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Bringing color into your home with art


90967f504fe41c411876d829572b7c83Even if you’re a strictly monochromatic person and prefer your black and white spaces, I’m a firm believer that a little color can boost up your mood whether it’s with floral arrangement or art. Here are some of my favorite spaces with that bring in color with art. b1a395d52f8f04bf6de9001205573104 c7c0d43aa57be525dd15b0f91a432dfe 6c149a6911033e44c9d8d8677abc9ccd 9ee80a9cc129911692dcaf3d8d9220bd  a93427e6bc683a509a9296e85658bd59 5b6fb454f4ecf64a671d0aedd26ef09e

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  2. I’m so glad you did a review of this! I saw these the last time we visited the resort and wanted one so badly, but I’m not a fan of shelling out $5 for one cupcake. The next time we go, we will have snack credits, so I’m confident that I’ll get one then! Thanks, AJ! Also, I absolutely love this blog! Best Disney food blog I’ve come across so far.

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  5. With the friends I’ve been so fortunate to find, so many dreams have already come true, in no small part thanks to you! I suspect my Devil has a plan for the year ahead, but he won’t tell me what it is…;) XOXOX

  6. Absolutely love this inspirational post. I am working in a cabinetry shop and I am so interested in interior design and motivated to study interior design . Do you have any good schools, programs or books that you could kindly recommend to me? I am in Arizona now and online courses may work the best. Thank you very much.

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  9. Hi Aimee, as a student nearing the completion of a degree in Interior Design right now (here in San Diego) I would love to be able to ask you a few questions. Do you think it would be possible to take you to coffee in LA this summer? If that is a possibility with your schedule, please email me. Thanks for considering!


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  11. Amazing selection of works! I love how ‘fluid’ everything goes together considering how contrasting some of the arts-prints are

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  13. Love this inspiration – thank you!
    The second and third photos are my absolute fave. Wow – makes me want to find some really unique prints and start hanging!!


  14. Very inspirational post. My favorite was the gallery style photo’s above the desk. Art work and the placement of it makes such a difference in an interior.

  15. OMG those pictures are ah-mazing! On point with my interior design esthetic! I love a great neutral palette, mixing the old with the new and adding just a touch of color xo

  16. OMG the dead stuffed skunk in image #3 is killin’ me!

    Fantastic post, BTW!

    Nancy x

  17. Wow… my room isn’t getting any sunshine. I don’t get any morning shine! I need to color my room to rearrange something because I feel like there is no happiness inside it :) Thanks for the idea!

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  19. Meryl says on March 22, 2014

    Can you please give me some info on the silver rug in the first photo- thanks!

  20. As an artist who paints large colorful pieces, I loved seeing your post. Art absolutely breathes life and energy into a space and a monochromatic palette is the perfect backdrop.

  21. Absolutely love this inspiration home decor post! My home is definitely quite monochrome at the moment! This has definitely inspired me to bring some colour to my home with simple and easy to do ideas such as art pieces and fresh flowers! Thank you!

  22. love this….just the inspiration I needed to help decorate my new home. Love the framed hermes, such a cute idea X

  23. I love the decor. Especially the large photo of the Cathedral,and the chair settings in the last photo. I am thinking about adding some art to my room’s wall. Thanks for the inspiration!

  24. OH, Gosh, I wish it was my house :) I absolutely love monochrome backdrop for the interior and then layers with very bright and colorful staff like cushions, pictures, vases etc….

    Thank you for sharing! <3 xoxo

  25. Such lovely spaces! The last one is absolutely gorgeous. I love your style but I really like seeing your interior design creativity on here too!

    Jessie at Blush and Blonde

  26. That last space is incredible! Love the traditional architectural details juxtaposed with such modern and vibrant artwork! Definitely a style right up my alley! Fabulous collection- would love to see more of your design work on here Aimee!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  27. Beautifully amazing !! I’ve always been fancy in this kind of decoration where the colors play the boost-up role. Just love it !

  28. I love seeing an interior design post right after reading your WWW feature where you talked about wanting to incorporate more of this passion into your blog!! You’re keeping me motivated to do the same with my style posts.

    Also, obsessed with the idea of framing bags from major brands like Hermes/Chanel/etc – I’m totally copying that idea.


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