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Dreaming in Blue in Catalina Island



The weekend before my Paris trip which was my first free weekend in L.A. with nothing planned so I decided to explore Catalina Island. Despite being born and raised in Los Angeles, I’ve never been to Catalina Island which is only a boat ride away. The timing was perfect since 7 For All Mankind asked me to go on a Dream Road Trip for their Dreaming in Blue campaign and while it was more of a boat trip, I packed my favorite jeans from their newest collection, and sailed away.  song_of_style_7_for_all_mankind_4

My favorite part about these Fashion Pieced Skinny jeans is the coated contrasting denim shades. I’m such a denim lover so I appreciate new twists on denim.  The shade of the jeans make them very easy to dress up.

song_of_style_7_for_all_mankind_5  song_of_style_7_for_all_mankind_7  song_of_style_7_for_all_mankind_denim_jacket  song_of_style_7fam_1

I’m wearing a 7 For All Mankind Classic Denim Jacket and Fashion Pieced Skinny Jeans, Isabel Marant pour H&M blouse, and Nicholas Heels.


Vintage red Chanel handbag and Marc Jacobs aviators.


Everyone should have a pair of light washed denim. These are the perfect shade of light blue and the fit is amazing. To me, fit is everything especially when it comes to super basic jeans.

song_of_style_lace_top_7fam_chanel_2 song_of_style_lace_top_7fam_chanel_4

I styled these 7 For All Mankind The Skinny in Sky Breeze Blue Jeans with a lace top from Joie and my favorite Chanel espadrilles.song_of_style_lace_top_7fam_chanel_5 song_of_style_lace_top_7fam_chanel_6 song_of_style_lace_top_7fam_chanel


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  4. Im not sure about the printed shoes with the printed top…
    im still digging the jean jacket tho.
    I dont really get the top it looks like it is supposed to be big and flowy but it looks a little too big on you . I do love the handbag though it is so classic. On a side note I do like how comofortable this outfit looks. I would so wear this on the weekend when im feeling like I just want to be comfy<3

  5. It’s so hard to find jeans that fit me well especially if I have to buy it online! Believe it or not, I’ve actually never tried se7en jeans before. Maybe I should give them a shot. :P

    I love how you paired the first outfit with that Isabel Marant pour H&M blouse. It’s always good to see really successful bloggers recycle clothing for their ootd posts. It makes it way more personable.


  6. This post just made my night!! I LOVE Catalina! I spent quite a few weekends there growing up, and even at a young age I couldn’t ignore what a special, magical little place it is. It feels like such a hidden gem (especially now that I live in the midwest where no one knows it!).

    Lovely, lovely photos!

    xo Elle

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