Flirty Paris

song_of_style_dvf_5song_of_style_dvf_4I’m a lover of color when it comes to dresses, but I fell in love the beautiful black and white graphics on this DVF dress. I love the fit and flare silhouette as I find it really flattering for my body and it’s so feminine and flirty!

I was going to wear it with a coat in Paris since it’s chilly but thankfully it was a warmer day, so I styled it with my coral leather jacket. So glad it warmed up because it would’ve been a bummer to cover the flirty skirt part with a long coat!song_of_style_dvf_6song_of_style_dvf_7song_of_style_dvf_3So glad I brought this mini DVF bag with me to Paris since it’s small and super convenient for my necessities. I wore it almost everyday from sightseeing to dinner parties. I love the snakeskin pattern on the bag and the gold hardware.song_of_style_dvf_8song_of_style_dvfLet’s talk about these cork heels. How cool is the cork material? I don’t know if it’s because of the kitten heels or not, but these are so comfortable! I walked around Paris in these heels and was totally fine!song_of_style_dvf_back


  1. This dress is amazing and it looks perfect with the red leather jacket!

    xx Su

  2. Love that Theory leather jacket and fun little dress, love the print on it.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    New Post up…

  3. Gorgeous set of photos. Love Paris!

  4. You look gorgeous!! That dress is fantastic! DVF always rocks!

  5. you look so pretty in this outfit!


  6. that skirt is absolutely gorgeous!


  7. Beautiful outfit. I love the shoes!

  8. Those cork heels are so cool and unique! Love the print with the pop of color with the jacket!

    Suzie Q

  9. Love the jackets, such a pretty colour.


  10. I always love your jackets. By the way, I briefly mistook the fun title “Flirty Paris” with “Filthy Paris” when I opened this post through bloglovin! hahah for a moment there I thought you were pissed off with Paris hahahaha

  11. Nico


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  12. Gaaaaaawgeous! I freaking love your dress! <3



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  13. So amazing outfit. I love this bag as you.


  14. Love the skirt! The fact you are in Paris makes me jealous!

  15. these photos are wonderful, you look stunning.
    i agree the bag is a keeper. great size

  16. Love these photos! Perfect look!

  17. pia

    Amazing phoos! You look great on them and that coral jacket with the beautiful dress is a killer combination :)

  18. That skirt though!! LOVE! 50% off this weekend with code giveme50

  19. Very pretty dress, looks great with that coral jacket

  20. That’s a really cute jacket. It compliments the dress so well!

  21. Your style is amazing Song, I like your looks so much

    kisses from Spain

  22. Such a lovely look!

    XXNora /

  23. this kind of heels are the perfect ones to look feminine and comfortable.

  24. Eye Like Fashion

    Love this graphic dress. I LOVE black and white almost anything. I’m the B&W whore. Lol. The color pop in jacket is perfect.



  25. Liz

    Love the look! You’re so pretty!!

  26. Lovely! What a great color jacket! And that dress is darling!

  27. Beautiful coral jacket, Aimee. Love these on the move shots~



  28. LOVE the outfit babes. Killing it.

    Sophie x

  29. I love that skirt, this outfit is beautiful.

  30. This outfit is really nice on you. The proportions are spot on & it’s very interesting to hear how comfortable those heels are. I’ll be looking into another pair of kitten heels now.

    The Fashann Monster

  31. Beautiful dress, and the cork heels look very comfy indeed. You look adorable!


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  33. I’m dying for more moot jackets in different colors and I’m in love with this orange so much!!

  34. Love this outfit! Posted this onze Tumblr (with source off course) hope you dont mind!

  35. WOW! I love the dress and the whole outfit in general! Really beautiful!


  36. love this outfit! The color combination is awesome!

  37. oh this pics look so lovely they let me dream of paris ! ♥

  38. Nicole

    Gorgeous outfit! You look amazing! :)


  39. Great outfit, everything is perfect, i love the way you matched that jacket with that skirt, it was brillant and the color of the jacket is very beautiful, perfect for a sunny day.

  40. Cork heel! That’s a new one for me. And that’s saying a lot, in Portugal people make everything out of cork, I even saw knits last time.


  41. love the combination of leather jacket and dress, it looks fantastic! :)

  42. Mmm lovely look! Looking forward to wearing summery dresses so much!

  43. You look beautiful ! So nice photos

  44. Eva

    Love the print of your skirt and such a pretty combination with the orange and nude! xx

  45. Gorgeous Look! love your flared printed dress, and also your beige shoes are a real steal! <3 xoxo

  46. Beautiful beautiful outfit! I love the skirt & the shoes.

  47. Very pretty dress! I like the playful shape of the skirt :)


  48. Mel

    Wow, this dress is just perfect! I looks amazing combined with the leather jacket! Stunning style!


  49. I love how you’re able to mix different prints together so easily and still make this look work. you look so gorgeous x

  50. Meital

    You look amazing! love the dress!

