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J’adore Red




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  1. I’M SO OBSESSED WITH YOUR HEELS! I’m a flats girl but those heels are to die for! Your whole outfit is amazing. So cute!

  2. Que guapísima, maravillosa la falda, los zapatos son espectaculares, vamos me gusta todo

    besos guapa

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  4. Love the studded collar and your skirt is stunning! Still can’t believe I pumped into you the other day :)

    Greetings from London,


  5. I love these shoes! I’ve been seeing them on a lot of bloggers and you definitely styled them with the most bold outfit. Love the look!


  6. That jacket is smashing! I just got one of her moto jackets, but not that one! I love the way you paired it with that glam tibi skirt. Their skirts really have no competition. xoxo, Bethann

  7. Love the mix of hard and soft with the shirt with spiked shirt and the princess skirt. Plus the pop of colour just finishes the look off. I am going to have to emulate this look soon!!

  8. Moi aussi j’adore le rouge ♥
    et je trouve ces chaussures et cette ton super bien.Rien à dire superbe look ♥

  9. Oh my god, what an amazing outfit. It looks like one of these “to dream of” Pinterest inspiration pictures. I love it! xx

  10. OMG not only is the skirt a standout piece but all the minor details helps make this look go from beautiful to drop dead stunning! love everything you wear aimee xx

  11. That skirt is amazing and I love the shoes! Your Instagram account makes me so jealous!

  12. you look stunning as always! Please do more interior design post! i am looking forward to read them :)

  13. Elaine says on March 16, 2014

    you look stunning as always! Please do more interior design post! i am looking forward to read them :)

  14. The outfit has gorgeous colors. I do feel like all the pieces together feel a little heavy. Maybe a different top or the skirt tailored a bit more it would have look more chic. I do love the red shoes though they are absolutely stunning pair of heels.



  15. I just love so much u style! ♥ You can influence so many people who live so far away sometimes, like me here in Brazil. I do not know if you know, but I was very happy because a blogger in Brazil made ​​a joke about the signs of other bloggers, and she put Sagittarius you and was so happy, because it’s mine too. I’m trying to summarize my review. But you know, I felt the need to say that you are amazing!

    U can see the post here : http://www.garotasestupidas.com/os-signos-das-blogueiras-descubra-qual-voce-e/

    ITS SO Funny!

  16. El rojo es uno de mis colores favoritos!!!
    Es la combinacion perfecta, falda,bolso,zapatos y Paris !!!!
    J´adore ……….

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