Pink Cocoon Coat

song-of-style-pink-coat-leather-pantsI took out my pink coat from J. Crew on one of the only slightly windy and gloomy days we had in L.A. recently. The pastel pink hue on this coat is so refreshing and the cocoon shape is timeless, so even though I don’t get to wear it as often as I’d like in L.A., I can at least wear it for years to I initially bought this coat, I thought I’d be limited in styling options. Thankfully, it actually can be styled in multiple ways, and this day I styled it for a casual work meeting with a striped button down shirt, Isabel Marant for H&M leather pants and black patent pumps from Saint

It was only recent that I realized that I don’t have any simple black pumps. Well, I love simple but I don’t like ordinary, so these Saint Laurent pumps with interesting back detail are right up my by Dani Song


  1. Such a perfect coat. So unique, I love the color!

    xo, Juliette Laura

  2. Cyn

    Perfection as usual Aimee! You rock!

    Cyn from


  3. Love the jacket and your outfit is cute! : )

  4. M.S.M


    SOMBRERO gris perlado + BOYFRIEND JEANS + camisa TARTÁN y botines, para que NO CAER EN EL EXCESO la clave son los colores —>>
    Besos desde Madrid! España!!

  5. Emma

    I’ve been wanting that coat since the beginning of winter, I absolutely love the color!!

  6. Looks great! I have the same coat in another color –isn’t it great?! I love it..and i looks like you do too!

  7. Amazing, so in love with this beautiful coat!!

    xx Su

  8. Perfect pink coat!!!! Love this pumps!


  9. GORGEOUS coat you look great, love that you left the rest of the outfit simple.


  10. Perfect pink coat and amazing pumps!


  11. Perfect! Those heels are killer!! You are gorgeous! Nice photography, props to Dani!:)


  12. The coat is absolutely amazing!! I’m in love with this color.


  13. i just love this look!! very stylish!!

    Me and the City

  14. That coat! So lovely! And you are workin’ those pants, girl! So sweet!

  15. Loving this coat – it really suits you.
    I am also really loving the saint laurent pumps and I am sad that it’s only the silver ones on sale… :-(

  16. The pants reminds me of the old school Angel or Paris Blues brand jeans from middle school days especially with the side ties lolz.

    k.f.c. =P

  17. I love the color of this coat! You look gorgeous! I can totally relate with you in that I’m a shoe gal too! And I’m shocked I don’t have a basic go-to black pump. I just get carried away with statement shoes I bypassed all the staples! And I LOVE these Saint Laurents for the vampy back too!



  18. such a cute post!! i really like thoose pants!!! and ofcourse the coat is perfect for everything!! would you check my blog? it´s xxx

  19. MAMA MIA! I’m so madly deeply in love with those pants! Still regret my decission not to buy them! Stupid me! Anyway, love this outfit!



    Personal Style Blog http://WWW.REDREIDINGHOOD.COM

  20. I have that same pair of isabel marant lace up leather pants too and absolutely adore it, and on you too ;))

    New Post up…

  21. so lovely coat !!!!!

  22. those heels are to die for! so sexy!!

  23. I love the color combination! I realized I don’t own any black pumps either:)

  24. kylie & erin

    That is the cutest coat ever!!

    kylie & erin

  25. love this coat – what size are you wearing? x

  26. This is such a nice refreshing outfit!

  27. Nicole

    Stunning outfit! Love your pants and coat :)


  28. It’s official: I need to get that coat!! I am a HUGE sucker for anything baby pink, and I love pairing the colour with white. This outfit is definitely going down in my books! ;)


  29. I’ve seen so many people wearing pink coats in the blogosphere but this one is the best, it’s the most perfect shade of pink & I really like the gold hardware.

