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  2. http://www.fionabrookslifestyle.com
    i love everything about this look except the skirt! It is not cute. I would have done a jean skirt heavily destroyed and distressed. If it was your “pop of color” …that skirt should have not been popped. LOL. I like the jacket SOOOO much though. It is have a sheer fabric? If so, LOVE. I could throw on that jacket with a dress to wear out on the town or hardcore dress it down and wear it with yoga pants to the gym or i mean grocery store. LOL. The hat is cute but a distressed LA dodgers hat would totally make me fall in love. The skirt is a little on the harajuku side and not really digging it but overall this look could work for a casual SUNDAY i dont deem it worthy of a saturday but thats just my opinion and i feel like leaving it dangit! HAHAH love Fiona Brooks


  3. I am so in love with this outfit (and especially with this beautiful beautiful skirt). I tried on one similar black piece yesterday (and it looked absolutely ridiculous on me), but didn’t bought it. You look amazing in it! xx

  4. Hey Aimee,

    Love your blog! But lately it hasn’t been working good on bloglovin (at least not on the iPhone app) and also I couldn’t view your blog right over my iPhone. I can only view the right side if every photo the other side is cropped. Maybe you wanna have a look at that :)

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