Pink Petals in Burbank


Last week, after a visit to the accountant, my sister Dani and I stumbled upon this pretty street with beautiful pink petals fallen from the tree. I couldn’t pass it up for a blog photo opp, so we pulled over and snapped away!

L.A. has been unusually warm this winter, I mean in its 80’s, so I’ve been embracing the warm weather with bare legs. In the evening, I’ll throw on my leather jacket, this leather moto jacket from Anine Bing being my favorite by far. I’ve worn it so many times and took it with me to so many different countries, and it’s served me really well. It’s perfectly worn in but feels special every single Eye Necklace from Anarchy Street and Shark tooth Necklace from Phoenix Rozesong-of-style-leather-jacket-red-skirt
Photos by Dani Song


  1. I love the fit of this skirt paired with a loose shirt and moto jacket! Beautiful!

  2. Love leather biker jackets with all styles! Awesome booties!

    Kisses from

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  3. Gorgeous girl! Such a sweet skirt! And those heels are rockin! Love it!

  4. OMG!! what a gorgeous background. You look great with your sexy mini and TDF heels.

    “Borrowed from the boys: the bow tie” on:

  5. Such a pretty look!

    X Nora /

  6. Soo beautiful photos, love this top and the shoes!!

    xx Su

  7. Dominique

    The skirt and the jacket! So gorgeous!!!

  8. These are such beautiful photographs! I am in LOVE with your outfit – especially your skirt! GORGEOUS!

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  9. It’s such a beautiful time of year with these petals! You look fabulous,

  10. I love that skirt on you! So girly but not with the right clothing, not too much.

    X Sara

  11. Such a gorgeous look! In love with the skirt and leather jacket!

    Suzie Q

  12. LOVE!!! You look great, so perfect!!!

    OceanWind Blog

  13. love the combo of red, navy and black. beautiful

  14. amazing look! love the skirt!

  15. I love the embellished top! you look so pretty and the floral backdrop is gorgeous :)

    dc style board

  16. Emma

    I love the shape of the skirt

  17. oh the photos are so beautiful!: )and I just love the skirt!♥

  18. So weird seeing such pretty trees, meanwhile it’s freezing in NYC!

    Your Friend, Jess

  19. Love this look! It’s making me miss summer:)

  20. Love that pop of red and the detail on your shirt. Wish it was 80 where I live in wintertime.


  21. What a pretty and flirty skirt! Love the layered necklaces!

    Cee. ♥
    Code Overdressed

  22. This look is gorgeous!!! I love the contrast beading on this tank with you bra peeking out. Sexy!!!



  23. That top is awesome! And as usual, flawless…

  24. I love that adorable skirt, looks awesome with the moto jacket!

  25. so beautiful! one of my fav outfits!

    xoxo, Ana
    facebook page

  26. Really cute first picture, amazing colourplay with the background!

  27. what a beautiful street!
    I’ve moved to LA for a while and I’m so happy with the weather! in Barcelona is total winter. My blog is gonna change right here :)
    hope you like mine as well.

  28. You look gorgeous as always!!! :-)


    Piera Anastasia

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  30. Been loving that Anine Bing jacket, the leather is so soft, love it in the new white ;) xo

    New Post up…

  31. Love this outfit! Gorgeous detailing on that top!


  32. chanelle

    really love the outfit!

  33. lovely look !! great shirt <3
    xoxo manu

  34. Absolutely love this place!!

    I like this skirt so much!


  35. I love your skirt and shoes! I wish my winter was like yours, instead we’re expecting 4 to 6 inches of snow tomorrow in Maryland. I can’t wait for spring!

  36. Kim

    Wauw, what an amazing look!

  37. Such a gorgeous look! I love anine bing

    The Koalafornian x

  38. Those pink petals are to die for! I might be checking it out myself for some photos ops too :)

    Balboa Park has some great flowers as well, I know their cherry blossoms will be coming out soon!

