Strength, Love, Prosperity, and Passion

song-of-style-pandora-3My sister Dani took these images of my grandmother and I last week when I visited her in Busan, South Korea. Pandora came out with a new Essence collection with 24 charms where each charm represents a value so I chose several charms that best hold the value of what my grandmother means to me: strength, love, prosperity, and passion. Truth be told, I could’ve probably used all the charms in the Pandora collection to symbolize my grandmother.

As an abused woman growing up in a war-torn country to a successful business woman, my grandmother taught my sister and I to be prosperous not in terms of wealth but in terms of life and happiness. She encouraged us to become strong women ourselves instead of depending on anybody, and to work hard for something that we truly feel passionate about. It felt amazing to be able to tell her what each charm from the Pandora Essence collection represented and to be able to share this moment with her.

You can learn more about the #PANDORAessencecollection on their Facebook page. How perfect would this be as a gift to the special woman in your life!songofstyle-pandora1Styled with strength, love, prosperity, and passion charms from the PANDORA Essence Collectionsongofstyle-pandora-2Styled with strength, love, prosperity, and passion charms from the PANDORA Essence Collectionsong-of-style-pandoraStyled with strength, love, prosperity, and passion charms from the PANDORA Essence Collection


  1. Lovely pics, and perfect outfit as always. xoxo


  2. Such a touching story, it’s inspiring to read about people that have come up from very little to nothing to becoming successful. I love your top too, btw. Draped pieces will always have special place in my heart.. & wardrobe.

    The Fashann Monster

  3. The photos are adorable. Love this Pandora colllection.

    xx Mira


    Lovely ! your Grandma looks very young !
    XX Luba

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  5. Anutzza

    Simply and chic <3

  6. Adorable pics, you and your nana look so pretty.


  7. What lovely photos of you & your Grandmother.
    Wishing you a wonderful week Aimee xoxo

  8. I love the intimate feel of these pictures. I’m sure your grandma is very proud of both of you.

  9. Love the meaning behind the charms, that’s really nice that you gave your grandmother that,
    I’m sure she would be really proud and happy.


    Miss Eliza WonDerland<3

  10. Lorna

    This is beautiful Aimee! I love these photos! So much love!

  11. Such adorable photos !

    Love from Paris

  12. Perfect look, these jeans are so cool. Amazing jewerly and beautiful photos

  13. Such a gorgeous, laid-back look! Those jeans are rockin! And your choice of colors for the bracelet is lovely!

  14. That is a beautiful story and your grandmother from the looks of things did a good job! Nice outfit!


  15. The Fashion Fraction
  16. Your gran seems lovely.

  17. She’s right your grandmother
    myself being mother
    a small girl of twelve
    I repeat to him the same thing
    every day, I understand
    your gesture, I love, very moving.
    prosperity of your life.
    Very soo

  18. Cool outfit darling! You have good taste ;-)

    Viky — MySecretFashionPoison

  19. So lovely story!! What your grandmother told you about life is so precious!!
    Kisses dear xx

    Serenity by Gemma

  20. very lovely post! And as always you look great!

  21. those jeans are great! such a sweet post


  22. Great pictures, and I love the jewelry and outfit :)

  23. M.S.M


    Find the perfect BALANCE between BOYFRIEND RIPPED JEANS and TRENDY PINK coat.::


  24. gupse

    Lovely outfit, and lovely mother.

  25. Cute bracelets, but not really my style..

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  26. These are such lovely photos of you and your grandmother! Gorgeous bracelet too~

    LIVE . IN . LOVE ✞


  27. Eva Maria

    Que guapisima, me encata tu estilo

    un saludo

  28. Very beautiful photos! Your grandmother sounds like a lovely person.

    Iedere vennoot brengt iets in het bedrijf: geld, goederen, arbeidskracht en/of goodwill.

