Holiday Dresses

song-of-style-karen-millen-slip-dress-2December is full of of holiday parties. I created three looks for three separate holiday parties: from a holiday get together with your friends, a holiday date night with your boo, to an office party!song-of-style-karen-millen-slip-dressThere is something so sexy about a simple lace slip dress. It’s understated yet I love how easily it can be transformed into a day to night look. I like the length of this Karen Millen dress which is not too short and hits right above the knees. It’s  perfect for a holiday party with your boo!song-of-style-karen-millen-lace-embellished-dressIf you’re more of a LBD type of gal, why not try one with the right amount of lace and embellishments? I like to make my holiday dress a lil’ edgier so I styled it with some ankle boots, but if you’re going the more feminine route, try pairing it with some ankle strap pumps!song-of-style-karen-millen-lace-embellished-dress-3song-of-style-karen-millen-lace-embellished-dress-2song-of-style-karen-millen-plaid-dressIf you’re going to an office party, try this body hugging plaid dress from Karen Millen. Plaid has made a huge comeback this year and we’ve seen it on everywhere from shirts, to jackets, to skirts, so why not embrace this trend for the holidays?song-of-style-karen-millen-plaid-dress-2


  1. All three outfits are absolutely fantastic! Your 2nd outfit is my favourite.

  2. All the dresses are lovely, but my favourite one if the second one.

    Joana x
    When You Dream Big

  3. I absolutely love every single one of these dresses! those red heels are to die for also. gorgeous!

  4. Love the 2nd dress so much!! The hemline is perfect and love the material and detailing ;) xo
    GIVEAWAY – Hudson x Tsangtastic

  5. the black one and checked one are the best babe !!!

  6. Love all three looks, the second one is my favorite.


  7. Love these! Check out my Winter Wonderland posts this week on!

  8. the LBD is stunning! so edgy and sexy. I would wear it with ankle strap heels.
    I agree, the slip dress is beautiful.
    Belen new post is up! :)

  9. Wow these dress are amazing, they are very chic and fabulous. My favorite is the second, it’s so beautiful and the details are art. The first look is so cool with the leather jacket and OMG love the heels of the third look

  10. Wow these dreesses are so chic and fabulous. My favorite is the second, it’s so elegant and the details are amazing. OMG the heels of the third are so beautiful. Very rock the first look with the leather jacket. All these looks are perfect

  11. Love all the looks, my favourite one is the black dress!

  12. lena

    i’m so in love with the red high heels with the bow!

  13. Gupse

    Such a beautiful girl with beautiful dresses

  14. Oh my goodness these looks are all so perfect! Couldn’t pick a favorite if I tried!

    xo, Juliette Laura

  15. Oh my goodness these looks are all so perfect! Couldn’t pick a favorite if I tried!

    xo, Juliette Laura

  16. All the outfits are lovely! You really have good taste x

  17. Gorgeous outfits! I love those red shoes. I may have to snag them…

    xo Amanda

  18. J’adore, I love the red shoes amazing like ever ;)

  19. I love all the looks you have created…but I especially like the shoes with the large re bows. x

  20. All the dresses are lovely!!

  21. The second dress is absolutely stunning! I’m a huge Karen millen fan as well!

    x Karen

  22. First dress is my favorite, so sexy and feminine! Love it! XO

  23. That is the most perfectly embellished LBD I have ever seen, you look so glamorous Aimee!



  24. Alessandra McGovern

    Very nice style, loved all three of the dresses and you’re so stunning!

  25. You make me want to keel over and faint when you wear those red shoes!!

    Maggie A

  26. These dresses are gorgeous, specially like the first one!

  27. The second dress is simply amazing! You look so beautiful!

    xx Su

  28. The second dress is simply amazing! You look so beautiful1

    xx Su

  29. Love the plaid outfit with the dramatic red pumps… So perfect for the holidays!

  30. Misha

    Is there a link for the second dress? Is it available in stores? I LOVE IT!

  31. I love your black dress and your res shoes !!!

  32. OMG all these looks are so sexy!! Love love love.

    OUTFIT POST:: Home for the Holidays.


  33. Wow that black beaded holiday dress is to die for! So perfect for any nice occasion <3


  34. Completely in love with the red shoes!


  35. The office party look is red black & white are the colour of choice and I’m loving the demure pencil knee length.

    Christy of:

  36. These looks are so sweet, girl! Those red heels are killer!

  37. Melissa

    Wow, love the dresses! Wish I can wear those dresses in Canadian winters…. its -39 degrees Celsius today. :(

  38. LOVE that slip dress and those red shoes are just beautiful!

  39. Q

    the shoes in the second and third pic…. love!