    The Fashann Monster

  30. This outfit is amazing, I love the pink coat and of course the Isabel Marant leather pants! Looking gorgeous!

    Sandrine x

  31. In love with the coat! Looks so fluffy and comfy.

  32. oh wow! such a gorgeous outfit!
    love your coat and shoes

  33. Everything is so perfect – the coat, pants and pumps! <3

  34. this is too gorgeous! adore it
    ladies in navy

  35. Beautiful coat, adore all the detailing to it!

    Cee. ♥
    Code Overdressed

  36. I love these pants and with the coat – gorgeous!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  37. Beyond gorgeous and so in love with those pants!

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  39. Awesome pink coat!! love that you actually wear the pants from the collaboration!
    Belen (shop & blog)

  40. Maya

    Every single piece in this outfit is awesome! I am amazed!! Can’t get enough of these pics!
    Wait, let me go back up and see them once again ;-)

    Amadeus On The Catwalk

  41. Pastel colored winter coats give me chills! A perfect way to brighten up your mood on a dark and gloomy day. I wrote a post about this last week.

  42. I would have never thought of buying a pink coat until seeing this!

    The Artistically Challenged: Beauty, Fashion, Music, Lifestyle Blog

  43. Lovely outfit
    If you fancy check this

  44. Aimee Marana

    Those heels are literally the greatest things I have ever seen! I completely agree with you on not wanting ordinary and the minute I saw that back detail I was in love. :)

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  46. def loveeee ur pink coat ! <3
    looking amazing <3
    with the heels too…


  47. I absolutely adore the colors of this outfit! Loving the pink and especially the pants xx

  48. Ana

    I have been looking for the perfect blush tone jacket like this! You look amazing in it ofcourse. Xx

  49. I’m in love with this pastel pink coat! XxElle

  50. Tanya Sc

    Your outfit looks so nice and I like the colour of the coat, looks fantastic!

  51. Great outfit, that coat is gorgeous!

  52. really perfect combo !!! this coat looks perfect with lace pants :-)

  53. Love so much this coat, it’s beautiful and very chic. The color is so trendy this season. Amazing look, these pants are so cool and these heels are perfect. Lovely shirt. You look really great

  54. pipa

    Amazing coat and pumps!!!!

  55. Mel

    Love your pink coat! Perfect combo with the white leather! The Saint Laurent Pumps are outstanding – the detail in the back – just awesome!


  56. Love the coat and shoe combo. Fabulous x

  57. pink white & black–fabulous combo. The lace up pants really add the perfect edge…but you know that ;)

    Colour Me Classic

  58. Love this outfit, everything is perfect, it’s one of my favorit look of yours, everything just match very well. The coat is beautiful and that IM for H&M pant is really cool!

  59. How can I not fall in love with this cocoon yummy & sweet coat purrrrfection!

    Christy of:

  60. I adore the coat…. the color is so lovely! The Saint Laurent pumps are so classic xx

  61. Ugh SOO many bloggers tried to rock this look …. Then you came along and just wiped them all out lol! <3

    Maggie A

  62. wow…gorgeous look! Love that crazy shoes!


  63. The color of the coat is so sweet!

  64. What a stunning piece! Pastel coats are the perfect winter item to transition into spring; love it ❤


  65. Love the coat, the cut it’s so beautiful and I love the colour. Beautiful as always :)


  66. Amazing outfit. I like your coat.

  67. Francesca

    such a beautiful coat!!


  68. Love your coat & shoes !

    Love from Paris

  69. Love this whole look. I also have a candy pink coat & it’s surprising how easy it is to style with different outfits. Those heels look awesome, but I know they would cause a blister on the back of the heel!
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  70. Great colors on you!
    Sammydress giveaway on the blog, enter quickly!



  72. OMG this coat is soo cute and elegant! And the pumps.. to die for!

  73. anisimeoku dago

    I love that pink coat!! xx

  74. really love this outfit, i love the coat i really need it!

