Fashion Week New York NYFW Outfit

Oversized Gray Coat and Spiked Heels at NYFW


aimee_song_gray_coat_leather_pantsI found this oversized Max Mara coat in my mom’s closet and it instantly brought memories of my mom rocking this coat despite her being only 5’4″ tall. I love wearing my mom’s clothes and interpreting it into my own. I layered my the coat with a blazer from Rebecca Taylor and spiced things up with these Christian Louboutin spiked heels.aimee_song_dani_song_nyfwaimee_song_celine_box_bagI always love a pop of color. Carrying my favorite Celine bag with some of my favorite bracelets from: Anarchy Street, Cartier, and Vita Fede.



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  2. Love the outfit!! Especially Louboutin heels and the Celine bag!! ❤️❤️❤️

  3. stunning shoes !!
    And your bag is amazing too !!!



  4. I adulation the breadth of the blazer adjoin the breadth of the jacket! And I adulation the glassy meats glam-grunge with the heals. Definitely, will be adapting for plan accouterments inspo!

  5. I´m in looooooove with thoese shoes and blazer! Love how you added some color with the bag, great look!

  6. stunning coat. i love this look on you – very classic and stylish. i raided my mum’s closet recently and found a calvin klein version of the one you’re wearing but in camel. so good. had to remove the 80s shoulder pads though haha

    reckless abandon

  7. Ohhhh pretty coat indeed! Haha, I wonder if it’s hard to get around with though….like sitting at a restaurant, etc. :P

    And I’m also loving the coat Dani’s wearing! PS: Aimee, it’s so cool and weird (I think)! But the other day I saw that candy colored furry coat you showed on Instagram worn by a Korean actress in a show. :D I don’t know why but I kinda got excited, lol.

  8. Your shoes are so beautiful! I am in love with the oversized coat, and I totally can relate to wearing my mother’s clothing. The pop of red in the outfit is the perfect accessory to the outfit.

    Erica’s Edition

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  10. Ohhh I definitely want a coat like that for the coming Winter here in Australia :) Always fun pinching pieces from Mum’s wardrobe! x