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MJDaisyChain for Christmas



Merry Christmas Eve! I tried my hands on gift wrapping (I’m not the best at it) one of my favorite perfumes from Marc Jacobs. I’m not much of an everyday perfume person, but like I mentioned before, I love how light and fresh Daisy smells and what better gift to give than something that you love and enjoy? This is definitely going in one of my gift boxes for my besties! What did you guys get for your loved ones for the Holiday?





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  1. Claudia says on December 26, 2013

    I can’t believe you actually made a video of you gift-wrapping a perfume!!!! Seriously, I’m glad I haven’t visited fashion blogs in months now. This is exactly what I needed to go back to my non-blogs life. Ridiculous.

  2. I love this parfum! I guess I will buy it for myself for christmas :)
    My bestie got a belated christmas dinner at her favourite restaurant from me. I just love presents like that.

    Merry Christmas to you! xx

  3. Wrapping my gifts took me the whole afternoon, but they look pretty fabulous now. I went for silver and gold, topped of with black bows – just like you!

    I hope you’ll have a couple of wonderful Holidays!


  4. I don’t celebrate Christmas but I give gifts all year around. I tend to listen to my family and friends and see what it is they want then go and get it, or see where the need is and fill it. My friend wanted to start a business so I paid to have her logo designed. I like to be thoughtful.