  39. Really nice outfit this is. I especially love the red skirt and the peekaboo bra

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  40. Beautiful place and charming pictures :) love the outfit :)

  41. Nice look Aimee!

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  42. This look is absolutely gorgeous! The leather on that jacket looks so supple and luxurious. Love the bright skirt too. And you always manage to find such beautiful locations to shoot!

    Beth xo.


  43. I totally get why you wanted to take pictures at this location,
    It´s just amazing with all the colorful trees.
    Doesn´t look like it´s winter at all.
    More like a spring day in May

    xx Julia

  44. Hi, Aimee, you look gorgeous as usual. I liked your skirt, you really combined very nice look, the heels can easily pin through any man’s and fashion blogger’s heart :-) Zhanna from

  45. M.S.M

    Me encanta!

    Los ABRIGOS ROJOS deberían de ser un MUST HAVE en nuestro armario. Hoy combinado con falda TARTÁN y botas MOTERAS en un look LADY ROCK!! No te pierdas y SACA PROVECHO a tu ARMARIO –>>
    Besos desde Madrid!

  46. This place is so beautiful. The top is amazing and this skirt is so cool. Love the look, it’s perfect. Lovely heels

  47. Such a gorgeous skirt, edgy and glam as always~


  48. Such a pretty street, here it’s al snow. Canada has also been unusually warm this winter (minus two weeks of -30-40C), but now it’s practically t-shirt weather!

    Arielle from Tangled Musings

  49. i love this :) i wish i could wear it here too!


  50. I am loving the heels!

  51. Love these colors! Great look

  52. Omg those purple flowers on the ground are perfect! Love your necklaces too :)


  53. truly beautiful ! In LOVE with this outfit <3


  54. absolutely loving your look – that bright red skirt is so gorgeous!

  55. I know where that place is lol.. Love the skirt!

  56. Such a perfect post :) Great photos

  57. such a perfect post :) Great photos

  58. such a cute top/skirt combi! would wear the pieces exactly the same way!

  59. I definitely would have pulled over as well, it’s gorgeous!! such pretty colours and of course, you look great ;)

  60. These are amazing photos! It’s a beautiful backdrop. You make me want to move! lol
    Love this outfit too. That skirt..awesome!

  61. Nico

    I just love the skirt, great outfit!

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  62. Your skirt is amazing!! you’r gogeous girl!!

  63. Love the model of the skirt!

  64. Peach Blossom 22

    Simply wonderful!!!!!
    I will show you my mini bag
    Come to see my blog

  65. Liz

    So in love with those necklaces!

    xo, Liz

  66. Love this outfit! Especially the shark tooth necklace. XD

  67. Love love, beautiful place! And beautiful outfit too! Stay positive!

  68. this outfit is so gorgeous!!!
    love your skirt and shoes

  69. I love the dainty gold necklaces you layered <3 Adds a delicate element to the otherwise edgy look.

    x Lily

  70. Ugh here in Toronto it’s -15 degrees Celsius so I’m totally envious of you being able to wear skirts this time of year! Loving the blue top with the necklaces, and girl those heels are FIERCE!


  71. That is such a cute skirt. The colour really suits you! x

  72. These pictures are so beautiful! What a beautiful background!!

  73. I am loving whats in for fashion this year. Loose fitting, drop waists… so 1920s. But I’m loving it.

  74. alison dupras

    I love this play with color and texture. Those heels are pretty sharp too. xx

    Like it Haute

  75. Really love your gold necklaces – too bad I can’t afford the sharks tooth :( I adore moto jackets & yours has just the right amount of styling to it.
    Happy Tuesday Aimee xoxo

  76. Oh, this place is adorable!!! So romantic and enchanted! Love your look, perfect match with the landscape


  77. Love the combo leather jacket + so feminine skirt and heels! You really nailed it! x

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  79. I love your necklaces and the small hint of the lace bra xx

  80. such a gorgeous background, and of course the outfit is stunning as well x

  81. Lovely outfit. Your top is so cool. Nice pics. I invite you to visit my blog


  82. This outfit is amazing! Well done!!

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    loads of love <3

  83. I love the jacket Aimee! It looks so nice!

  84. vera

    The photos are AMAZING & I absolutely love love love the skirt!!!

