python

  100. Love those jeans!!!! Xoxo

  101. The sweater and bag are amazing! Love that orange :-)

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  103. London is one of my fav cities too. You look flawless no matter what city you visit!

  104. amazing !! loveee your bag <3 <3
    xoxo manu

  105. Your style inspired this outfit:

    Thanks for being you!
    xoxo Emmy

  106. I love this sweater, such a great color!

  107. That jumper is Amazing !!

  108. LOVE the sweater and the color of it! :)

    Maggie A

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  110. I love the sweater and the jeans!

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  112. Magnifico conjunto de jersey y vaqueros!!

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