New York Fashion Week – After Diesel Black Gold

AimeeSong_DaniSong_1We’re looking like a leather biker gang… These were taken by our new photographer friend Scott after the Diesel Black Gold show, which was nothing short of amusement. Last season, I fell in love with all of their pieces made with leather, grommets, and studs, and this season, it was much more updated and quite futuristicAimeeSong_DaniSongAimeeSong_DaniSong_3_It was so cold in New York this entire fashion week that wearing two jackets was a must! It’s quite embarrassing to say but as Californian’s, my sister and I didn’t pack any practical boots for the snow. Ideally, I would’ve went for regular black pumps or even high heel sandals with these leather pants but it was just too cold to show any type of skin (I did this the other day when it was a few degrees warmer than this particular day, and I quickly regretted).AimeeSong_DaniSong_BleuMode_4_DesielBlackGold_NYFW_FW14
Photos by Scott Brasher


  1. I hate when you can’t match a shoe because of the weather. That’s why my trunk is FULL of shoes.

  2. Despite the freezing weather, you are your sister still look cute! Lowkey makes me wish I had a sister to play dress up with..ha . Loving that bright blue on that leather jacket too.

    k.f.c. =P

  3. M.S.M

    Que ideales!

    Todas NECESITAMOS un abrigo que nos ALEGRE el día y que NOS de VIDA. ¿Cómo es el tuyo? –>>
    Besos desde Madrid! ESPAÑA!

  4. You both look gorgeous !

    Love from Paris

  5. You both look so gorgeous! Love your style!!

    xx Su

  6. Emma

    I love that color block jacket!

  7. Natali

    Perfect jacket and bag! You look so cool!

  8. Nico

    You are so cool!

    Blue dress and trench coat on lowbudget-lowcost Fashion Blog

  9. Wow, you both look kick a** cool!

  10. I am in love with the layering in these outfits! Makes being cold look so chic!

  11. WOOOOOAAAAAH you two look stunning! I love your leather pants and your sister’s shoes <3



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  12. Those chain boots are stunning! My sis and I host a fashion/dating blog.

  13. Amy

    Those chained boots are to die for! You both look fabulous! Amy, X

  14. Eva

    Wauw, looking soo good! X

  15. Love the biker gang. It’s badass chic. Love it. At least it’s real and not stilettos in the snow!



  16. Hi, Aimee and Sister, you two are very stylish chicks! Absolutely loved your shoes, and, Aimee, your pants are stealing the show for me, sorry Sister :) <3 Zhanna,

  17. Amazing looks! So perfect:)


  18. Mel

    Wow… you two sisters are looking really cool! Love the styling with the colored leather jacket! This electric blue suits you perfectly! Stunning photos btw! Your blog is always an inspiration for me!


  19. omygosh, the diesel leather pants. I’m in love..

    just posted,

  20. You both look like rockstars. Love the studs and the leather!

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  22. You look awesome! It’s so nice you two can go to fashionweeks together!
    Must be a lot of fun!

  23. You’re both looking gorgeous! I love your leather jacket popping out! x

  24. Wow you both have amazing Outfits…my def. favorite are the leather trousers!!

  25. you and your sister are styled stunningly! great looks!

    Angie |

  26. I love how you layer your outerwear, yet never look bulky! Fab, edgy looks Aimee!



  27. You look great in all your layering. And those are those chanel boots!

  28. You girls look great together, I love the matching colors of your outfits!


  29. Dani seriously needs her own blog. Your outfits always complete each others’ so well.


  30. YOU look gorg, chic. was it freezing during fashion week?


  31. You two sisters look gorg and chic. <3


  32. Loving the outerwear in this look!


  33. such stylish ladies!!! i love the outerwear!

  34. You both looked beautiful but when I saw the photos on Insta I knew you must have been freezing!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  35. The layered bikers look sooooo cool!
    Hugs xoxo

  36. You two both have crazy good style. Always an inspiration Aimee!


  37. It was definitely especially cold this fashion week. Yet you still managed to look great! :)

    Maggie A

  38. Estais muy guapas, fantasticos looks


  39. You guys have such fantastic style- lovely photos!

  40. You two have and awesome style! I love it. xoxo


  41. I absolutely love your style!!

  42. Daria

  43. Great looks! You and your sister have made amazing layering :)

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  44. I love how much you do with your sister! Your looks are so cool! Perfect for NYC :D

  45. The leather pants are absolutely amazing! Have no words to describe how much I like these looks, you´re beautiful!

  46. Wooow, your outfit is on point!


  47. you two look fab! love your black jacket :)

  48. You two look amazing! Love what you did with these jackets,

  49. Jen

    Loving the outfit even though you were probably freezing! x

  50. I saw you pretty sisters at fashion week! Love the electric blue coat…xo

  51. Awesome look, bot of you and Dani<3

  52. Songsister have an amazing stylen!!

  53. You two have such a great style!!!

  54. so amazing – you both are babes! haha loving the outfits and those coats!

  55. Songsters rock! ♥

  56. your leather biker is off the charts!

  57. You two look amazing anyway, but most especially during fashion week! LOVE

  58. What a fun week in New York for Fashion Week now back to the sunshine in LA, love the fab leather pants!! :)

  59. Totally love the layering from both of you. I guess it’s ok to do that in such a cold weather.

  60. Jamesia Fluellen

    You and your sister are so pretty!
    I love yalls style & follow both of you on Insta :)

  61. amazing i like it,, great .. :) thank u so much sharing this post.:)
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  62. I remember when I went to NY, I was so cold I had to wear tights under my jeans. I only resorted to wearing a puffy jacket and didn’t care at all how I looked. I was so cold. -___-” As cool as NY is, I can never live there. I’m a total California girl.

    I love the details on those leather pants especially the stitch work. It’s really unique. I’m thinking about investing in some cool leather pants too!



  63. You still look fabulous in any way, dear. :)


  64. You songsters always look so good together!! I love your style!

  65. Love your leather jacket. The shades are awesome too.

  66. You two look absolutely gorgeous! I know a cold winter is not everyones cup of tea (mine neither), but the two jackets are very fashionable. I like it! xx

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