  85. Tanya Sc

    Lovely outfit! Looks so nice and gracefull, especially the top!!

  86. Love the print on the top! Super adorable!!
    New Post: Sea Breeze
    xoxo, Claire from Vancouver, Canada

  87. Amazing pics! I adore your leather jacket!

  88. Stunning photo op! Love the outfit :)

  89. Love this outfit! The pink petals in the background are perfect!

    Madison Martine

  90. I love the jacket! The arms look like the amazing Burberry leather biker jacket Cara D. is known for wearing, which I have googled so many times trying to find yet always end with it being sold out EVERYWHERE. This jacket is a great alternative. Love the street also :) xx

  91. Adore this outfit. Trying to kick start my own blog, let me know what you think! xo

  92. beautiful look, love the beaded detail on your top. Impeccable style, as always.

    xx Angie |

  93. Love the skirt and top! nice pairing!

  94. I love the structure of this outfit. So pretty!

  95. I love that skirt!!! You are gorgeous!

    Xo, Mariely

  96. unbelievably pretty outfit, I fell in love with the skirt, so beautiful x

  97. Amazing! You have such a cool sense of style. I love how you mix colours in particular and the little details like the lace bra under the vest top – very pretty and inspirational! x

  98. Really like her style, she always manages to do crazy pictures in amazing locations and make the outfit stand out! Impressed, trying each day to make my blog a bit more like hers! Check it out,

  99. I love this skirt and layered necklace!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  100. jessicakoper

    Love this look! Those heels are so chic and edgy! Need them!


  101. Nic

    I love the beading on that top! Gorgeous outfit!

  102. this is just a perfect outfit! I’m jealous of your weather.

  103. this is just a perfect outfit! You’ve got a nice weather there unlike us here in east coast experiencing snow storm.

  104. Hi Aimee, I love that red panelled skirt paired with the printed top. Lovely outfit

  105. OMG pics are so amazing! I love your outfit too! ;)


  106. You always have perfect pieces to complete an outfit! Love it!! x

  107. wow! This outfit is amazing! Skirt is pure perfection ♡

  108. OMG what amazing outfit!!! i love this super cute skirt and it’s so sexy with high heels!
    so amazing and this shooting smells of summer!
    ♡EFFENSHION…essence † fashion

  109. Mel

    Love your ruffled skirt! And those heels… awesome! You look gorgeous!


  110. Those are gorgeous photos, love the beaded top

  111. Hi

    First of all i like Your Gesture as well as the Posture particularly the Pink flowers are flowering up was awesome and then the hook shoes perfectly fits for your foot

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  112. Love this outfit!

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  113. Amazing look, In particular the necklaces and the skirt. And those legs!!!

    So jealous of the weather there! You should visit Canada again but in this cold :)
    Hello from Toronto :)

  114. I recently got that leather jacket and so in love with it! And love the shoes you’re wearing!!”

  115. Really LOVE YOU!!!Love your style sooo much!!!Keep going Aimee!!!

  116. I couldn’t agree more about your leather jacket – it is perfectly worn! I have a jacket which I am also addicted too – it makes every outfit better!

    This is a great blog – I’ve recently started my own and will be using you for inspiration!

    Thanks, C

  117. I love how cute this look is! I’m all for pops of color!

  118. Awesome outfit! Love boxing!

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  119. I love this skirt! I am searching for clothing with an intense red as this! U look Fab!

  120. 1. Super love the look
    2. Amazing place
    3. Beautiful photography
    4. Great contains

    equal PERFECT!

  121. This look fits you perfectly!

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  122. What a perfect photo op. You look stunning in red!

  123. Ok, so…I really HAD TO share this on my Pinterest and Tumblr – I hope you don’t mind it Aimee :)


  124. Your jacket is just phenomenal! It looks perfect on you.

  125. Cute look!! Love the photos!

  126. LOVE this entire look and that jacket is to die for!

  127. Good looking, the style of dressing and the choice of the various scenery makes you look wonderful in this changing technological world.

  128. Wonderful , you are so beautiful . you re skirt is amazing !!

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