Leopard and Denim



Denim on denim, and leopard on leopard… I love wearing different variations of the denim on denim look. One might ask, how many different ways can you style the denim shirt and jeans look, and I always say, countless ways! It’s all about styling the look with different accessories, different outerwear, and footwear to give the look a different feel each time.

Here are my tips on styling denim on denim:

1. Experiment with different shades. It’s easiest to go with a lighter top and darker bottom.
2. Spruce it up with colored coats like how I did! Another example here.
3. Leather jacket and denim on denim is always a good idea. (I also threw in a faux fur jacket here)
4. Style it with a blazer for more of a polished look.
5. Accessorize!
6. Try incorporating a denim jacket with jeans. The look can be broken up by another piece such as a sweater or tee.
7. Avoid looking like Justin. (no cowboy hats, no rhinestones, please…)

I brought some color and pattern into my denim on denim look. The whole look is very casual so the coat keeps it polished.aimee_song_pink_coat_2aimee_song_pink_coat_denim_on_denimaimee_song_pink_coat_denim_on_denim_3aimee_song_pink_leopard_coatHow do you guys wear your denim on denim?


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  5. I seriously cannot get over this look! I mean, the coat is flawless, the jeans are flawless, and the shoes? Flawless! You have such great style!


  6. beyond obsessed with Aimee! love everything you wear and the light pink coat really compliments the light denim wash of the jeans and shirt… such an inspiration xx

  7. I’m so excited to see this coat on you! I just bought it last week and have been trying to decide if I like the menswear shape it has to it. It looks great with your denim shirt and the sleeves pushed up, if only it wasn’t so cold here I could pull that off. Thanks for the inspiration!

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  11. I’ve just bought this coat so it’s so great to see how you’ve styled it! Great inspiration, thanks :)

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  13. HI, Aimee, I can see spring in full swing over there! Stunning look again and again! I like the way your ombre hair resonates with hues of the leopard prints on your coat and shoes.

    By the way, do you only accept positive comments, because I noticed some well known bloggers are quite sensitive to any inch of constructive criticism. I would greatly appreciate if you let me know what you think on this issue.
    <3 Zhanna, http://www.stylehenge.com
    p.s. your happy follower ;)

  14. I would most definitely do it with a leather jacket and maybe leopard pumps? I love the flats too, but I am a bit shorter :)