Simple Sport with Roshe Runs + The Controversy


This is what I wore on Christmas day. My sister and a few close friends of mine decided to celebrate Christmas by helping out  homeless people in downtown L.A so we packed lunch bags, got some necessities such as feminine needs for women, socks, towels, and some clothes, and headed downtown.

Since I was going to be running around helping people all day, my outfit was all about comfort, and this was it. Some faux leather sweatpants and Nike roshe runs. Oddly enough though, what I thought was a super casual outfit garnered a couple of negative comments on Instagram. Some people commented my outfit was ‘flashy’ and one girl even went on to say, “Make sure you wear your outfit which probably costs thousands of dollars to feed the homeless!” While, I usually never fret over negative comments I thought I should clarify a few things. This outfit was put together in literally 5 minutes or less, and I didn’t go into my closet thinking “what should I wear that looks the cheapest, or ugliest” but rather “what can I wear that’s most comfortable and simple while helping people in need”. Because all of the pieces I’ve bought over the years and have in my closet are pieces that I adore individually and carefully pick out, I feel like even when I’m putting an outfit together really quick, it doesn’t seem like I don’t care how I look. Even on my worst days. I do have certain older and already ruined t-shirts that I wear occasionally when I’m painting a wall or doing manual labor, but when I’m doing something such as feeding the homeless , it doesn’t mean I have to wear my most raggedly clothes, nor am I going to wear my usual dressy outfits.

I didn’t mean to vent so much, but I wanted to clarify this song-of-style-nike-leather-sweatpants-4 song-of-style-nike-leather-sweatpants


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  2. You and your friends aver very kind and generous people. Do you follow or work with a particular organisation?? x

  3. Should have re-read my comment before I posted…..I meant to write ARE VERY…;((

  4. Loving the leather pants and that turtle neck! Great kicks!


  5. Claire Varek

    Actually it’s really nice from you to help homeless people on Christmas day! They shouldn’t judge your outfit this way, but they should be inspired you. I am. Anyway I also like your outfit. And don’t know why you should wear “cheaper” clothes just because you’re going to help homeless people. You helped them, it is important.
    Have a nice day Amy! :)

  6. Love the look and I completely agree!
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  7. I love your amazing hairstyle! Very pretty!

  8. M.S.M

    Nunca defraudas!

    ¿Qué comprar en REBAJAS? + Prendas ultra TRENDY a precios ESPECTACULARES + Simula el estilo “OVER THE KNEE”… Todo esto y mucho más en —>>
    Besos desde Madrid!

  9. There are people out there who just like to pick on every little thing…I guess its to make themselves feel better? But its good you clarified; you didn’t deserve this kind of backlash but your response is very eloquent. I also don’t see anything wrong with the outfit. Hope you had a great Christmas and what you and your friends did were very admirable!

  10. Some people are just so rude! I can’t even believe it! However, I don’t think you had to clarify anything, you are in your right to wear a 1 dollar pants or 343225 dollars pants, if you wish. It’s up to you, no one has to judge you for that! In fact, the action you did, just speaks for itself! It put a smile on my face when I read that you went help the homeless on xmas! It just shocks me that out of such a beautiful action, some people feel the need to emphasize the value of the clothes. I mean, Angeline Jolie kept doing humanitarian actions all over Africa and she owns a billion dollar house/ring/ shoe or whatever and that doesn’t make her less credible. Anyways, I hope you had a great time helping the homeless and that you felt that you did a difference :) By the way, you look lovely!

  11. That outfit is so gorgeous!!! Really suits you too!!

  12. You look great!
    Don’t mind those negative comments, I bet they do nothing to help those in need: you do!
    It’s easy to comment on others but those people should just look at themselves first!

  13. Rock on, girl. Such a lovely look. I’ll bet the people you helped didn’t care about what you were wearing at all but were more interested in the love you were showing them. Keep spreading that same love! :)

  14. I love the leather pants+sneakers combo!

    Have a great Sunday!


