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Holiday & New Year’s Eve Dress Inspiration



Christmas and New Year’s is right around the corner and I haven’t even finished shopping for gifts, nonetheless think about what to wear so I made a pinterest board full of inspiration! What are you wearing for Holiday parties and for New Year’s Eve this year? Let me know which one of these picks is your favorite!




18 kate-moss-strappy-dress









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  15. Great inspiration. LOVE the combination from Olivia Palermo and Cara Delevigne. And of course the glittery, sequined dresses are amazing – even though I personally would never wear such a thing.


  16. Great post.

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  17. I love the stuff at the top of your pinterest board because I can buy it!! I’ve been looking for outfits for the different Christmas dinners I have coming up! That Asos maxi dress is GORGEOUS. I’ve found it really helpful to use because I can post things that I’m thinking about and then get ideas for the full look. I’m definitely gonna do that with this dress. Thanks for putting this together!!

  18. Ugh, so many good looks here … I’m a sucker for a sweeping skirt, so I love the first look and the sequin maxi dressed down with a tee – I posted a similar look last week as my perfect winter party outfit!

  19. I’m on the beach in Costa Rica so I’ll be wearing something more summery (, but tomorrow I will post my holiday outfit recommendations too!! ;) Love this time of the year as well x