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Zebra Stripes



I’m ditching the good ol’ striped sweater for this zebra striped sweater to make a statement! I know this sweater is going to get some good use during the colder months and since I’ve been wearing too much black lately, I brought in some color with my bright red waxed jeans and Celine box bag!

On my wrist are the usual suspects: Tiffany Atlas Bangle, Vita Fede Titan Bracelets, and Anarchy Street Nail Bangle

songofstyle_zebrasweater_redpants2 songofstyle_zebrasweater songofstyle_zebrasweater2

Photos by Steven Taylor


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  4. I absolutely love animal prints and I always keep it safe by leaning towards cheetah print, but seeing you style the zebra print sweater gives me ideas and makes me want to go out and buy my own zebra sweater for wintery London!

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