  15. Gry

    I just think it’s great that you and your sister with your friends spent your Christmas helping the ones in need. I’m sure they appreciated it. I love your outfits, you’re a great inspiration, but for this occasion, I didn’t even notice it. Having said that, I think it’s great that you speak your mind against the haters, too.
    You are a great source of inspiration, wether it’s about your outfits or about your work, and now also about your charity work. Keep it up, Aimee. Hugs from Switzerland

  16. I can’t get over how humble you are, Aimee. While everyone else posted about sparkly, red and glitzy outfits (although I won’t complain! =) ), you wore a pair of sweats and sneakers. Kudos to you!!

    You know, you shouldn’t have even clarified this. Most people on Instagram don’t understand the blogging community and think it’s shallow with millions of dollars spent on clothes, when in fact, we all work for what we gain. There’s absolutely nothing wrong in you choosing to buy quality clothes rather than cheap “trendy” and quick garments. Keep doing what you do, concentrate on the positive energy like you always do. :)

    Lubna | Elle Vox

  17. i cant not believe you got negative comments for doing something selfless on christmas. i really love your outfit and agree that your personal style should never change based on what you are doing. dress it up or down, but its still going to be an interpretation of YOUR style.

  18. simple but stylish, like this look a lot!

  19. Elisabeth

    Sorry if I make any mistakes (I´m German) but I HAVE to comment on this. The instagram comment is so ridiculous. Instead of writing mean things the girl should have done something really helpful like you did. Even if you have worn an old dirty shirt and sweatpants with wholes in it, it wouldn´t have made the life of the homeless better.

    By the way, you are an true inspiration <3

    xoxo Elli

  20. Dilek

    You actually have the right to vent for so long. You are not the first blogger to get such ridiculous backlash and to write a post about it. I think people are so wrapped up in their own worlds and so driven by their jealousy that they really just want to negatively portray inspiring people as yourself. So don’t worry, you always have us who support you. I see nothing wrong with your outfit.

  21. Great look! :)

    best regards from Spain

    heartbeat blog

  22. Daiva

    I believe that the negative comments made on your outfit were uncalled for. Who really cares what you were wearing or how much it cost. You were feeding the homeless and that’s all that matters! I’m sure the homeless were thankful and couldn’t careless about what you wore that day. I really didn’t focus on your outfit that day because I was more impressed by your generosity!

  23. Linda’m your super fan, I love your blog I follow before you have all this success, which unfortunately sometimes bothers people who lose the time you make negative criticism, we need to be supportive not leave home with poor face, you well dressed, simply above and still beautiful to the eyes of poor people you were just a face in the crowd who remembered them and that’s what matters, congratulations on your action and always do no matter what some people say.

  24. Eni

    This is so nice from you and your friends and those people shouldn’t have criticized you on how you looked when you where helping people, the only matter is that you helped and have they? (I don’t think so) Keep up doing the good work! :)

  25. This outfit doesn’t look flashy or crazy expensive. It looks cute and comfortable. Some people are just full of negativity and hate. its awesome that you went to help the less fortunate, I really want to do more of that this year.

  26. Jennifer Lorraine

    How lame of people to focus on what you wore to do something so lovely. Those people can suck it…you did a great thing and looked dope while doing it. I hope you shake off those silly comments. xoxo

  27. What a great way to spend Christmas day! It doesn’t matter if you wear a burlap sack or a vintage Halston. What matters is that you were doing a good thing and living your life as you see fit to live it. Those who choose to judge should use that energy for more fruitful pursuits.

  28. Melissa

    Love the pants and don’t let the haters get to you, the will always turn something positive into something negative

  29. I really don’t understand why people would react so negative, when all you did was a good deed. This is not a flashy outfit and I think it would be degrading to the less fortunate if you would’ve showed up in your oldest, ragged clothes. As if those people aren’t worth the effort in the morning,

    I think it’s a great choice of outfit and a great choice of activity for Christmas Day. All I can say is probs to you. ‘Cuz let’s be honest, most of us (probably including the negative commenters) were bussy stuffing our face, unwrapping our presents and other Christmassy activities. You, your sister and you friends made an effort and that deserves nothing but positives comments. : )


  30. craving for these pants like forever !!! this cut is gorgeous

  31. I love the outfit!! I don’t feel that you had to explain yourself though….People can think what they want… Well done for the good work you are doing xxx

  32. Lucy

    I wouldn’t worry too much about those comments! It’s not like you’ve got ‘Chanel’ written all over your shirt or anything. You look good, don’t let haters hate xx

