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song_of_style_7_for_all_mankind_white_jeans_2One of the most memorable activities I did during my short trip to Catalina Island was zip-lining. I went bungee jumping in South Africa (I’ll share more of this next time!) so anything that has to do with heights doesn’t scare me at all, and to be able to look at the beautiful island and the view from the zip line was amazing.

For the day at the beach and zip-lining, I wore my white 7 For All Mankind Mid Rise Ankle Skinny Jeans with faux leather trim on the side and open knit sweater from Vince. Come to think about it, I’m usually good about not wearing white pants when I know it might be getting dirty (a la zip lining) but you know when you get something new, and you really want to wear it right away? Well, it was one of those cases, plus I felt like these jeans were very nautical and perfect for exploring Catalina Island!song_of_style_7_for_all_mankind_white_jeans_4I didn’t mean to be so matchy matchy and patriotic in my red, white, and blue with this look, but I love this combo, pairing these jeans with their Classic Denim Jacket.song_of_style_7_for_all_mankind_white_jeans_6song_of_style_7_for_all_mankind_white_jeans_7song_of_style_7_for_all_mankind_white_jeanssong_of_style_chanel_espadrillessong_of_style_jewelrysong_of_style_denim_on_denim_3For the evening, I switched into a darker denim. I always find darker denim, like these High Waist Ankle Skinny’s easier to dress up where as the lighter washes are much more casual.song_of_style_denim_on_denim_4song_of_style_denim_on_denim_5song_of_style_denim_on_denim_catalinasong_of_style_denim_on_denimsong_of_style_denim_on_denim_6This trip was so inspiring for me, and now 7 For All Mankind has decided to give away $5,000 cash and a trip for 2 to Coachella for one of you lucky readers, who have a dream and may need some sunny California inspiration to help make it happen! To enter, simply upload a video of a sharing a dream of yours that you need help kick-starting, on their contest website HERE. Good luck!



  1. Emma

    Very crisp looks, I love the first one! Thanks for sharing the contest!!

  2. Great looks! My favourite is the second one. x

  3. Your pictures are so gorgeous and perfect. I really love your chanel

    Fashion / Blog

  4. I love the evening look, it’s casual but still put together & I can’t wait for those other photos!

    The Fashann Monster

  5. Liz

    love the red on the jeans…very class

  6. Love the white on white look! Looks wonderful.

  7. I’ve also gone zip lining in Catalina, it’s absolutely beautiful and breathtaking! Love the white on white and the evening look.


  8. Catalina is so beautiful! Zip Lining over the island sounds like a blast.


  9. you look stunning
    love these outfits. especially the white jeans- they are amazing
    thanks for sharing these great shots

  10. I absolutely LOVE both outfits!!

  11. love both pairs of 7fam!

  12. Love your Catalina outfits, especially the white ensemble. Great stripe detail on the pants!

    Suzie Q

  13. Maria Alejandra Arcila Lince

    me gustó mucho el primer look… los zapatos y el pantalón hacen el match perfecto. me encanta el detalle de cuero que tiene el pantalón a los lados… ops las pulseras divinas, el toque perfecto.

  14. White denim just reminds me of warmer weather, which isn’t coming soon enough! The red stripes on the sides add a nice touch of color and Streamlines the look to make the legs look me at least!!

  15. love love love that fresh white look! gets me excited for warmer weather :)

  16. Your shoes in the second outfit is absolutely gorgeous! And your white jeans look fantastic with that red strip.

    Erica’s Edition

  17. I like that the faux-leathe detail is in light brown! A nice change from black.

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  19. LOVE the all white look! With the contrasting panel, these white jeans have so much character. Zip lining in Catalina Island. Who’d of thought. How fun!

  20. Oops! accidentally sent my last comment halfway…the black sandals are so girly and feminine!! LOVE it!


  21. I love both outfits but the white one is my favorite!


  22. pia

    You look stunning on this photos! Your white sweater is so beautiful and looks perfect with those pants :)

  23. Beautiful casual looks. My favorite is the white one :)

    xx Mira

  24. Estas muy guapa con los dos look, que bonitas son las espardeñas de chanel en esos colores.


  25. Both of these outfits are gorgeous. I especially love the first one as I love whit jeans! xx Elle

  26. I’m in love with this white look.

  27. this looks fab!!

