Cheyann Benedict


Happy Monday! I wanted to share with you these amazing photos from my shoot with Cheyann Benedict for her new lookbook. Check out all of the photos and shop these pieces now on her website HERE!


  1. Britt Whit

    seriously Aimee? Can you stop looking so cute! Hope you stay warm out there in NYC!

    love from San Francisco,

  2. Awesome photos- you look great and the outfits are amazing! Good job! :)

  3. amazing! and LOVE that blue nail color.

  4. Gery

    I love you, and I love your style!
    I want to be like you :)
    I greet you from Argentina!

  5. awesome pictures! love the skirt outfit!

  6. All these pieces make me long for warmer weather in NYC already! I love the easy, breezy fabrics.

    Blonde in this City

  7. amazing pics!!!
    xoxo from switzerland

  8. Absolutely stunning, I’m feeling very inspired right now…

  9. That maxi dress in multicolour looks stunning on you!

  10. Love all these pictures, but the colorful dress is amazing!


  11. You look absolutely stunning! Love your choice of heels in all the outfits, and the first pic in the glass – priceless. x

    Lubna | Elle Vox

  12. always so stylish !

  13. Love the oufits the sun maxi dress and the jumpsuit are my favs!


  14. Eni

    Amazing outfits, my favorite is the one with the leather pants and basic white tee.

  15. Lovely photos and amazing style, love the clothes :))


  16. Adore the multicolor dress so much, perfect for the beach and so fun for warm season ;)

    New Post up…

  17. Omg those leather sweatpants and that last jumpsuit are to dieeee for


    Stella | Electrik Flowers

  18. How great you could shoot a lookbook for them. Great pics!


  19. These looks are beautiful! What an amazing opportunity! Love it, girl!

  20. Beautiful outfits and shoot!

    OceanWind Blog

  21. Beautiful shots! So in love with that fringe jacket of yours!

    XOXO Maud


  22. Sunning photos! You look so beautiful and loving all the clothing pieces xx

  23. You so suit all the outfits….and I agree with the very first comment about you looking so damn cute all the time!

  24. Beautiful boho carefree looks! So summery love it!


  25. LOVE these shots! They have such a fun and relaxed vibe to them…
    Makes me want to book a vacation immediatly! ; )


  26. You have an amazing style, all these looks are so cool and chic. I can’t choose my favorite. The dress is so beautiful

  27. How gorgeous <3 A really cool set of pictures !

  28. gorgeous, gorgeous photos! such a fun collection

  29. It’s amazing to see how far you’ve come in your sense of style. You’ve perfected the easy chic look xxx

  30. These outfits are all perfect. All of the pants are perfection!

    xo,Juliette Laura

  31. I love your looks.My favourite pieces has to be that colorful dress and leather pants :)

  32. These photos are absolutely beautiful! You are so gorgeous and you make any item of clothing look good. Love your hair like this too.

    Beth xo.

  33. Love the leather sweatpants and white tee look. Effortless but classy all at the same time.

    k.f.c. =P

  34. Van Le

    Gosh everything looks perfect on you, I can’t even!

  35. Amazing pictures! Love the bright colored dress!

  36. Love leather pants!!!!

    Kisses from

    Today I bring you a Comfy Denim on Denim outfit….with a rock touch!!

  37. Love these looks! The dress and fringed jacket are gorgeous


  38. Love these outfits! You look great in these!


  39. these are amazing shots. love your looks!

  40. The clothes and the photos are stunning. I especially love the colorful maxi dress. The shoes in second shot are a must-have for me!

  41. Nice pics, I love that leather trousers


  42. Beautiful photos and gorgeous you! x

  43. Sonja

    Love the lether pants!Great pics!

  44. you look stunning as always!! love your blog :) x

  45. Oh my gosh wow! All of these outfits and photos are so good!!

  46. It’s amazing to see how far you’ve come in your sense of style. You’ve perfected the easy chic look xxx

  47. Nico

    Amazing outfits, the shots are great!

    Outfits, fashion details and more on lowbudget-lowcost Fashion Blog

  48. WOW! These are gorgeous. Love the salmon fringe jacket. The yellow maxi is stunning, perfect for spring/summer. And I’m a sucker for leather pants esp slouchy!



