Fashion Week New York NYFW Outfit

New York Fashion Week – After Diesel Black Gold


AimeeSong_DaniSong_1We’re looking like a leather biker gang… These were taken by our new photographer friend Scott after the Diesel Black Gold show, which was nothing short of amusement. Last season, I fell in love with all of their pieces made with leather, grommets, and studs, and this season, it was much more updated and quite futuristicAimeeSong_DaniSongAimeeSong_DaniSong_3_It was so cold in New York this entire fashion week that wearing two jackets was a must! It’s quite embarrassing to say but as Californian’s, my sister and I didn’t pack any practical boots for the snow. Ideally, I would’ve went for regular black pumps or even high heel sandals with these leather pants but it was just too cold to show any type of skin (I did this the other day when it was a few degrees warmer than this particular day, and I quickly regretted).AimeeSong_DaniSong_BleuMode_4_DesielBlackGold_NYFW_FW14
Photos by Scott Brasher


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  1. I remember when I went to NY, I was so cold I had to wear tights under my jeans. I only resorted to wearing a puffy jacket and didn’t care at all how I looked. I was so cold. -___-” As cool as NY is, I can never live there. I’m a total California girl.

    I love the details on those leather pants especially the stitch work. It’s really unique. I’m thinking about investing in some cool leather pants too!



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