Fashion Week New York NYFW Outfit

New York Fashion Week – After Tommy Hilfiger


aimee_song_tommy_hilfiger_5Feeling oh so preppy in this Tommy Hilfiger ensemble! This Tommy Hilfiger houndstooth coat and the shearling insert definitely kept me warm even if there was a bit of a leg exposure situation going on. What looks like just regular knee high socks are actually suede knee highs that are attached to the heels. Pretty cool, eh?aimee_song_tommy_hilfiger_4aimee_song_tommy_hilfiger_3Isn’t this tiny MCM bag so cute? It’s tiny but I love its boxy shape! I kinda felt like I was carrying a cute little lunch bag.aimee_song_tommy_hilfiger_2My face was pretty much frozen. I could barely move because of the NYC cold! :/aimee_song_tommy_hilfigerPhotos by Scott Brasher and last photo by Fashion Wire Press


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  2. Maria Alejandra Arcila Lince says on March 6, 2014

    Lo que más amé fue la cartera, muy original la forma. Pero también me encantó la combinación de texturas y formas entre la falda y la chaqueta. y wow lo de los zapatos con “medias” incluídas. love that look.

  3. Hi Aimee! This is my favourite out of all your NYFW outfits! That coat is gorgeous and super warm. Perfect for the Canadian winters! How cold was it in NYC? Oh and I’m loving the MCM bag. Too cute. Thanks so much sharing.:)

    P.S. I love the new blog design!

    xoxo Donna

  4. I see you’ve chosen a much simpler blog design / layout – although I did prefer the previous one, but I guess this one will be more compatible with the new generation of mobile phones/tablets etc. :)

    Anyways, love the different mix of patterns you’ve got here. The boots are stunning. x

  5. I read your blog everyday, you are such an inspiration for me to succeed! I love how you wear everything with such confidence but you don’t seem snotty or conceited and you are a little bit goofy but so glamorous at the same time. :) Oh and the outfit seriously rocks too.. hehe

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  8. Those shoes are soooo cute and creative! Wow. I didn’t know Tommy Hilfiger had so many gorgeous items because I remember my old outfits from when I was a young teen, haha. You look cute in preppy. And it’s very out of the ordinary for you so I’m really liking the change. ;)