In Toronto

song-of-style-isabel-marant-for-hm-chanel-bootsHere’s a quick shot of what I wore during a day full of fun interviews in Toronto. According to the Canadians, the few days I was in Toronto was probably the warmest it has ever been. I’d like to think I brought the Californian sunshine with me!!

Disclaimer: I did have a giant parka over this outfit… lol

Photos by David Pike


  1. Wow!! You’re wearing my dream boots! The bag is majestic as well :)

  2. bare legged in toronto ! admire :-D niceo utfit :-)

  3. Love the orange skirt, it totally brightens up your entire outfit!

  4. Love that pop of orange! And that jacket is so cool! All you’re missing is a killer motorcycle! ;)

  5. Aimee, you take the sunshine every friggin where you go!!! I hope Toronto was fun, I’ve been there such a beautiful place and the people are sooooooo nice. However this outfit is nicer!! Really Really dope Jacket!!!

  6. Love the silver jacket, it looks great with the orange skirt!

  7. What! It’s -11C today in Toronto, whoever said that lied. I’m shocked you’re in bare legs. Cute outfit though!

  8. Nico

    This is an amazing look!

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  9. Love this outfit! You must have been freezing taking that picture.

    xo Amanda

  10. Great look! I love that jacket

    The Koalafornian x

  11. Loving the jacket and those boots!

  12. Love the skirt! <3 You look stunning as always in this outfit <3
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    xoxo, Claire from Vancouver, Canada

  13. Wow, you always look so beautiful! The skirt is very cute!

    xx Su

  14. The silver jacket and the orange flirty skirt look great on you! This is the type of color combo I completely love. I also love the fur detail in your bag. You have a great mix of textures in this look. I love it.

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  15. Eva Maria

    oh que bella, me encanta el color de tu falda

    un saludo

  16. One picture of this outfit is simply not enough :)

  17. Love the orange touch!


  18. I love this, that orange skirt says it all! XO

  19. Eva

    Love the pop of orange and those boots are amazing! xx

  20. I don’t remember that bomber jacket in the collection? I never spotted that one, unfortunately:( But it looks great on you:)
    I like how you added the bright colour to your outfit.

  21. Toronto must be freeeeezin right now! Still looking cute with that fun little skirt and silver bomber ;)) xo

    New Post up…

  22. Waw those chanel shoes are just perfect ! I’m dreaming about those ! and the Isabel jacket, love it !

  23. Amazing blog and amazing pictures dear!

    I’m waiting for your opinion on my latest post!

    An amazing gift is waiting for you, c’mon!

    Kisses from Italy, Alis.

  24. that bag is amazing x

  25. Lu

    I was just thinking – in Toronto, dressed like this?! But with a parka on top of it makes sense :))

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  26. Looking great like always! that skirt looks fun!

  27. such a beautiful outfit! I love every single detail

  28. Rocking that bomber! looking so cute~



  29. This look is the look, the skirt’s color is amazing and the jacket is so cool. Love these Chanel boots. Perfect!

  30. Love the boots & jacket! Very interesting skirt but I love it!

  31. Maya Swan

    Such a nice skirt coupled with a very eye catching outfit!

    -Maya Swan

  32. That skirt is so pretty ! Looks like a flower

  33. That skirt and colour is everything! Effortless chic! x

  34. Great photo! Your jacket is stunning!

    Linnae from LinnaeDesign

  35. LOOOOVE that jacket! great color for the skirt :)
    Belen new post! :)

  36. Nice jacket and cute mini skirt! Still love those boots!


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  39. Lu!

    Your orange skirt is amazing!!! :)

    Lucia Gallego Blog

  40. What a super cute skirt! Really girly and it’s perfect matched with silver bomber jacket, a great contrast


  41. you look fabulous!♥ love the bag!:)

  42. You look so glam! Looking forward to more photos.

    The Fashann Monster

  43. I love this skirt Aimee! you look glowing :) hope you’re doing well lady

    dc style board

  44. I love this skirt Aimee! you look glowing :) hope you’re doing well lady

    dc style board

  45. Lovin how you matched the bright skirt with you outfit, super cute.


    Miss Eliza WonDerland

  46. Obsessed with that skirt! (check it out)

  47. What I would give for those Chanel boots. WHAT I WOULD GIVE!

  48. I absolutely love this jacket!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  49. Jaqueline Gracia

    I think the mixture this time was too much, so many themes computing here

  50. I LOVE every little piece of this look! The metallic jacket is so edgy and holiday appropriate! And I’m loving the orange cuz there’s so much red this time of year!
    And the fact that you can still do photos in the frigid weather like this….amazeballs!! LOL



  51. pipa

    You look amazing!!!