  33. love the shoes underneath the leather pants. x

  34. Nice !!!
    If you fancy check out my blog ! it would be lovely !!

  35. So cool these jeans, love with the sneakers

  36. Love the simplicity but elegance of this outfit! <3

  37. Yeah, honestly, I don’t understand all these negativity. It’s not a flashy outfit at all. I would even call it one of your more “toned down” outfits since it’s freaking black and white!!! You look lovely Aimee and this outfit looks super comfortable. I would definitely put efforts to looking lovely and comfortable at the same time for an event like this. It would be rude to look shitty doing charity. You guys are awesome!

  38. Bingle

    i never comment on things like this, or any other but…
    while i do think it’s a wonderful thing to help others in need any way possible (kuddos on that), i also believe when we do good it should not be announced. I don’t care what you wore, at least it wasn’t flashy, but a post on “this s what i wore to feed the homeless,” to me, was completely unnecessary.
    The need and desire to help out is ours alone and the rewarding feeling we get from it should not be made public as a way to get acknowledged or praised.
    Do your good deeds, let a ‘thank you’ or a smile be enough for you because that’s what it’s all about, the rest is superficial.
    Be well.

  39. taylor

    why are you so amazing?? i love your pants by the way. as long as you were comfy that’s okay. thank you for being such an inspiration to others :)

  40. Loving the trousers


  41. You look put together and comfortable!! You definitely don’t need to wear ragged clothes to help the homeless. And what a nice way to spend Christmas..!!

  42. I completely agree. The outfit you are wearing is very appropriate for feeding the homeless. It’s not flashy at all, but doesn’t sacrifice your personal style. I think the outfit is perfect, and I’m just happy to see you are dedicating your Christmas to others.

  43. Clothes cost money but style doesn’t. It’s not what you’re wearing but how you wear it.
    Perfect casual look.


  44. Such a beautiful outfit! I love every single detail!

  45. You’re a lovely person who did something wonderful to help others – you’re an inspiration to me in so many ways xxoo
    Happy New Year,

  46. It’s actually funny that someone would go out of their way to dis your outfit while you were helping people. To be honest, I wasn’t aware there was a dress code when you’re volunteering? Are you supposed to dress in only secondhand, tattered clothing when serving those struggling with homelessness? Ludicrous. Anyways, you’re a wonderful person because I was getting drunk on Cabernet and pigging out on Christmas, thinking about nobody but myself and my family. So you win, no matter what you were wearing haha.

  47. Love the outfit! And people will ALWAYS complain about something. Volunteer work is so great!


  48. Nico

    U look great, love the trousers!

    New post on lowbudget-lowcost Fashion Blog

  49. Casual and simple, I like it :)
    xxxx Virginie

  50. WOW, Where do people get the nerve to think its ok to say the things they say?

    Personally I feel that you do not need to clarify anything and the comments were so unwarranted.

    Were you supposed to wear ripped, dirty clothing simply because you were going to volunteer with the homeless?

    Instead of trying to criticize your fashion choices, perhaps they should have been out volunteering as well.

  51. Love this look! I don’t see the problem here! You’ve got a comfortable and practical outfit. Shoes in which you can walk a lot, pants with pockets and only a few accessories.

  52. I think that because you’re a fashion blogger sometimes people tend to fixate and obsess over outfits even when you are trying to put something else out there. Regardless of what others are focusing on, the mere act of encouraging others to go out and help the less fortunate is something I commend and what you wear has little to do with your goodness and your heart.


  53. Don’t worry about the comments! At least you do your best to help other people! I’m sure people that write those comment don’t do anything but hating on other people…

  54. It’s great and admirable that you gave your time to help those in need, and it’s a shame you had to defend and explain your outfit choice while doing so to those haters. I hope they read what you said and rethink their opinions. Keep up the good work, both in style and in your community!

    XO, Christina

  55. Jullie

    Thank you for sharing and you’re such an inspiration! There’s nothing wrong with standing up for yourself, especially when you’re attacked. The comments were filled with negativity. The haters were probably too blinded by their jealousy at your success, they picked on the only thing they could attack, which was your outfit. Some people are just going to be immature and hateful, and there’s nothing we can do about it, but to brush off their comments. You have fantastic style and a large following who supports you. I hope you had a fantastic holiday despite the ugly comments, and congratulations on your success in 2013.

