song-of-style-red-leather-jacket-distressed-skinny-jeans-2My sister trimmed off about 5 inches off my hair, and now it feels so much healthier! I’ve contemplated whether or not to cut it shorter, but I’m just too scared that it’s going to make my round face even rounder. Anybody else get a hair cut for the New Year?song-of-style-distressed-skinny-jeansThese Current Elliot jeans are one of my favorite pairs of distressed skinny jeans. I don’t think you can ever go wrong with a pair of simple black skinny jeans, and they’re even better when they’re perfectly distressed like these! I’m also getting so much use out of my Saint Laurent boots. They go with anything from mini skirts to jeans!song-of-style-red-leather-jacket-distressed-skinny-jeans-3song-of-style-red-leather-jacket-distressed-skinny-jeans-4song-of-style-red-leather-jacket-distressed-skinny-jeans
Photos by Dani Song


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  3. Jasmine says on January 9, 2014

    If you’re thinking about going shorter and you are afraid of your short haircut “rounding” your face, just go short one length all the way around! Try not to layer because it’ll just frame your face and make it rounder. I have a really really round face so I was really scared to do it but change is good and it’s the perfect time for a change! Haha good luck! && you look fab as always.

    Love always <3
    P.S. Your face isn't that round! (:

  4. I love mixing edgy leather/ distressed jeans with heels – looks amazing! Also love the contrast between the jumper and red leather!
    Katie x

  5. I sure did! I had very long hair and before Christmas I cut my hair short above my shoulders. It’s fantastic! I feel so light and free.
    You should definitely go for it. And trust me, your face is not round, it’s oval which suits any type of hairstyle :)

  6. Hey Aimee, I just saw the news on FB. I’m so sorry for your’s and Wes’ loss. It’s always tough to have someone leave because of illnesses and honestly, there’s nothing I can say or do to alleviate your pain, but I’ll be praying for you guys. One of my cousins passed away last April because of Liver Cancer and it was really hard. 힘내!!!

  7. I had my hair like yours and then i cut it just below the shoulders and i wanted more and i cut it above the shoulders and i like it but i made my face look sooooo much rounder and i look like i gained weight lol. And i also have broad shoulders so I dont think ill do it again :( i really like it but its just not for me..

  8. Love this outfit!
    I got a new haircut in the last months of 2013 and my hair looks so much more healthier as well.
    You’re so lucky that you have a hair specialist in your family ;) xx