Easy Plaid Easy Leather

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song-of-style-plaid-leather-skirt song-of-style-plaid-shirt-leather-skirtsong-of-style-saint-laurent-boots


  1. Easy, but completely chic!! Happy New Year ;-)

    “New Year’s Look” Blog post on:

  2. I love your style and the way they take us to their world .. this is really fun! Have you as an influence in my favorites! Kiss, Kiss Boo! IG: BRUNOVORIEHN

  3. Plaid & leather is the perfect combination! You always manage to look classy and cool at the same time. This outfit seems like it was inspired by your sister Dani as well! Love both your styles :) Happy new year Aimee!



  4. Super easy, but also super pretty1
    Those boots are insanely good as well.

    All the very best for the New Year! : )


  5. Loving how you’re pulling off tomboy and casual with girly and chic! Definitely gives me the inspiration to try a look like that – but maybe once to weather warms up here in Canada ;P


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  7. In love with the way you pair the leather skirt with the plaid shirt and add the cap.
    It’s spunky and unique, it works!

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  9. Millie Simon x says on January 5, 2014

    Love the bag and the shirt!:) x


  10. Julien says on January 6, 2014

    what a brilliant way to style baseball caps! thanks for this! it is so refreshing that you can style boring items into something fun!

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