  52. Love so much your skirt!!! Love the shape and color!!!

    xoxo from Dubai

    Jul du monde des petites

  53. OMG! I go weak at the knees every time I see those Chanel boots!
    Have a fabulous weekend Aimee xoxo

  54. Such a cool look! I love that you wear the boots so differently than most of the other bloggers so far!!

  55. You look absolutely gorgeous! I love this skirt. You always look effortlessly stylish and beautiful, even when you’re working. I don’t think I could ever look this sophisticated in between meetings!

    Beth xo.

  56. This outfit is really great, love how you match all this clothes and the colours are great!
    Love your bag by the way!

  57. looove this look. That jacket is a beauty.

    Hayley xx

  58. You look amazing. I guess you take sunshine every where you go.

  59. I wish we could still wear skirts without tights here in Switzerland! looks great

  60. Sarah

    I absolutely love this look and your bag! Have you ever thought of using a base shaper for any of your designer bags?! They could really help to preserve the structure and give support to your designer bag! You can buy them from or eBay or Etsy! Have a nice day! :) Xx

  61. Love, love love this skirt!!! Orange is my favourite color!!!


  62. Those shoes are incredible! Love the skirt as well!

  63. Absolutely in love with your skirt!!
    All outfit is great, even if I couldnt dress like this! :)) On you is georgeous..

  64. Then you left and the snow rolls in, of course. In LOVE with the Isabel Marant bomber. Hopefully I come across one someday haha


  65. Love the disclaimer haha That makes me feel loads better because I look ridiculous when it gets cold…like today… won’t even be able to see my face.

  66. So cute! loving the skirt!

  67. Maya

    You are killing me softly with these posts from Toronto… :-)
    Very cute look! The skirt is adorable!

    Amadeus On The Catwalk

  68. I can’t believe I missed you while you were in Toronto! I love your style and find you as such an inspiration. Love the look as always.

  69. nina

    Uhm, I am from Toronto…and these are the coldest days we’ve had in recent years…so I am not sure who is telling you that they are the warmest…actually, quite the opposite. Now is -8C….and I’d be freezing in that skirt…but hey, fashion is passion so that keeps one warm!

  70. That Isabel amaranth bomber jacket is so adorable !
    The first time I saw it online I just wanted to get it, unfortunately I didn’t Have the Luck in my side.
    The combination with the orange skirt is fab :)

    xx Julia

  71. I want that orange skirt! It´s so unique and you look so lovely with it! Your hair is gorgeous!

  72. Mel

    Such a cool combination of colors – you are really perfect at mixing them! Awesome!


  73. I love your metallic jacket and that gorgeous bag. Lovely!
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  75. Amazing just like always. Kisses from Croatia,.

  76. Maria.


  77. omg, your jacket is perfect!!


  78. Filippo Bologni

    love the jacket and the boots!

  79. hahah you would definitely need a parka over that!! Gorgeous and love the colour of the skirt :D

  80. The color combination is brilliant. Love the bomber!

    Neon Fox

  81. I love the colour of your skirt!!

    There is a giveaway on my blog!

  82. Your jacket is awesome!!

    xoxo, Diana

  83. amazing look !! love the jacket <3
    xoxo manu

  84. Haha I love the stripped down version for the blog post. It must have been super cold to have a parka over that jacket!

  85. LOVE the shoes so much! Amazing look

  86. I think this is the greatest jacket I’ve ever seen, and I will not start to talk about the bag because I won’t be able to stop myself … I love this look !
    (take a look and if you like it follow me, I follow back ! :)

  87. ooh hey – you’re in Torontooo

  88. Errmahgawd… this entire outfit is killer. I’d be the happiest girl if I could just live in your closet forever.

    Sex w. Candy

  89. beautiful shoes :) to die out fit

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