  56. So good!!
    If you fancy go check my blog I would love it

  57. U know? People feel and think that is really easy put the blame on everybody “See he is really rich” or “See they have a amazing life” or “Bloggers are so Lucky” but In the end evertything that a blogger get is working, working so hard. Why this girl dont go out to help people? why they don´t try to help more than talk, you know sometimes is really sick how everybody can judge all the people how they are amazing persons that always make everything ok.

    Girl go on with you life and your work in the best way, and help is the same with a Chanel or not, Is help in the end

    Have a amazing day!

  58. Great mix and match with sneackers:)

  59. Elle Enne

    i don’t usually comment but i have 2 things to say about this –
    1- haters gonna hate, what can you do?
    2- just shake them off, and keep doing what you’re doing, and if you happen to look fab, even in a 5-minute outfit picked solely for comfort, lucky you! i’m sure you brought happiness and comfort to those who need it most on Christmas day, and that’s all that matters :-)
    love your blog, and love the fact that in between fabulous outfit posts you have little stories that not only show what a kind person you are but can even inspire others to do good


  60. I think that is amazing you gave up Christmas day to give back. People have totally forgotten the true meaning of such a blessed day! Wear what you want girl, u looked fab as always!!

    Tara Belle

  61. Good for you for clarifying! Some people can just be so ridiculous. I think it was appropriate, and like always, very chic.

  62. very cute and casual look! I aspire to dress like you!

  63. Super cute outfit, love the faux leather pants! It shouldn’t matter what you wore, the main point is that you did a wonderful kind act on Christmas and you were being yourself in how you dressed xx

  64. Don’t let the negative comments get to you. You’re amazing and so generous for spending your Christmas day doing something so humanitarian. Wear whatever you want to your heart’s desire!

    Suzie Q

  65. Siri

    Hi Aimee!
    I absolutely love this look, the baggy leatherpants is perfect (and believe me it is difficult to find the perfect baggy leatherpants) and the white turtelneck is also very cool. I am craving those sneakers. This is exactly the style I love. The jewelry is soooo pretty! I´ve never left a comment on your blog, but today I could not leave your blog without a comment. You are true inspiration.

    Sincerely Siri from Oslo!

  66. Alice

    THANK you Bingle for you commet, you get the Point.

    January 5, 2014 at 9:32 am
    Bingle said:
    i never comment on things like this, or any other but…
    while i do think it’s a wonderful thing to help others in need any way possible (kuddos on that), i also believe when we do good it should not be announced. I don’t care what you wore, at least it wasn’t flashy, but a post on “this s what i wore to feed the homeless,” to me, was completely unnecessary.
    The need and desire to help out is ours alone and the rewarding feeling we get from it should not be made public as a way to get acknowledged or praised.
    Do your good deeds, let a ‘thank you’ or a smile be enough for you because that’s what it’s all about, the rest is superficial.
    Be well.

  67. I’m sorry to hear about the negative comments on your IG. I see those types of comments all the time on successful people’s pages. It’s really sad what our internet culture has brought this out in people. I can’t believe how many people are so hateful towards others and their successes. I don’t know you personally, but I can tell that you have worked very hard to get to where you are. You fly all over the world, you’re up early and to bed late. And although that might look like fun to someone who sits behind their cell phone on break at their retail job, that is a lot of work. You put in the hours, and your work should be rewarded. Who cares if you have an incredible wardrobe? You have earned it. Aimee, you have amazing style and let me say for you Fuck the haters. People will be jealous of your successes because they couldn’t achieve what you have, but that’s a “them problem.” Just keep doing what you’re doing girl!

