Pink Petals in Burbank



Last week, after a visit to the accountant, my sister Dani and I stumbled upon this pretty street with beautiful pink petals fallen from the tree. I couldn’t pass it up for a blog photo opp, so we pulled over and snapped away!

L.A. has been unusually warm this winter, I mean in its 80’s, so I’ve been embracing the warm weather with bare legs. In the evening, I’ll throw on my leather jacket, this leather moto jacket from Anine Bing being my favorite by far. I’ve worn it so many times and took it with me to so many different countries, and it’s served me really well. It’s perfectly worn in but feels special every single time.song-of-style-quilted-leather-jacket-red-skirtsong-of-style-sharktooth-necklaceEvil Eye Necklace from Anarchy Street and Shark tooth Necklace from Phoenix Rozesong-of-style-leather-jacket-red-skirt
Photos by Dani Song


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  1. Ok, so…I really HAD TO share this on my Pinterest and Tumblr – I hope you don’t mind it Aimee :)


  2. I couldn’t agree more about your leather jacket – it is perfectly worn! I have a jacket which I am also addicted too – it makes every outfit better!

    This is a great blog – I’ve recently started my own and will be using you for inspiration!

    Thanks, C http://thatfashionhaze.wordpress.com/

  3. Amazing look, In particular the necklaces and the skirt. And those legs!!!

    So jealous of the weather there! You should visit Canada again but in this cold :)
    Hello from Toronto :)


  4. Amazing! You have such a cool sense of style. I love how you mix colours in particular and the little details like the lace bra under the vest top – very pretty and inspirational! x

  5. I love the jacket! The arms look like the amazing Burberry leather biker jacket Cara D. is known for wearing, which I have googled so many times trying to find yet always end with it being sold out EVERYWHERE. This jacket is a great alternative. Love the street also :) xx

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  7. Ugh here in Toronto it’s -15 degrees Celsius so I’m totally envious of you being able to wear skirts this time of year! Loving the blue top with the necklaces, and girl those heels are FIERCE!


  8. I definitely would have pulled over as well, it’s gorgeous!! such pretty colours and of course, you look great ;)

  9. Such a pretty street, here it’s al snow. Canada has also been unusually warm this winter (minus two weeks of -30-40C), but now it’s practically t-shirt weather!

    Arielle from Tangled Musings

  10. Those pink petals are to die for! I might be checking it out myself for some photos ops too :)

    Balboa Park has some great flowers as well, I know their cherry blossoms will be coming out soon!


  11. I love your skirt and shoes! I wish my winter was like yours, instead we’re expecting 4 to 6 inches of snow tomorrow in Maryland. I can’t wait for spring!

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  13. what a beautiful street!
    I’ve moved to LA for a while and I’m so happy with the weather! in Barcelona is total winter. My blog is gonna change right here :)
    hope you like mine as well.


  14. OMG!! what a gorgeous background. You look great with your sexy mini and TDF heels.

    “Borrowed from the boys: the bow tie” on: