Dressed Down Leather Pants


aimee_song_leather_pants_nike_sneakers_3 There are several items of clothing that tend to be our go-to’s on a busy work day or off duty days.

During my short stay in L.A. between my New York, Catalina Island and Paris, my days have been completely filled with client meetings, shooting, running to different job sites, and more meetings. For days like these, I have my go-to comfy outfits that don’t look like “I give up, give me a break” but rather “comfy, but I’m still here to work”. These outfits usually consist either leather or denim (sometimes both) and a foolproof button down shirt that’s very easy to wear.aimee_song_striped_shirt_chanelI’m a firm believer of wearing a button down shirt with anything and always going a size up. This striped shirt from Topshop is already oversized so I got my usual size. Shirts like these make effortless dressing so easy. Style them with jeans, cargo pants, leather pants, denim shorts, or any other bottom you have in your closet! It’s casual but not as casual as a tee.aimee_song_leather_pants_nike_sneakers_2aimee_song_white_nike_sneakersIf you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know by now that I love leather pants and I don’t always wear heels. I work at construction sites so a lot of times I’m in my Nikes or slip-ons and I’ll have heels in my car to switch out to for a meeting. These white Nike Roshe Runs are custom made using the Nike ID. I also have the complete opposite black version seen here.aimee_song_leather_pants_nike_sneakersaimee_song_gold_cartier_braceletsaimee_song_striped_shirt_leather_pantsaimee_song_striped_shirt_rosegold_jewelry


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  1. Kellyanne says on April 15, 2014

    Is the swoosh and laces on your Nikes bright magenta or black?

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  4. I love the whole look!
    But those knikes! I would really really want them. How can we order or get them made? I think they would do really well in Australia :)

  5. What a great, casual outfit. I love oversized button up shirts. As you mention in the post, these types of shirts are always an easy piece to style. You can dress them up or wear them casually as pictured above. An easy piece to bring effortless fashion to an outfit! Here is a great oversized button up shirt: ptaylorclothing.com/portfolios/essentials/?cpt_item=classic-shirt

  6. Thanks for the tip of sizing up when buying a button up blouse! I love the idea of wearing a top a bit looser so there is more versatility with it.


  7. I really like this comfortable outfit. My personal eyecatcher are the shoes. I’m looking for the perfect sneakers for ages now and I hope I will find a good pair soon. xx

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  9. You´re so pretty *-* And I love your shoes that are soooo cool <3 *-*

  10. I am loving the zipper detail on the inside most designers do the outside of the pant, this is an interesting twist. <3

  11. Love this casual and cool outfit! The jeans shirt adds some a cool touch to the look!

    Greetings from London,


  12. This casual look is cool, perfect match with shirt and crop leather pants, great choice!

  13. I do the same! I always keep a pair of heels in the car for that day’s outfit. I’m a costume designer and I’m always on my feet shopping around and it’s really tough wearing heels all the time. I don’t understand how models do it! It baffles me. Although, instead of wearing sneakers, I tend to opt for boots. :P


  14. The shoe game is a-OK and the pants and jacket, great, but I’m not too fond of the button up only because I feel like you should be wearing a white tee!

    You look great! :)

  15. This is/was my weekend uniform. Yesterday I dressed it up, today I dressed them down a bit for breakfast with the fam.

  16. I love this outfit so much, it just oozes casual cool! I’m a big fan of Roshe Runs too, they’re just so comfortable but manage to avoid looking scruffy.

  17. I love that look! So easy yet chic and feminine! When I look at these pictures it makes me long for summer and sunshine even more. haha :) .

    I hope you had a great weekend so far and wish you a happy sunday. <3

    xx Deborah Chloé

  18. This outfit looks like my wear-to-school-when-the-weather-gets-warmer outfit. I love how put together you look! I also like those Nikes!

  19. I couldn’t agree more…I love wearing an oversized button-down top with anything. It looks so effortless, but put-together.

    I cannot get over that last picture of your accessories. You have such an amazing style (and photographer) <3

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