  29. I love the personal vibe of the photos. So pretty!

    Your Friend, Jess

  30. Prosperous in life & happiness…….I love that. I so agree.

  31. Sabrina T.

    absolutely stunning collection! these photos are so sweet:)

    Patchwork à Porter
    Facebook Page

  32. v

    this is so beautiful. it’s amazing that you’ve been able to make fashion meaningful not just for yourself but for those closest to you :)

    xoxo . ღ

  33. I think your grandma is really inspiring c:
    Such a powerful woman as well! I thought
    the Pandora bracelet is really sweet. Xx

  34. What a lovely post…and adorable pictures with your Grand-mother!!!

  35. Love what the bracelets represent! And your jeans are a great fit and color!!



  36. Beautiful jewelry & love your jeans!

  37. What an amazing gift to give to your grandmother! Absolutely perfect.

  38. Your granny looks fantastic:-) Love the gift you gave her. It’s very thoughtful


  39. Nico

    Ooooohhh so cute!!!! Love you, her and the jewels!

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  40. Maria.

    i love pandora bracelets, they’re so cute!

  41. Very meaningful post and envy that you are able to treasure time with your beloved grandmother, wish I would be able to spend as much as with her when she was still around, such a great motivation that you can get :)

    New Post up…

  42. Beautiful pics and story dear!
    Your grandmother seems to be a great inspiration for you :)

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  44. Liz

    So sweet. Your grandmother sounds like a truly amazing woman.

    xo, Liz

  45. K.C

    Much respect to your grandmother, the charms are beautiful!

  46. That shirt is amazing <3

  47. Such a beautiful heart necklace! x

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  48. sil

    Hi, Aimee!

    I’m from Brasil, but I follow your blog and lov your style cause it (maybe its the LA “thing) matches perfectly with São Paulo mood. I never left a comment, but this story reminded me my grandma. She’s a great and power woman, and even living in this very sexist country, she succeeded in a lot of ways. I need to remember that more often!



  49. katherine Mckenzie

    awesome style, in love with your hair.

  50. Such a sweet gift for your grandma! I really like Pandora collection and always look into it but a little too pricey for me.

  51. you look so pretty, nice pics.
    Love from Spain


  52. Chrysopigi

    Isn’t she amazing? She literally shift easily the basic blue jean white shirt into something flawless

  53. Aw that’s so beautiful!

  54. What a wonderful moment! Those are priceless. You are so blessed to be able to see you grandmother and by the way she looks wonderful and of course very stylish like you. These are the moments that we treasure forever in our souls. God bless!


  55. Idalia

    you are just perfect


  56. this is so so so precious! blessed!

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  57. Awesome clean look!
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  58. Where is your white wrap top from? Is it a bodysuit or is it just a regular wrap top?

  59. What a very personal thing to share. I recently saw these at Pandora and love them :)

  60. Aw that is so sweet!

    I love seeing bloggers give back to their family, friends and community especially after they have made it :) . Congratulations on all your success :)

    Maggie A

  61. Zoe

    Wow what a stunning tribute to your grandmother ! Very inspiring !


  62. Such a touching story. Thank you for sharing this xx

  63. Me encantan las fotos de hoy! son super bonitas y entrañables!

  64. Bee

    I love Pandora! Need to go find my bracelet.. .don’t know where it is!
    You’re gorgeous btw!
    Lots of Love,

  65. This is exactly what I need in my life right now.
    I need this constant reminder to be strong, to live how your grandmother has taught you & your sister to live.

    Thank you for sharing this with us.

  66. Nicole

    Omg stunning accessories <3

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  67. Love your shirt, and the charms are just gorgeous!

    xox greta

  68. Your grannie looks healthy and fabulous! :)
    Wish her all the best.


  69. Beautiful pictures :) Love the bracelets!


  70. So sweet! It is great to see you going back to your roots and sharing it with all your readers. :)


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  72. What a great and inspiring post! Your grandmother looks like an amazingly strong woman and I think she has told you well :)

    Lu ❤
    Bloggers World Calendar 2014

  73. great styles ! you managed to create great looks without investing too much on the wardrobe. Intelligent wardrobe selection, for sure.

  74. love love love this post! :’( I miss my grandma!

  75. vera sawicki

    Touching post, very very sweet.

  76. What a lovely photos! Very Inspiring! We love Pandora and it is worth celebrating for.

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