  40. Ah the shoes in the last look are so so so perfect!!

  41. The satin one is my favorite! The last one is gorgeously paired with the shoes! x

  42. I´m in love with these red heels

  43. kim

    Please! Where can I get the second dress??? Beautiful!

  44. wow all of these dresses are beautiful!

    Hayley xx

  45. I can totally see wearing these dresses for Christmas in Australia but I’m certain I’d freeze to death if I wore one in the Northern hemisphere during this time of the year.

    The Fashann Monster

  46. Wow just beautiful! Love it!

    Check out my blog post about the best collaborations of 2013!

  47. The plaid dress is incredibly gorgeous! Love the red shoes too!

  48. I love that you paired the first dress with a leather jacket! The details in the second dress is amazing!

  49. Beautiful dresses! Loved specially the lingerie one, is so chic and sexy!

    Cee. ♥
    Code Overdressed

  50. Love all 3! You are really good at styling x

  51. Maya

    I am so embracing the third look :-) I adore it!!! Very stylish!
    Love from Toronto,

    Amadeus On The Catwalk

  52. that middle dress is so killer
    ladies in navy

  53. I’d happily wear any of these 3 beauties! Love the slip dress the most!
    Happy Wednesday Aimee xoxo

  54. pipa

    Great photos! Stunning as always!

  55. I love your leather jacket, seriously need one in my life.

  56. midory

    Where is the second dress from?!?!? I have been dying for the perfect dress for new years but havent liked anything. im in love with this! does anyone know? is it karen miller too? please help!

  57. Those red shoes at the end are to die for! Gorgeous!

    look 1&3 are just gorgeous!! and the shoes!!!

    kr from slovenia!

  59. You look stunning in the three looks, but my favourite is the second one. xoxo


  60. i’m in love with the number 1!!! So perfect

  61. Evi

    Pretty dresses! You look amazing!

    Evi xoxo

    The Notebook of a Fashion Lover

  62. you look great in all of them, but the second look is my absolute favorite! x

  63. the second one is beautiful, love that you’ve edged it up with the boots.

  64. laura

    Gorgeous choices, I love the second one! You look so elegant!

  65. All three dresses are gorgeous! Though I think that the lacy dress kind of looks like a night gown :D Love the LBD though!

  66. your first blue dress looks like a silk nightgown … sexy

  67. Love the red shoes, lovely post

  68. I felt in love with the last one! I just love the skirt and the vest with those amazing red pumps! Totally in my style, thank you for inspirations maybe I will try it on Christmas?:)

  69. The pailettes dress is absolutely gorgeous, and the red shoes simply stunnig

    S t y l e a n d P a p e r

  70. Those red shoes are to die for! I need to get my holiday dress post up ASAP!

  71. Absolutely LOVE the LBD!!!! With those shoes… DAYYYUMMM girl!!!

  72. Eni

    All of the dresses are beautiful, my favorite is the last look!

  73. amazing looks !!! love the black dress <3
    xoxo manu

  74. You are amazing, and I mean it, your style is awesome.
    (follow me, I follow back ! :) <3)

  75. What a gorgeous navy blue dress!

  76. gorgeous photos!! i am in love with the 2nd one =)

  77. Wow you look amazing!! These dresses are perfect for the holidays :)


  78. adrianna

    Girl! Absolutely love it all! I beg you, please tell me at least where you got that beautifull red shoes and the LBD!! PLEASE


  79. All three looks are gorgeous! I think my favourite has to be the office look though because I’m in love with the shoes! :)
    xoxo Aimee

  80. I love the dresses and I specially love the red shoes! I can totally see myself wearing something like that.

  81. Wow the last look is my favourite, I love the dress, and especially the red heels! The bow on it looks classy.


    Miss Eliza WonDerland

  82. sasa

    You look amazing in the LBD, love the beading details<3

  83. Love the second dress! Beautiful lace and unique embellishments :)


  84. I love the red shoes !!!! it’s amazing

    Le Monde des Petites

  85. You are gorgeous, it´s a fantastic dress and shoes are faboulous!

  86. especially love that second dress!


  87. Love the outfit? These are amazing shots! :)

  88. Gorgesous! every single one of them!

  89. those sheoa sdkrfjfmgjfkdfvmnjnnjf

  90. youve got an amazing figure!

  91. Eileen

    Shoes are by Aminah Abdul Jillil :)

  92. angelique

    In love with this outfit, especaly the dress. You look so gorgeous girl !
    Big kiss from Paris.

  93. midory

    does anyone know who is the designer of the second dress? I have been trying to find it for months! :(

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