Oversized Blazer and Distressed Skinnies

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song-of-style-grey-coat-celine-box-bagFirst day back to work I wore my distressed skinny jeans with an oversized blazer from Joe’s Jeans. L.A.’s winter is quite warm (I’m talking high 60’s to high 70’s everyday) so instead of a warm winter coat, I’ve been rotating light jackets.song-of-style-grey-coatsong-of-style-grey-coat-celine-box-bag-2song-of-style-shark-tooth-necklacesong-of-style-grey-coat-distressed-jeans-giuseppezanottisong-of-style-shark-tooth-necklace-0


  1. Omg i loved the blazer! i love how u mixed it up cuz the blazer looks kinda vintagy but u made t look modern as well! loved it! <3

  2. Is this ur house?? I have a picture of my son running down ur front yard on Halloween :). Love the Celine~

  3. Styled to perfection!!!!
    Those heels are everything!


  4. Michelle says on January 11, 2014

    Hi there… I just wanted to stop by to say I’m sorry for your loss and hope you’re finding comfort in those around you. Much love <3

  5. Super love this outfit!! Great shoes and great combination of the all out whit the red bag!!

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