The White Trench


song-of-style-white-and-grey-outfitI took these photos in L.A. before I left to Tokyo. For the colder months, it’s easy to pick an all black coat (and there’s nothing wrong with that!) but you still gotta switch things up and keep things bright, so I’ve been longing for a perfect white coat for awhile and found it at Express.song-of-style-grey-outfit-white-coatsong-of-style-grey-outfit-2I wore my white trench coat with a grey ensemble to keep things crisp!song-of-style-white-coatsong-of-style-grey-outfitsong-of-style-michael-kors-bagMy new go to bag is this Miranda Bag from Michael Kors. I love the pony hair and the gold hardware. Plus, it’s spacious enough that I can fit my laptop!song-of-style-grey-jeans-white-coat


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  3. Hi Tetcha! Thanks for linking up your Karate-Kid-in-the-making post to Happiness Is. Mukhang nag-e-enjoy talaga ang kiddo, and that’s good workout for him too Nga pala, I’m really sorry ngayon lang ako nakadalaw sa entry mo. Medyo busy ako sa work, hindi gano makahirit mag blog By the way, ikaw din ang happy blogger for last week. Heto gagawin ko na ang post – censya na talaga medyo delayed na. Hope to see you again for this week’s Happiness Is round, ha? Take care!

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  5. Ok, be ready for quiotesns:1) How old are you (sorry, if thats a silly quiotesn?2) How old were you when you discovered your “special interest” im clothes and stuff like that?3) Do you do any kind of sport – if you do, then what?4) How long are you? :D5) Have you ever wanted to become a professional model – or you have been/are?6) What’s your favourite book?7) A perfect travel destination?8)Your biggest fault (if you want to reveal it ofc :D) /in your opinion/9)Where do you live (I mean not the country but in your own appartement or … etc)?10) What languages can you speak?Sorry for mistakes, English is not my mother language :DBtw, your blog is great ;*

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  13. Wow, you look like an absolute Snow Queen. The structure of the bag is incredible, I love the crispness of the coat, and the shoes add a bit of color without being too obnoxious…

    Basically, this is my favorite look of yours in a long time. 10s across the board!




  14. Desirea says on November 17, 2013

    OMG I love your white trench coat. That would look super cute with my BearPaw “Hanna” boots and a scarf with leggings. I bought my BearPaw boots from this boutique my aunt told me about in Elk Grove. If you dont live near by you should check out their website http://www.shoedaca.com. I love my bearpaws because they are so comfortable and a great price. My “Hanna” Bearpaw boots come in Tan or Black.

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