  68. anonymous

    i also agree with what bingle said. sharing what you wore to feed the homeless takes the focus away from the good deed to ‘look at me, look at me’. i’m sure even if you wore an older and already ruined t-shirt, it would have looked stylish so its not just about what you wore…

    Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less.
    C. S. Lewis

    January 5, 2014 at 9:32 am
    Bingle said:
    i never comment on things like this, or any other but…
    while i do think it’s a wonderful thing to help others in need any way possible (kuddos on that), i also believe when we do good it should not be announced. I don’t care what you wore, at least it wasn’t flashy, but a post on “this s what i wore to feed the homeless,” to me, was completely unnecessary.
    The need and desire to help out is ours alone and the rewarding feeling we get from it should not be made public as a way to get acknowledged or praised.
    Do your good deeds, let a ‘thank you’ or a smile be enough for you because that’s what it’s all about, the rest is superficial.
    Be well.

  69. Those Nike sneakers are perfect!

    Put your heels up

  70. Loving this casual vibe.

  71. Bless your heart for doing a caring & thoughtful act. As for the negative comments, there will always be haters. You’re gorgeous inside and out and you always project that. No matter how little or how much time you spend getting ready, you’re always radiant. Continue being you!! ;-)



  72. Erin

    First, I love your blog and your style. Second, some people are so ridiculous – even if your outfit did cost thousands of dollars, you have a STYLE blog so the person who commented shouldn’t be surprised! Maybe that person should spend more time doing something positive for the world rather than make negative comments that have no benefit whatsoever!

  73. I absolutely love this comfy/classic/sporty black and white look of yours!

  74. Nic

    It doesn’t take anything to be a critic. It takes nothing to spew critical thought anonymously on the internet. It takes a good person with a heart for humanity to help people in need. Good for you!!

  75. Andrea

    People will always have something to say. You were obviously doing something so SELFLESS and genuinely good that people just HAD to find a negative.

  76. Lindsay

    People sure do love to be jealous. How beautiful that you chose Christmas Day to help people in need. I’m sure you could have spent that time doing literally anything else, but that was your choice and doing so was an excellent testament to your character. I don’t care if you’re feeding the homeless in Chanel. It’s the act that matters. I bet the thoughtless people who complained about your outfit aren’t out feeding the homeless at all, period the end.

  77. Love running shoes with this pants!


  78. You’re doing a good deed, forget the haters..they’ll never look past that..


  79. Great outfit! I love those pants.
    I saw some on ebay and was totally going to buy some. Now where was that link! :-)

  80. It’s such a shame that such a good deed gets criticised based on awareness and an outfit. I personally think that inside and out you seem to be completely gorgeous and if more people stood up for the less fortunate the world would be a very different place.
    Unfortunately these are the downfalls of social media, everyone and their dog thinks they’re qualified to judge every single move you make.
    Keep being you, and well done on helping those that need it most.

  81. Joy

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Aimee! From following your instagram and reading your blogs I feel like you have a great personality and your style is always inspiring. keep it up! x

  82. good for you for sticking up for yourself……..instagram has become so full of hate lately, you look amazing and even better thank you for helping those in need!!!

  83. Martha

    I hate the way you say “the homeless” like it’s some random object. Better to say, homeless people instead. Your outfit and what you did is awesome anyway.

  84. CR

    Aimee, you have been given the gifts of fashion sense, beauty and a compassionate heart. While you were doing a kind deed that will inspire others to serve, the harsh commenter was sitting in front of her computer (on Instagram) in judgment of others. I saw your Christmas day posting of the photo of you and the other volunteers and barely noticed your outfit! I saw lots of smiling faces! I would think you would want to wear something that you felt good about and that was comfortable for whatever you would be doing to serve.
    As always, you looked adorable!
    On Christmas Eve, my husband and I took gifts and refreshments to a large group of orphaned and abused boys. We spent several hours visiting with them and they may have noticed that we were nicely dressed, but they mostly noticed that we cared.
    Keep inspiring us to take chances in fashion and think of others in our actions.

  85. CR

    One more thing…regarding Bingle’s comment about being humble. I personally did not put photos of our visit to the orphanage on FB or Instagram because that wouldn’t be appropriate and the boys’ privacy has to be protected. But, you have a large audience and circle of influence and may cause more people to think of others.

  86. Wow. I honestly didn’t expect so much criticism for such a great act of kindness. When I saw you posting on instagram saying you were going to feed the homeless I actually felt more ashamed of myself. Youre obviously way more successful and you have an incredibly busy schedule, but you still took the time to go out during the holidays and doing something great for the community while I just practically spent the holidays at home. Aimee, you are an amazing person. Don’t let rude comments get to you.


