One Hot Date

song_of_style_short_suit_1With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I’ve teamed up with EXPRESS to create a Valentine’s Day inspired look. I’m not really one to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a super sexy dress, since I’m not a traditionalist and don’t like anything too expected. For this Valentine’s Day, I’m going for a subtly sexy look with a short suit from EXPRESS. The shiny satin material on the lapels of this blazer definitely give it more a night time flare!

I kept my outfit super simple with white and black, but of course had to accessorize!

What’s your ideal Valentine’s Day date night look? You can share pics by tagging #OneHotDate. P.S., EXPRESS is also giving away 2 movie tickets for any purchases over $100!song_of_style_short_suit_2song_of_style_short_suit_3song_of_style_short_suit_4song_of_style_short_suit_5song_of_style_short_suit_6


  1. Amazing look and pictures! Loving those shoes! :D

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  2. You look so perfect, I love those shorts and the flowers are beautiful!

  3. OH WOW, you look so stunning! And I love those flowers!
    Even though I’m into men, I would totally ask you out for a date, hahaha! <3
    Happy Valentine's day in advance, beautiful!



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  4. i love your hair and those heels!

  5. WOW!! You look incredibly sexy yet sophisticated. I love every single item in this look including the gorgeous flowers.

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  6. This is a very hot date outfit indeed.


  7. Cute look, quite unconventional for Valentine’s Day, but I guess it works :)

  8. LOVE the earcuff!!! It’s so badass and chic. You are so sexy in this outfit!
    I agree with you on the commercialized day. Vday should be every day, any day and spontaneous!!



  9. That is a lovely bouquet of flowers and I love those shoes!


  10. Love your ear cuff!! It’s badass and sooo chic! Love you in this look. It’s polished but so sexy! Agree with you on the commercialized holiday. Vday should be every day, any day, and spontaneous!



  11. Emma

    Very nice clean look, the bouquet is beautiful!!

  12. Very nice outfit!
    And love your flowers bouquet!!!! Lovely!!! <3

    xoxo from Dubai

    Le monde des petites

  13. Claire

    You look so beautiful and lovely!! Simple but chic
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    xoxo, Claire from Vancouver, Canada

  14. Beautiful and girly :) Love those shorts and your earcuff!

  15. When you’re supposedly “in love” with someone, everyday is valentines day. Great minimal look for a date night that’s appropriate from day to night. Love the studded heels the most xo

  16. love the white buttoned down with the blazer and the shoes are sooo sexy!

  17. love this look especially the accessories! great outfit as always

  18. I just love your shoes! they are amazing!

  19. Wow, soooo perfect!

    XOXO from Switzerland :)

  20. The suit that you created is so cute, I love high black shorts and these heels OMG I love them so much, Christian Louboutin heels are the best. Beautiful flowers and so chic hairstyle

  21. love this look, just simple for valentine’s day! x

  22. Uber sexy look. I definitely prefer this look to a glitzy dress.

    Sophie x

  23. Lucy

    I love this! So sophisticated and beautiful! xx

  24. you look so stunning, I adore the black and white ensemble!


  25. This outfit is so beautiful!:) You look sooo pretty! Heels are amazing!

  26. Ana

    Soooo pretty! Such a nice suit combo. Love every single outfit of you.

  27. Great outfit, love this, you’re very beautiful and those shoes are really hot!!

  28. I LOVE this look!! So feminine, pretty & chic!

  29. Love this! Such a classy look! And those flowers make one sweet accessory! ;)

  30. pia

    Gorgeous outfit! Love the blazer :)

  31. So sexy and chic! The heels are fierce. Wish I’d get lovely flowers like those on Valentine’s day!

    Cee. ♥
    Code Overdressed

  32. Heels forever

    Shoes are incredible! Xx

    Heels Forever

  33. I love that your Valentine’s look is not so traditional!

  34. I just adore this look! it’s perfect for valentines day or just any other day! it’s classy yet it has that ‘something’ in it! absolutely love it! and the flowers are super cute!

  35. absolutely gorgeous – loving your pumps!

  36. wonderful! you look so beautiful!

  37. I like how you’ve incorporated little pops of red to tie in the Valentine’s Day theme!

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  39. Awesome shorts!

    Kisses from

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  40. gorgeous girl – happy early V day! xx

  41. M.S.M

    Sexy!!! Tengo unos zapatos así de Zara!

