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At The Game Reserve in South Africa


song_of_style_mirrored_sunglasses I picked up this pretty lace number from Revolve before I left for South Africa. Didn’t realize how much use I would get out of both lace tops I got from their site. From wearing the lace tops over the bikini, to wearing them casually to a game reserve seen here, I’ve definitely gotten great use out of them. Speaking of Revolve, have you seen their new website? I was so used to the old website but actually love the new makeover! Doesn’t hurt to have one of the hottest model Emily Ratajkowski as one of their main girls on the site!song_of_style_south_africa_1song_of_style_south_africa_2I love this Antik Batik clutch/pouch. The embroidery and colorful details add that punch my outfit needed!song_of_style_south_africa_3


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  2. I love that clutch! I love the intricate beading and the African inspiration. It totally adds flavor to any outfit. I’ve also been thinking about getting a pair of leopard slip-ons. I have a pair of leapard heels, but I would probably get much more wear out if the slip-ons.


  3. I really like your RayBan sunglasses! You have a really nice blog ! I’m just a starter in the world of blogging. Shall we follow each other? I’m looking forward to Reading more of your posts !



  4. How do you approach wearing a bra with a little floaty top like this? Do you usually just wear a dark/colorful bra and think, okay whatever, just let it show? Or do you color-coordinate? Or go subtle with a nude bandeau?

    The top is so pretty, I just always find myself at a loss about what to wear under something like that.

  5. Great style – love this relax look and cute bag!


  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE that bomber jacket! I love the sporty boyish silhouette paired with the femininity of the watercolored print. I love how effortless your looks always are & even when you take off the jacket, the look still looks like perfection.

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