  87. I love this outfit! I disagree with those comments you got… your outfit is simple yet fashionable and perfect for on the run, comfort. I think it was a perfect choice and I love the sneakers with it. Keep doing what you are doing!

    -Chloé Akari

  88. jas

    such a great relaxed look

    reckless abandon

  89. I love those sweats with the turtle neck. A different sort of sport luxe look.

    The Fashann Monster

  90. sasa

    Love this casual but chic look so much<3

  91. Sarah

    Don’t worry your outfit is perfect and when I saw it on Instagram I never thought for a second that it was too flashy or whatever people say. people judging you obviously are jealous that such a beautiful girl is also very kind! And I really don’t think the homeless cared about that right? ;) I mean it’s not as if you were wearing a Chanel bag while giving them food! Anyway you’re really humble and I know this must have hurt you a bit so it’s good that you clarified things but those of us who understand you know you’re the sweetest girl :) I don’t write many comments on your blog but it felt like the right thing to tell you these things.
    xx from France

  92. Oh MY Aimee!! This is a mega chic look!! I love that you suddenly changed it up a bit, the turtleneck sleeveless tibi top is fab, as those faux leather trousers which are chic to the max, and to top it off with sneakers, omg this is perfect for europe traveling too! Btw, would you be coming to nyfw? I assume so, I’m now based in NYC for a few months, would love to set up a meeting with you if possible, you’re one of the chicest and most interesting and creative bloggers ever!! <3 And it's so nice of you to help people, you're such a kind soul! #SONGOFSTYLE #SOULOFSTYLE

    xx The Provoker

  93. You look great Aimee! People are so negative about everything at times. Overlooking the fact that you were actually trying to help out and make a change in the world and bring happiness to a few people, they would rather obsess with what you wore. Makes me sick. Best to not think about such comments. Keep up the great work!

  94. Some people just like to look at the negative aspects of every situation. Keep Ya Head Up!

  95. I think that what you did is great. It’s good the see fashion bloggers with more substance, I love that you went and did this!

    And it doesn’t look posh at all. I think it’s simply wonderful, and most of the people that posted negative comments probably didn’t even go out to volunteer themselves.

    What you’re doing is great!


  96. great job defending yourself Ms.Song:)love this outfit,no matter what others say,,,,,you’re smart and stylish and most of all generous,it doesn’t matter what you wear,,,,,you fed the homeless that’s what matters,saranghe:)

  97. What you are doing is great and those comments are just from people who are jealous. You know what they say that it is only those people who would think such bad thoughts, who would actually go out and do just that.
    Anyway, again, I really like your outfit today again. Simple yet comfy and chic. Black and White. Perfect, Would love if you checked out our fashion magazine Global Yuppie Style. We would absolutely looove to feature you one day as we love your concept and perception of style.

  98. Polly

    I’m a bit annoyed for you about negative comments in general, I follow you on Instagram and refuse to read those comments…. To be completely honest what you wear to help people is what you wear. I work with the homeless population and the mentally ill and for people to take away from what you were doing to focus solely on what you chose to wear goes to show that people really have nothing better to do than be negative! Love your style and your truly an inspiration to many, keep doing you and Thanks for helping the homeless, people need to do it more often!

  99. Millie x

    Nevermind what some people say, their either jealous or just silly, you look good and what you did on Christmas Day was a good thing too!

    Love the whole outfit!:) x

  100. People are just jealous and feeling insignificant, you look great and your heart was in the right place. F the haters :)

  101. pipa

    Very nice look!!!

  102. Katie Lee

    I will cut a bitch. Don’t mess with my Songster’s especially when they be doing good deeds. I think it’s cool that you all did that on Christmas day…… that girl was probably being negative all over IG, she probably doesn’t even know the meaning of CHRISTmas. Jesus loves you, and appreciates your good work.

    I know you read your comments because you have responded to mine before AND liked a bunch of my pictures. Sorry that you even had to bother venting about that loser. Do you!

  103. I think the fact that you’re feeding the homeless says a lot about you, that you’re kind, generous, and that you care. I doubt anyone goes about their day thinking, I’m going to feed the homeless, so I need to wear the cheapest clothes I own. We would all just dress how we normally dress.