    Pantalones de TIPO CARGO + Abrigo LARGO + GORRO + BOTINES planos SIN que ÓPTICAMENTE acorte la FIGURA. En un look muy calentito PERFECTO para estos días. No te lo pierdas en—>>
    Besos desde Madrid!

  42. Gorgeous look! Loved the polish look of the shorts and blazer :) Perfect for any day of the week!

    Have a great week xx,

  43. Nic

    This is a perfect outfit for Valentine’s day. Those flowers are beautiful, and I love your heels!

  44. A guy once told me, “Why do we have to make Valentine’s Day so special when everyday should be special with the person you love.” True story.

    I love your outfit. I used to work for Express back in 2008 because I really loved the style, but I felt like when they became their own company, I didn’t like it as much. I felt that the fashion was becoming cheap and there were no longer good pieces. Perhaps, I’ll give them another shot since your outfit is so perfect. :P


  45. You look gorgeous! Love the ear cuff!

  46. Looking awesome. Love your shorts and bag- i would die for.

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  47. Your ear cuffs are great, and your legs are so long!

  48. love this outfit! you look gorgeous!!

  49. This is such an amazing Valentine’s Day look x

  50. LOVE everything about this outfit. I want to buy the whole look.

  51. These shoes are beautiful

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  52. Hana

    love your bag and heels! check out my blog

  53. The tuxedo lapels on the jacket definitely make it more evening appropriate & I love it paired with the shorts. I couldn’t take my eyes of your Loubi’s they’re amazing!
    Hugs xoxo

  54. The spiked Louboutins are pretty much the star of the outfit. Love how you kept it subtle yet sexy all at the same time. x

    Lubna | Elle Vox

  55. Hi, Aimee, you look very hot! Loved your shorts , pumps and flowers! Wish we could see who is your lucky Valentine :-) <3 Zhanna,

  56. The shoes are just gorgeous, makes me drool, hot outfit! Smart yet womanly


    Miss Eliza WonDerland

  57. Amazing outfit- love the ear cuff!

    PEAK 25

  58. perfection is what your aimee! love your fashion sense!

  59. Those heels are amazing. And the chic and simple black and white assemble is a very good choice :)


  60. The jewelry you used here adds a touch of extra toughness to the outfit, while the red bag and the shoes adds a pop of color and femininity… lovely!
    Melody x

  61. WOW! This outfit looks amazing on you! <3

  62. Nico

    Def lovely!

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  63. Wow you look great, the shorts are perfect!
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  64. Well this isn’t just subtle.. this is sexy right in your face :D Love the look and would totally rock that on Valentine’s Day =)

  65. Love your earcuff!
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  66. Very cute outfit!!! And I don’t think that V-day should necessarily be for ‘sexy dresses’ – we should wear whatever makes us FEEL sexy, regardless of what it is!!

    Amazing shoes btw

  67. that suit is absolutely gorgeous!! love this look


  68. Aww this is such a perfect Valentine’s look! I love that you’re not a typical sexy-dress girl because I’m not either! Your looks are always inspiring.


  69. AMAZING shoes and earpiece! :)
    Love the look.


  70. This outfit looks so chic yet still sophisticated and sexy


  71. fashionsbit

    Gorgeous outfit. The fit of shorts look so neat! Instagram: @fashionsbit

  72. So sophisticated and sexy. The perfect combo if done correctly which it is. <3

  73. Love this outfit! The shoes are RAD!

  74. mc

    Love the look =) Love the incorporation of the shorts


  75. So classically chic yet with a touch of edge in the heel. PERFECTION!


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  77. Julien

    I love your ear cuffs!! where did you get them?

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  79. This look is too amazing, Aimee! I agree. I don’t like anything expected either so this outfit, I’d totally wear!

  80. This look is really gorgeous. I don’t have those legs but I’d still love to rock it, Lol. That ear cuff is pretty cool too.

  81. Hi Aimee,

    I just featured a post about you on my blog and would love for you to check it out! xx

  82. wow you look great in that suit!


  83. tHIS is so pretty i love your shoes there amazing!


  84. amazing look!!! love the shoes <3
    xoxo manu

  85. This is so lovely! Roses are the best accessories <3

  86. Hot date with one hot chick :)

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