The Bold Look

aimee_song_sequin_shirt_boyfriend_jeans_5When life is so busy, sometimes I just go for that same ‘uniform’ look. Same hair, similar outfits, same food… it’s easy but can be boring at times, and then I contemplate whether or not I should do a drastic change such as cutting my hair short or dying my hair to a completely different color. I always admire women who can make such bold moves because I don’t have the heart to do so. I did really contemplate moving to Paris for awhile… Now that would be a bold move, wouldn’t it?

If you’re on the verge of making a bold change, look no further, because Vidal Sassoon Pro Series is looking for someone like you to give a bold change. Not only that, one lucky winner will win a 48 hour trip to London, $4,000 shopping spree, your very own personal stylist, plus a 3-night hotel stay on Bond St – in the heart of the city’s fashion district, across from the Vidal Sassoon Academy. All you have to do is upload a bold pic of yourself (and your hair!) here and tell them what makes you bold, whether it’s your style or your attitude!

Also, if you’re more of the DIY’er, you can try the Vidal Sassoon Pro Series London Luxe Collection which consists of six vibrant at home permanent color kits – in shades like London Lilac, Runway Red and Midnight Muse Blue. How good does London Lilac sound?aimee_song_sequin_shirt_boyfriend_jeans_4aimee_song_sequin_shirt(Bracelets from L to R: Anarchy Street, Vita Fede and Tiffany & Co.)

I may not be bold enough to pull off colorful hair yet, but I enjoy doing bold nails and rocking a bold top. The sequins may scream party to you, but I’m pulling off this bold sequin shirt during the day by pairing it with my go-to boyfriend jeans.
aimee_song_sequin_shirt_boyfriend_jeans_3aimee_song_sequin_shirt_boyfriend_jeans_6aimee_song_sequin_shirt_boyfriend_jeansaimee_song_sequin_shirt_boyfriend_jeans_2Photos by Wesley Mason


  1. M.S.M

    Sexy y relajado me encanta!

    Atrévete con un look VAQUERO (total DENIM). Camisa y Pitillos azules con Bolso ROSA y botines BURDEOS. El resultado es un look fresco y primaveral –>>
    Besos desde Madrid, ESPAÑA!

  2. I’m obsessed with the new look of your blog!
    Check out my most recent post, here:
    Happy Friday!
    With Love,

  3. Love the colors combo!!!


    Kiss from Portugal


  4. Love how the colours on the top and jacket interact! Beautiful sequined top and great jeans!


  5. I don’t know, I would have never ever bought that top in a million years.. but seeing the outfit as a whole it actually really works! The jacket on the other hand, is my dream jacket!!! I have been thinking about a peach or salmon-colored one for ages!!

    Veronica @

  6. Such a fun sparkly top. Love the mesh black mix with the busy sparkles.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    New Post up…

  7. loveee the total look!

  8. This is such a cool look. It’s so visually interesting with the pairing of textures and colors. Love how effortlessly styled and chic this look is!

  9. Nico

    Love everything of this outfit, great manicure!

    ps: the new look of the blog is wonderful!

    Italian and unconventional jewels from Milan on lowbudget-lowcost Fashion Blog

  10. Fantastic look, the jeans are awesome! Have a nice weekend! <3

  11. Love this top. It’s tough to pull of sequins period, especially during the day. Beautiful color combo with the leather jacket as well. You definitely nailed the bold look in my book!


  12. Babe! LOVE the new layout…so fresh and so clean just like this look! While I love you dressed to the nines for a fabulous day out, I’m drawn to your everyday, relaxed style and how you pull separates to amp it up! Great mix!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  13. I love the look! and i know exactly how you feel. i always admire people who can change their looks or life in a blink of an eye. While big decisions are easier for me(i moved to Denmark!) the smaller ones like cutting hair take forever to make x

  14. This is an awesome outfit for sure! I love the new look of the blog, so neat! Great change:) <3

    New on

  15. I love to be bold too! It just helps me to differentiate between my free time and the office. Like that I can transition into my wilder side more easily =)

  16. Liz

    Love the bold sequined top. Perfect way to dress up a good pair of boyfriend jeans!

    xo, Liz

  17. Love the sequins and different mermaid-like colors.

  18. Love the new style of the website!!! And this outfit is amazing. I like so much the combination of sequin shirt and boyfriend jeans!


  19. YOU ARE WORKING THIS. I seriously love everything about this.

  20. That jean is so cool, love the fit and the color of the jacket is so nice

  21. Love the top! so chic!

  22. Great shirt I love sequins :)

  23. I like it!! love the sequins and your hair.

  24. That top is stunning! All of the different colored sequins blend together in such a beautiful way!

  25. Love how bright this is! Really refreshing!

  26. You look great! Love the shirt! I’m also always too scared of doing something crazy with my hair, I have been contemplating dying it for the past month or so already but haven’t gone for it yet, maybe I should!

