Pinstripes and Quilted Leather

song-of-style-pinstripe-shirtOne of the key elements of my style is easy effortless dressing but still looking polished, even if I put an outfit together in 5 minutes. The key to easy and fast dressing for me is having a lot of classic pieces in my wardrobe which makes it easy to mix it up with new season favorites such as this quilted leather skirt with zipper’ve mentioned my love for quilted leather, but this quilted leather skirt got an edgy twist with the zipper Rebecca Taylor jacket has been my go to fall jacket whenever I’m not wearing my leather jacket. It’s oversized and the zipper details and leather elbow patch, make this jacket quite bad ass!song-of-style-quilted-leather-skirt-boots


  1. Emma

    I love the slouchy fit of the top with the fitted leather skirt

  2. I am in love with these Tibi boots and I would so wear this.


  3. Absolutely love the quilted leather skirt and the zipper details

  4. Loving this look! That skirt paired with that top is the perfect combo!

  5. I agree with you for 100% percent. If you have classy clothes in your wardrobe you can always have a polish and stylish looks.
    Fashion Friends Diary

  6. Love the detail on the skirt! Cute <3 aaaand those booties! Love them <3
    New Post: Boyfriend’s Sweater
    xoxo, Claire

  7. Everytime you wear quilted leather I forget how sick of it I am & start browsing online for more pieces.

    The Fashann Monster

  8. I love the skirt and how you rock it! Everything is pretty simple but looks so good! Like if you was thinking up this outfit for hours. :)


  9. Loving the relaxed yet stylish mix, the leather skirt is awesome, never thought of matching that with a business top.

    Miss Eliza Wonderland <3

  10. Oh, the skirt is just amazing with those zippers on it!
    Love this combination!

    xx Su

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  12. Love this look, the boots look great! :)

  13. Gorgeous as always, love that look! chic :)

    Dress To Cook Blog
    Dress To Cook Page

  14. I don’t know why this season I only wear skirts, I love them!!! This skirt is so cool, is different and chic. The look is perfect, I like so much the shirt with the skirt. Those booties are amazing, I need them. Love the jacket

  15. soo chic, I really like this outfit, especially the blouse


  16. Fabulous look. Love the cool skirt and shoes :D

    xx Mira

  17. Love quilted items!

  18. this skirt is pure perfection!!! I’ve just fallen in love with it hihi

  19. great combination of classic and modern! Really like it!

  20. Love this simple look! The coat is amazing!


  21. Great outfit!! I love every single piece of it, specially the booties :)

  22. wow! so perfect!!!

  23. Love the skirt with the quilted leather and the zip details!

  24. I’m just crazy about these boots! Great look!

  25. LOVE the shirt, such a pretty item!
    And the boots are perfect of course.


  26. Really nice outfit, the shirt and the boots are stunning!

  27. This is a badass outfit. Every single detail has been taken care of. The shirt and the quilted skirt are such classic pieces and can easily dress up any outfit.

    Naaj Ronas Lifestyle

  28. Sparksinspring

    I like my pinstripe on a vest/skirt/shirt/trousers and what not, so versatile! x

    Sparks In Spring

  29. You look amazing!
    The skirt looks amazing and your shoes are gorgeous! :) xx


  30. Andrea

    Love the simplicity of this outfit! You look amazing as always!

  31. Fab black pieces.

    Lots of Love

  32. Wauw, what an amazing look! Like the combination of the blouse and the skirt

  33. The Fashion Fraction

    very very cool shirt and also the skirt and well.. also the rest

  34. The skirt is awesome! Love the texture!

    Sandrine x

  35. Love the skirt! lovely outfit!

  36. that skirt is gorgeous x

  37. That shirt is so nice and you look amazing as always.

  38. So in love with that skirt and those boots!!

    Because I’m Obsessed

  39. You rock my dear!
    Your skirt is awesome!!!

    With love, Elisa
    My Fantabulous World

  40. I am in love with your amazing shoes. They underline the whole outfit! :) Great photos!

  41. Gorgeous look! Loved the combination of leather and the blue stripes! Excelent choice!! =)


  42. Love this skirt! And I love the shirt too!
    The pairing is simplistic and chic!!


  43. Love the skirt! This combo is my favorite. x

  44. Perfectly styled, as always amazing Song! @talikogan

  45. Sasha

    Cool look, really love your jacket!

  46. Quilted leather, my favourite kind ;)



  47. this is exquisite! cannot get enough

  48. Kate Tanner

    Absolutely love those boots!

  49. Love the combination! An effortless chic look! Plus I liked your adding of the belt to the look x

  50. Love this look! Wonderfully styled! Your blog gives me so much inspiration!


  51. perfect combination, you look so beautiful ♥

    xxx Inga


  52. Liz

    That’s a gorgeous skirt. Quilting with the leather just looks awesome.

    xo, Liz

  53. Super cute! I like your outfit ;-)
    Viky — MySecretFashionPoison

  54. Great look! Love the color & texture of skirt.

  55. Great look! Love the color & texture of the skirt.

  56. JS

    Some of your links are incorrect (in your blog posts in general) and your shirt is not pinstriped.

  57. I’ve never seen a quilted leather skirt before, it’s so unique and beautiful.



  58. On point as always, love the necklace and the ankle boots!

  59. Ria

    Woah, the jacket is the winner of this post. Shuts it down.

  60. Marvelous look! That leather skirt is darling! Such a perfect length!

  61. Awesome outfit, you look great. Love the boots!

  62. Paty

    I loved it!
    I’m posting looks from Los Angeles and accessories:

  63. i love stripes… actually all your outfit is great… and specially the boots….!

  64. Quilted leather is perfect for winter, espeivly when you live in a part if the world as freezing as I Glasgow!

  65. Hello! Great shots! Love fashion on

  66. I love how you styled your shirt! and I’ve always admire how you style few of your items repeatedly but in totally different way :)

  67. Love the skirt with the boyfriend button down!!
    Belen :)

  68. love that skirt! i’ve been dying for one just like it


  69. love this look, gorgeous shirt!


  70. Love it. You have such great style.

  71. L O V E the variations and mixtures of black textured pieces with the pop of silver and gold detail!

  72. I love the detail on your skirt and the necklace is so cute :)

  73. In love with the skirt and the necklaces! X

  74. Love this combo of masculine/feminine, hard/soft. Lovely!

  75. Absolutely love this look, great skirt, Haute Hippie is definitely one of my favourite brands!
    Check out:
    Follow me on BLOGLOVIN’
    With Love,

  76. Obsessed with this outfit!! I’ve been drooling over quilted skirts for quite some time now but haven’t managed to purchase one yet! I swear there’s always something else that gets in the way. :P *sigh* fashion..

  77. loved the outfit…your high heel sandals look great!!

  78. I am thrilled with the new silotetues you are offering. I am just starting with applique and this will be a wonderful help to me until I am able to start cutting out my own shapes and get familiar with the prcess of fusing shapes onto fabric. The new Block of the month idea is also interesting to me as well.

  79. Alex

    Lovely stripe shirt, where is it from?

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