  104. Black and white, perfect!

    Dress To Cook

  105. Adore the fit of the faux leather pants!
    Happy Monday Aimee xoxo

  106. Adore the fit of the faux leather pants!
    Happy Monday Aimee xoxo

  107. Julien

    I think its so wonderful and kind hearted of you to give your time helping people! more people should be doing kind things like you and that’s what really matters, dont listen to negative comments and just do what you’re doing!

  108. Mel

    Love that simple sporty-chic b/w look on you!!! Gorgeous!


  109. Love the pictures- you look relaxed <3
    See my blog for music and fashion! Latest post on saint Laurent, thank you so much :) <3

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  111. Jo

    Hey LA Gil, I’m loving those leather pants!

  112. You do what you love and this is who you are regardless of where you go! There will always be negative souls out there <3

  113. Karina

    What matters is what is in your heart, the rest is just the rest.

  114. Love this LA laid back vibe! Vita Fede with Nike?? Who knew! xo

  115. soo simple but soo impressive! I really like this nike shoes even if nike is not my favourite..
    xxx illa ——– WIN GLASSES OF YOUR CHOICE!!!

  116. Love your pants!

    I just did a post myself on tips for giving back during the holiday season, check it out!

  117. Love the sporty look, especially the leather pants!

  118. Thanks for sharing sneakers with dressy clothes… love the easy look polished


  119. I’m glad you clarified this issue with those people..I thought it was a great thing that you and your friends did on Christmas! I love this outfit too. You’re an amazing person!

  120. Feeding the homeless is very inspiring, love your posts xoxo

  121. woooow!!! great textile of your pants!
    so cool!
    ♡EFFENSHION…essence † fashion

  122. Mitch

    Hahaha, I love how you have to stress you are helping people in need. People who help people don’t have to brag about it. get over yourself!

  123. I think you look great, and it’s a perfect casual, comfy outfit to do whatever in. Don’t let the negative comments get to you. Someone will always have something negative to say when you’re doing good and successful at the same time. Do you!

  124. SDL

    Why should someone dress “down” to feed the homeless? Do the homeless only deserve an ugly outfit because of who they are or the situation they are in? Don’t focus on stuff like what someone wears to help others – focus on the fact that they are helping (something most people don’t do).

  125. I think that this outfit is super adorable with the nike roshes which are probably the best shoes for a long day .
    And do the homeless really care about what the people who help them are wearing?
    I think not :)

    xx Julia

  126. Hello Aimee!
    I really really love this outfit and I really don’t like the fact that some guys are so mean and ignorant to comment those things. I think that dressing your worst will be disrispetful just like if you dressed your best to help them!

    Keep doing your thang because you are an inspiration! Xx

  127. I think you look fabulous to be going to help the homeless. Comfy is the best form of chic.

    xoxo McKell

  128. Such a great look! Chic and comfortable, leather sweatpants are everything.

  129. wow ! great sporty look ! love that pants <3
    xoxo manu

  130. Love this outfit, the pants and sneakers look awesome together!

    xoxo, Diana

  131. Good for you! You shouldn’t be criticized for your sense style. The focus shouldn’t have been on what you wore. The focus should have been on the act of kindness that was being implemented on a holiday that so many people go without. You, your sister, and friends were setting good examples. Besides, style is what you do. After developing your style for so long it’s great that you can throw on an outfit in 5 mins and still look casually chic. Never apologize for being you.


  132. Love the pants and shoes- not fond of the tshirt
    you still look super stylish though!

    Check out my blog! I will follow back if I like yours ^^
    Part Time Fashionista

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  134. aao

    Having haters just indicate your success.

  135. The people that commented probably haven’t lifted even one finger to help people in need anyways… I love the sneakers!
    Naomi, x

  136. haters will hate! you look great and you were doing something great. don’t sweat it. XO

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  138. The Xenofile

    My mom always says “just be who you are”. You’re great blogger and person, let your confused fans hate :)

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  140. None of your complainers are likely to get out of their armchairs and actually do anything for the homeless. People who have charitably given their time in the past tend to know the value of others also giving their time.

  141. Christine

    Where did you get the sneakers I need them but can only find them in men’s.

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