    Hope you have a lovely day and I’m looking forward to your next post :)
    Très Jolie fashion blog
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  51. Really love that dress! The pattern is beautiful!

  52. Fabulous dress! I love that you paired it with that coral jacket and that’s such a cute purse.


  53. I’m in love with that skirt and those shoes! I love the mix of the black and white with the red.

    Erica’s Edition

  54. This is a really nice dress and it’s definitely versatile. Pairing it with a jacket for cooler days and wearing it as is looks just as good.

  55. This is so perfect, the color of that jacket is just stunning!

  56. fashionsbit

    You actually dont put a pic of front so we cant ser the neck area of the dress! But the skirt is so feminen as you said!

  57. Really into that printed dress. Great shape and so many possibilities. xx

  58. Love the colors, perfect outfit

    check out blog

  59. That color jacket with the dress is perfection! Amazing pics!

  60. The pattern on this dress is amazing!!

  61. Love this dress and bag so cute!
    Carola !

  62. Hey I wanna go to Paris too! :) Love the dress.

    My fashion blog:

  63. sasa

    So pretty. Awesome outfit for romantic Paris:) <3

    New on

  64. I would totally walk around the whole day in heels if I had a pair like these! you look totally gorgeous :)
    Lazy Obsession x

  65. I am obsessed with that DVF dress omy goodness I want in my closet right now. That flowy skirt is so flattering on everyone because if you are heavier on bottom it covers everything. Perfect for pear type bodies. I also love the flare because it is so romantic. It makes it fresh girly and fun. The black and white paired with the orange jacket is so presh because I really like how the jacket shines if it was a plain leather jacket I dont think it would translate as well. And the cross body is a must reptilian print is sooooo in right now and i really like how you pattern mixed. The only thing i would do differently is a black lace up heel sandal with a higher inch heel would really make the dress look sooo GORG but great look!

  66. Everything about this look is gorgeous! Love the heels especially :)

  67. Love, love, LOVE the pop of colour in the form of the leather jacket.

    xx Nicole

  68. You’ve inspired me so much to venture out into the realm of prints and patterns. I used to wear mainly solid colors, but ever since I started following you a year ago, I’ve been really loving mixing and matching patterns.


  69. The dress is absolutely stunning!!! You look amazing :)

  70. Beautiful dress and gorgeous pictures!

  71. Your outfit is just the perfect one for spring in Paris. Black and white with a little bit of colour. Yes, I’m definitely in love. And the heels are amazing. I really need comfy heels for the warmer seasons. xx

  72. Your dress is beautiful! I love it! :)

  73. Love your classy yet trendy look! Paris is chic as usual..


  74. sarah

    Perfect outfit. Love the jacket / dress.

  75. Loving your skirt!!!
    The jacket is so flawless and the shooting is awesome, great street style!
    xx from

  76. Kommentera vad mitt nästa inlägg ska handla om :)

  77. Love the dress and the colour of the jacket! x

  78. The print on your dress is so mesmerizing. x

  79. I absolutely love those cork heels! Beautiful pictures!


  80. Love the way you have combined both a print and a bold color in the same outfit. None takes away the attention from the other, neither the dress, jacket nor the bag.

    A great outfit for a pear shaped body like mine. I am a big fan of wearing dresses with a jacket, they add so much more life to the outfit. This is a good idea I am going to try it :)

  81. perfect look ! love every piece <3
    xoxo manu

  82. wow!♥ the dress is gorgeous!:) you look amazing!

  83. Perfect outfit honey!! Love it

    I posted a pic of you on my blog today


  84. Njomza

    Lovely outfit, I love everything you wear.
    Only I have one question: How do you go without freezing wearing sandals and a mini skirt in February in Paris?
    It may sound dumb, but I always wonder: how come bloggers are not cold?

  85. Pretty as always! Gorgeous dress ♥

  86. Love your outfit! Absolutely in love with your skirt!

    NEW POST UP on my blog!

    Lucía Alonso

  87. the skirt is so beautiful! and the color of the jacket is amazing. Absolutely love it!

  88. Your dress is fantastic! What a great look.

    xo Amanda

  89. Love the color and fit of the leather jacket! It goes really well with the dress!

  90. It wouldn’t be you if you didn’t add some color to that dress. :) Love the outfit!

  91. so posh and chic!!! :D love the pop of coral!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  92. Beautiful! I love your dress and your shoes. :)

  93. Love the dress and the sandals! You look sooo cute!

  94. I love this post ! and I also love paris! The coral leather jacket is stunning I even want to get one myself !
    check out my newest post on my blog ? much love x

  95. Love your look, and the prints. Very bold!

  96. Like a lot your dress! that kind of skirt is very flattering

  97. The dress is amazing!!!

  98. This whole outfit is perfection! Love your blog – it’s always my go to when trying to figure out new ways to wear clothes. Thanks for the inspiration!

  99. That leather jacket is fabulous. Love the color, the gold details, and the fit!

  100. really a flirty jacket, I love it.

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