  75. Love your jacket so much! It’s the perfect shade of pink plus the pants you matched it with are so cute.
    Quick question, are those type of shoes hard to walk in? I love them but I’m not necessarily a heel expert! haha :)
    – Sierra Calah ♡ Berry Stylish  

  76. That coat is absolutely amazing! I will get it as “my birthday gift” ;-) Love it!

  77. The pumps are gorgeous, such a classic style with an edge – love them!

  78. The coat is such a cute colour, love its shape, it’s so pretty. The lace up on the pants also add great deatil!


    Miss Eliza WonDerland

  79. Love this the coat is a beauty!

    Nora /

  80. It look great! Thanks for sharing with us.
    Love xxx


  81. The Fashion Fraction

    absolutely beautiful. love the pants with this coat and these shoes

  82. I was wondering if we’d see this beauty again on your blog, it’s my favorite, favorite coat <3

  83. wow! love everything about this look!

  84. I absolutely adore this coat! The pastel pink is such a stunning colour and the shape is just beautiful. It looks so cosy! I love how you’ve paired it with a simple outfit, allowing the only coloured accent to be the coat. Your style is fantastic.

    Beth xo.


  85. Love the coat and the heels. You look great:)

  86. I love your coat. It’s such a lovely colour.

  87. This is such a fabulous mix. Love the pin stripe shirt along with the pink coat and the white pants. The Saint Laurent heels really pull everything together. x

    Hope you’re doing okay these days. :)

    Lubna | Elle Vox

  88. I love that coat! J.Crew is amazing. And those pants!!! *sigh*

    xo Amanda

  89. Super cute outfit!!! Especially love the detail behind your pumps!!!

  90. Sonja

    Wonderful coat!Love the colour!

  91. Lovely look. So simple and classic.

  92. love the pink color on you x

  93. Love that shade of pink! Such a great color for resort.

  94. tangoella

    Love the light pink coat. Because the pretty color, it will make this jacket have longer wearing season even it is heavy wool coat.
    The laced up pants are absolute adorable.
    It is completely effortless look.
    Please stop by

  95. omg, this outfit is beyond amazing!!! love this pink coat, and those pants are so dreamy!! need to buy this asap!

  96. Man this jacket POPS on you! On some this would look like a popped piece of bubble gum, not on your.


  97. Eni

    Love the coat so much and the colors look so great together!

  98. Your powder pink coat and heels are simply stunning! Love the back detail on the heels, really makes them stand out x

  99. *sigh* I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE this jacket!!!


  100. Love how you styled the pink coat! It looks really soft and those patent heels are gorgeous :)


  101. So beatiful with the pastels. And the black pumps are making all the difference in this great outfit.

  102. wow!! your look is amazing!! I love the coat!!!!

  103. Thats such a cute coat! i thought about it but I don’t think it suits me like it does on you!


  104. You look very cozy=) I like the colour but I would chose a different color `coz it`s always very difficult for me match right cloth to this colour. Anyway u look amazing!

  105. love the coat! I want one similiar but at Zara!

    idalia (new post with special promo code! <3)

  106. Love the coat and detailing on the pants!

  107. beauitful outfit. love your coat!

    xoxo, Ana
    facebook page

  108. It’s a beautiful pink, coat! And I love the tied up details on the pants!

  109. Beautiful! I have this coat too in tan, the pink is amazing though! Such an expensive looking color!

  110. love the coat!!!!

  111. I am obsessed with pale pink coats this winter! I love the way you styled yours. Perfect!

  112. You´re always perfect!!
    I love that coat.
    Kisses from Argentina, Juli.

  113. That coat is amazing! x

    Rosa // Rosa & Fox

  114. What a great coat! Love the way you have styled it!!

  115. LOVE this look! The color of that coat is amazing!

  116. Love the pink coat and your YSL pumps. I have them too… Love them and hate them at the same time… so hard to walk!!!