  27. your oufit is so gorgeous.. I love the shirt :)


  28. Beautiful look! Those jeans are fabulous, girl!

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  30. Amazing photoshoot! Check out my new photoshoot on my blog!

  31. Sequins are my kryptonite! Love the top Aimee~



  32. I really love the colour of the top!!

  33. wearing that kind of top during the day is such a great idea. love it!

  34. Wow never expected to love such a bold look!

    My Youtube Channel:

  35. This top is so colorful and chic, love the mix with these boyfriend jeans, so cool look. You look amazing, these heels are so chic

  36. Gorgeous outfit! That top is SO cute!


  37. Lovely sequin top! It has just the right amount of sparkles! What a contrast with the boyfriend jeans!

  38. I don’t know what I like better: this outfit or the new layout! It’s so awesome. Simple but awesome.

  39. Simply, but bold. Casual yet chic. Classy and quirky :))
    Loving it!


  40. I love the mix of shiny and shredded, luxurious and casual!

    Lovely! <3

  41. totally in love with ur ripped jeans !! <3


  42. That shirt is a definite show stopper!
    Erica’s Edition

  43. That look is amazing! Crazy about that top!

  44. I really like how you added some color to your daily look xx

  45. love the combination of bold colors!

  46. Great bold opportunity! It’s a dream! And I love your look. Oh and the new site. It’s awesome!! Congrats on it all.



  47. Aimee

    I love the top!
    If you fancy take a look

  48. Nurul

    Can people from other countries like Singapore join the contest?It is because i could not go to the link ‘here’… :)

  49. I love everything about this outfit! Bold pieces are definitely my favorite!! <3

  50. I am sooooo in love with your primary coloured nails! The sequin top is pretty RAD too. I’m like you Aimee, I think of bold things to do with my hair but never have the balls to carry them through!!!!
    Btw, adore the new blog layout :)
    Hugs xoxo

  51. INCREDIBLE shoes. Love them with the jeans.

    Sophie x

  52. Love the mermaid feel to this top, who doesn’t love sparkles!

  53. Nossa que look perfeito!!! ameiii!!!

  54. the top is fantastic!♥ lovely look!:)

  55. fashionsbit

    You look amazing, very cool jeans! And sequin top is not something I could have ever worn but it looks amazing on you! (followbacker on gfc)
    Instagram @fashionsbit

  56. Perfect top! And love the nails
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  57. OMG, Aimee I just have to say that your new webdesign is amazing! I’m mean wow, it’s so fresh, but still so simple. I love this outfit by the way.

  58. ohh love this so much, that jacket is amazing!


  59. This is a great casual date night look!

    xo Jennifer

  60. your shirt and your jacket <333
    xoxo, Ana
    facebook page

  61. I love the sequin top and it looks amazing paired with your jeans.

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  62. Eve

    Love the bold look; the nails are so unique

  63. Love how you can pull off this top so casually!

  64. Love the combination of sequins & boyfriend jeans, so chic and understated

    x greta

  65. Love your style. This is bold to wear a top like that during the day.
    What a fun giveaway as well.
    xx, Michelle

  66. Love giveaways. Moving to Paris would have been a VERY bold move. You should do it though. I wish I was bold enough to do something like that. Love your outfit by the way and how you toned down the day look with your boyfriend jeans. Gorgeous outfit.
    xx, Jodi

  67. Nice top and outfit!!

    XoXo Chris


  68. Love the contrast between the bold sequins and ragged jeans!

  69. That is a fabulous easy look!


  70. WOW! I love the top and the jacket! It really gives that pop of color to the outfit!


  71. Late Night Noir

    OMG! I just post a blog about boyfriend jeans!!
    this is pretty and chic.
    I just started my blog. PLS come and check it out



  73. Nicole

    You look amazing! I love your outfit ;)


  74. Love it!!!

  75. Absolutely love this look! The mermaid sequin top is just beautiful and looks effortlessly casual paired with your slouchy boyfriend jeans.

    Beth xo.

  76. Love the jeans and jacket! You look great in this outfit <3
    New Post: WISHLIST: Leopard Flats
    xoxo, Claire from Vancouver, Canada

  77. Awesome look, but I’m affraid people will look at me like I’m crazy if I’d wear this kind of sequins in my town! :(

  78. This outfit is amazing! That top catches so many colors and I am in love with it! Your outfits always look so elegant and effortless!


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  80. Love the sequin shirt, it looks great with jeans, soooo love the look :)

    Rüga, women’s fashion brand

  81. Really love the distressed boyfriend jeans. It’s perfect!

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