    xoxo from rome

  28. Love the sport look, Chanel espardriles are great!


  29. Oh I know the thing about “I just bought it, but I wanna wear it right away.”. That is why I found myself in a not so warm leather jacket walking around cold winterly Vienna.
    Luckily it wasn’t that cold at your place ;) Your pants are amazing. For warm temperatures I adore bright colours or simple white clothes. It’s amazing. xx

  30. The white pants are incredible :) Love’em!

  31. The leather trim on your white jeans is so unique, suit you well~

    LIVE . IN . LOVE ✞


  32. Awesome looks, especially the second one! I love those heels!

  33. I prefer your second outfit but you look so fab !!

  34. Love your sunglasses !

    Love from Paris

  35. Love your pants, so original and simple at the same time ! Your look is fabulous !

  36. These looks are really cool, comfy and chic.


  37. Loving the red details in the first look! Makes me long for warmer weather..

  38. Joy

    love the red detailing on the pants!

  39. simply and cool look, love first pants!

  40. Love your outfits ! Everytime when I visit your blog I am impress with your photos and style <3

  41. Love the pants in the first look and the second look is amazing, so simple and chic!

  42. Love the looks <3

    XX Nora /

  43. White trousers are just perfect, I love the leather trim on the side. xo


  44. your chanel loafers, i’m obesessed with them!

  45. i’m obsessed with your chanel loafers!

  46. You look amazing on all the pants you wear, those jeans and sandals are fabulous

  47. love those 7 for all mankind jeasn with the faux leather stripe. great outfit

  48. LOVE the jeans, girl! That all white look is so dreamy!

  49. You are seriously a jeans addict. Love your collection

    Have a good weekend
    Lots of Love

  50. sasa

    Love the white outfit. Beautiful island:) <3

    New on

  51. sorry for being blunt, but your bum looks amazing in these jeans, you look so beautiful and stylish like always :)

  52. love the white pants with the knit sweater. you look so happy in this pictures.

  53. I really like both pairs of jeans! Great looks x

  54. Love both outfits!!! I’d wear them anytime!

  55. I love those 7 For All Mankind jeans but both looks are totally fabulous!


  56. those jeans are perfect! love the fit


  57. Nico


    30 outfits for the weekend on lowbudget-lowcost Fashion Blog

  58. Love your hair! Did you get it cut and coloured?

  59. Wishing I was in cali with the warm weather!! Love your outfit today!

  60. I really love your blog and your style but those white jeans aren’t doing anything for me or you :/ The second look is very nice, and looks polished and casual. But nothing about that first outfit is cohesive, besides the fact that the top and bottom are the same color.. In my opinion..

  61. You look great and that Chanel shoes are wow.

  62. Love a total white look, and those Chanel Espadrilles!


  63. i am digging this all white trend. wish i was a little bit skinnier to pull off white pants. LOL. one day..

  64. Love the first one! You always wear the jeans so well <3
    New Post: Denim on Denim
    xoxo, Claire from Vancouver, Canada

  65. Hi, Aimee, what a post! and looks like next post is going to be absolutely mind blowing for me, because I am so scared of heights :) you look absolutely stunning in jeans, especially the backside area :) Have a lovely weekend darling! <3 xoxo

  66. These jeans look amazing on you, love the white with red stripes!

    Greetings from London,

  67. liz

    obsessed with your red chanel bag!

    xo, Liz

  68. Nossa que look perfeitooo, amo suas produções!!!

  69. Maria Josep

    Could I now where the sunglasses are from?
    I need them ;)

  70. I’d love to be able to pull off an all white outfit! x

  71. Love the beachy vibe! I think you’d like my boutique! 50% off this weekend with code giveme50

  72. I just love these outfits! not to mention how beautiful these photos are.

  73. Totally beautiful! Chic casual look :))


  74. First pants are amazing, I love it!


  75. OMG, I love both looks! Would try to emulate them sometime :)

  76. These photos are absolutely gorgeous! I love how you’ve styled these jeans, you look beautiful as always.

    Beth xo.

  77. amazing looks and pictures <3
    xoxo manu

  78. I love the white outfit with the red touch to it!

    xo Annika

  79. Love the first look! So cool and styling and yet so simple and confortable! Very good indeed :)


  80. Those jeans are so cute! Love this look Aimee. <3


  81. You look beautiful! I love those pants.

  82. I am in love with these pants… I need them in my closet!

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