  117. Love the pumps and the unique back. I would worry about them digging into the back of my ankles though….

    Arielle from Tangled Musings

  118. Love these heels!!

    Check out my blog to enter my Valentine’s Day GIVEAWAY :) ♥

  119. That coat looks delicious enough to eat!


  120. You looked incredible! Like a gilded marshmellow! Lovely!


  121. The striped shirt makes the shade of the coat really pop out. I love how you styled it Aimee

  122. The cocoon coat is gorgeous. This is how everyone should dress!

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  124. That is a beautiful coat! I think it’s time I invested in a pink coat!

  125. I am seriously hearting that coat. LUSH.

    Sophie x

    Your girl is lovely

  126. Love that coat from JCrew and your shoes are sick!!!!

  127. that coat is really amazing! i would maybe wear other pants to it. ;)


  128. i love that coat, i would maybe wear differet pants to it though. ;)


  129. muito divaaa!

    Visite o Stop Minas Também

    Espero você! =D

  130. I’m obsessed with your pants.

  131. Wow the coat is amazing, love how you styled it!

    OceanWind Blog

  132. Your coat is lovely! And I really like the different materials you mixed in this outfit!!!

  133. You just inspired me to start wearing pink (never thought I would say that ;)). Coming from the woman who is always in black and gold. xoxo

  134. I love this look- the white leather and pink really go well together!
    Check my blog if you like music and fashion, I think you may like my latest post <3 <3

  135. Great coat!! The color is to die. I especially love the gold zippers, always refreshing when gold is used in place of silver!!
    Tara Belle

  136. that coat is gorgeous!! I really like what you said at the end about liking simple but not ordinary. That’s a good way of putting what I’ve been thinking about lately when it comes to my personal style.

    Lazy Obsession

  137. great outfit, LOVE that coat. the color is amazing.

  138. The coat, the pants, the heels!!! Pure perfection! Love the pics <3

  139. OMG, I am in love with the coat. It’s so gorgeous and sweet looking. You obviously look amazing in it Aimee!

    xo, Alina

  140. I have fallen in love with this post, from head to toe.

    Petite Side Of Style

  141. k

    You’ve put those black pumps on my lust list. Wow they are GORGEOUS!


  142. The colors are just faboulous!

  143. Bt. Please, can you do the post about your hair?

  144. Check out my lates blog post on Peter Pilotto’s collaboration with Target:

    Have a wonderful day!

  145. Love the hue of that coat! So bright and feminine. The heels are super sexy! You can never go wrong with a perfect pair of black patent leather pumps!

  146. Love this outfit!! The pink coat and white pants look so refreshing together!
    But what really caught my eye are those Saint Laurent pumps. Wow they just so simple and amazing!!

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  148. This is an amazing outfit! <3 Ruby

  149. That coat is so gorgeous and looks wonderful on you.

    Those shoes, however, are killer.

  150. Amazing outfit!
    I would be pleased if you come to visit my blog
    I talk about new fashion brand and new fashion trend!

  151. You are always so stylishly gorgeous! I am IN LOVE with that coat. I even shared it in my Link Love post this week. :)
    xoxo Aimee

  152. I must say Aimee, this is my absolutely number one favourite look of yours ever. The coat, this Marant x H&M pants and the pumps – absolute perfection.

  153. nice look ! love the coat <3
    xoxo manu

  154. That coat is beautiful!! On the J Crew website it’s shown zipped up and it looks so ‘blah’ I’d never have stopped to look at it twice but style open like you have to expose the gold zip, it’s absolutely gorgeous! Looove your style. And those shoes! ♥♥

  155. very nice…………………………

  156. wowww, just found your blog and I absolutely love it!! Love this outfit so much,
    you have great style!

  157. Love the color of this coat! And you styled it beautifully!!


  158. Kat

    LOVE the baby pink coat and how it’s paired with white leather. But the backs of the YSL black pumps look like it would be uncomfortable.


  159. Wow, that’s what I was exploring for, what a information!
    present here at this weblog, thanks admin of this website.

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