  49. Love the salmon fringe jacket. The maxi dress is perfect for spring/summer. And also love any leather pants esp slouchy!



  50. Love the photos so much!
    Your really beautiful
    Kisses from France

  51. Tanya Sc

    Wow, you look amazing! Your hair looks perfect!

  52. These shots look absolutely gorgeous! The lighting in these photos are spot on


  53. I love the baggy jeans and leather trousers! x

  54. great shoot!
    you look amazing and all the looks are so gorgeous
    i love those loose leather pants

  55. You look stunning, Aimee! Amazing photos!



  56. I love the fringes on your jacket and the color is really beautiful and it’s so spring!


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  59. woah! those outfits are so nice- I want them all x

  60. Loving the outfits, they all look so comfy!!

  61. gorgeous in all these versions!

  62. Love these shots!! Gorgeous outfits, especially loving the baggy jeans and leather pant!

  63. Wow you look so stunning in all the photos! These look like they belong in a magazine!

  64. the styling of this shoot is incredible! The pieces are so effortless, I’m a huge fan of a beautiful flowy dress. looking beautiful!

    xx Angie |

  65. Nicole

    You are absolutely gorgeous!! :)

    Look who decided to drop in on my photoshoot! My dad pretending to be a random passerby lol

  66. Kim

    Such a cute shoot! I’m loving the leather and suede pieces – especially those leather joggers!


  67. gorgeous shoot! we just did a similar theme.. albeit a bit more western. we are from texas doe!


  68. Love! The collection looks amazing! You look so radiant!


  69. I wanted to pick my favorite but then I realized, who am I fooling? .. Everything you wear is my favorite.

    Maggie A

  70. love everything and the color composition!! love!!

  71. beyond gorgeous, those leather pants are everything! congrats!

  72. Nic

    That colourful dress you have on is so sexy! I can’t wait to check out this brand!

  73. I have to say I love the coloured dress on you and the last look that you have shot!

  74. I’m totally into those leather pants! plus your a natural poser. LOVE

    check my blog:

  75. You have the most amazing outfits! Absolutely love your style!

  76. You look flawless!!! Love all the photos!


  77. Beautiful photos. And there surely are some pieces I would wear.

  78. Emily

    THIS IS TOO MUCH. Love them alll!

  79. i love this bohm dress! and the fringe jacket is stunning!

  80. Amazing photos Aimee, you look stunning especially in the long, yellow dress xx

  81. I love all your outfits, especially the one with the leather pants!

    xoxo, Kenzie

  82. Beautiful pics! I really miss the cold weather.

  83. Super cute looks! Love the faux leather skirt look <3

  84. stunning !!!! love every look <3 <3
    xoxo manu

  85. Hi, Aimee, you look so urbanly chic in your torn jeans, you have such looks, that you can pull off anything including the bin liner :) with <3 Zhanna from

  86. You make such a gorgeous model for the lookbook. I am loving the designs of the dresses. The styling and the locations make these fashion pieces look so wearable.

  87. You look amazing in those clothes!


  88. Amazing looks! I’m in love with the 1st shot x

  89. Loving these pictures!! I’m not even sure which one is my favourite…!

  90. pia

    Amazing photos! You look stunning and your outfits are beautiful!

  91. Love these looks. How fun. Gorgeous as usual

  92. I loveeeee those denim ripped jeans and leather joggers !


  93. k

    Oh that yellow jumpsuit is divine!!


  94. love the dress, very cute and feminine and the leather pants. you look gorgeous as always

  95. I just love your style!!

  96. Love all the looks, especially the leather skirt!

  97. love those jeans and those leather pants

  98. Wow, you look amazing in all the outfits!

  99. Love that yellow maxi! Looks so stunning on you!

  100. Mary

    I think you do a great job at mixing different clothing styles in all types of environments. It’s a great way to market a specific fashion item or accessory!

  101. Love<3 the photos are so vibrant!!!

  102. Anja Skrba

    Every combination from every picture! No exceptions! They are ALL flawless!


  103. Soomie

    Aimee, you on fire gurl! Your blog inspires soo many including myself! Much love and keep it flowing, don’t ever stop

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