song_of_style_blue_leather_jacket_sneakers_2I’ve met so many amazing women in my life where I wished to have taken all of their good qualities and make them my own. When you ask me what type of woman I want to be, I’ve always wanted be that person who exudes positivity. I’ve been inspired by so many people in my life, and I hope I live a great positive life, where I’m able to inspire others as well. For those reasons, I chose the energy and positivity charms from Pandora for myself. It’s so important for me to have great energy because I believe that when you exude positive energy, you attract goodness.

I love the whole concept of The Pandora Essence collection where each charm represents a certain value. What charm would you choose for yourself? You can choose your own charm from Pandora’s website and can learn more about the collection on their Facebook!song_of_style_blue_leather_jacket_sneakers_3song_of_style_blue_leather_jacketI’m wearing the positivity and energy charms from the PANDORA Essence Collection.song_of_style_blue_leather_jacket_sneakers_4song_of_style_blue_leather_jacket_sneakers


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  1. This outfit is bold, bright and beautiful! The fresh colours with clean simple styling is put together so well, great complementing colours. x

  2. I love the combination of different styles here. The tennis shoes, the bright jacket, and the leather like pants create a really cute look!

    xoxo, Kenzie

  3. My brother just bought his gf a pandora bracelet. I totally agree with exuding positivity. There’s too muh negativitiy in this world and we can never get too much of positivity. I really enjoy the posts where you write more because it feels a lot more personal. Thanks for sharing Aimee.


  4. Love your “look-like-diamond” ring, think it’s give you energy too like in The Lord of the Rings :D

  5. I would choose the mother’s heart charm because as a mom of four, that is my most important role. My children inspire me and motivate me to be the best possible person I can be for them. It’s a daily challenge and it’s the hardest job but also the most rewarding. I love that scarf! Great color!


  6. this outfit is more than perfect! i love the colours, it looks so amazing together <3 and i also have one bracelet from Pandora which i got as present for my 18. birthday :)

  7. Attitude can change the world and that’s why it is so important to be positive! love the look, i am always jealous of people who can style bright colors and prints it seems like i am not as good at that x

  8. Love this color combination! Well, you are the most positive person I’ve ever met through your instagram and blog (even tho I never meet you in person :P)

    New Post: ALLEY
    Love, Claire from Vancouver, Canada.

  9. I haven’t ever really been into the whole Pandora charm bracelet thing but I do like the idea of selecting one or two charms that symbolise something I can identify with or something I’m passionate about. Thanks for sharing.

    The Fashann Monster

  10. You inspire so many, like myself, just as you are inspired by the many people you’ve encountered in your life. Thank you for always doing what you do, staying stylish, being the positive person you are, and always smiling.

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  12. Hi, Aimee, yes, I did meet lots of inspirational people too, but there are many more people who I learned about from TV documentaries too. I love your whole Bright outfit! Fantastic Pandora accessories, I am fan of Pandora as well. Zhanna, http://www.stylehenge.com