Diamonds, Studs, and Leather


I don’t know anyone that doesn’t like diamonds, including myself. The ones I’m wearing are from Coronet Diamonds and while the idea of diamonds sound uber fancy and too sparkly, I love these ones because it can be integrated so easily onto my daily’t pass up on these Isabel Marant for H&M lace up leather pants. Wore them with a cropped moto leather jacket from Rebecca Minkoff and peasant blouse also from the Isabel Marant for H&M it comes to diamonds, or fine jewelry, I love the ones that are small and dainty but still make a statement like the Abzu earrings and Lahmu necklace I’m wearing. I wore the Abzu earrings sideways to wear it differently and I like how it looks like I have several earrings on!song-of-style-isabel-marant-for-hm


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  2. Agree with you so much about diamonds, it’s a fine piece, and it’s a forever mark. I have the same leather pants ;))

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  3. Mam

    those marant x h&m pants are sick! hope to see you style the black next

  4. I really like the Isabel Marant for H&M collection, so you couldn’t go wrong with this outfit ;)

    Lisa – AT LEAST BLOG

  5. Lovely outfit!! I am loving your Isabel Marant pieces and the earrings are so cute!

  6. Very, very nice outfit! Hairstyle and make up are perfect!


  7. Eva Maria

    Bonita chaqueta y que zapatos más preciosos

  8. Look so nice , love this jacket.
    Thanks for your comment.
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    Very soon.

  9. The Fashion Fraction
  10. I lpve the entire look! Especially the jacket!

    Madeline – Wonderland In A Wardrobe

  11. Very cool outfit, love the red jacket! :)

    xx Su

  12. Those pants are the coolest,

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

  13. The blouse looks perfect for summer & it looks awesome how you layered it under the red jacket.

    The Fashann Monster

  14. EMA

    Love itt, so edgy and stylish :)

  15. The jewelry is stunning! I love the way you paired them with this outfit. Gorgeous!

  16. I love those leather pants from IM! xoxo from Sweden

  17. Love it! The jacket looks amazing and the pants and the shoes are so beautiful!

  18. Totes agreed! Dainty diamonds are the most versatile and you rocked them!


  19. lovely :) loved the jacket and top!!

    happy december ♡


  20. Beautiful outfit! Loving the jacket and trousers! :) Simply stunning!

  21. Love that your re-wear your shoes.


  22. So pretty the red and white leather together!

    Sandrine x

  23. Such a great look! Red leather is such a fun trend for the holidays! :)

  24. This leather jacket is just so beautiful!

  25. I love the jacket! And I agree about the diamonds! XO

  26. Love that pretty jacket!!

    Dress To Cook

  27. Gorgeous. Loving those H&M pants

    The Koalafornian x

  28. I love how you styled that Isabel Marant blouse with that biker moto jacket. Your outfit is kinda like how you describe diamonds. It’s simple, yet there’s some twist to it.


  29. Nico

    What fab combo, love that jacket!

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  30. Gorgeous, I love that jacket!!

  31. Gorgeous photos, love that natural look and how you’re pairing up all the little silver bits in jewellery and clothing. I’m also very into styling all the H&M Isabel Marant Collection as it is so versatile. You can check out the outfits here:

  32. Wow wow wow these pants!! I don¡t have words, just amazing!! Love the red leather jacket and these heels are perfect

  33. I like this outfit a lot – nice patterns, prints and layers!

    Bloggers World Calendar 2014

  34. Bee

    You are so unbelievably blessed! I love your blog!
    Lots of Love,

  35. That jacket is soo pretty :)
    xx Stephanie (

  36. so jealous about your pants!

    moustachic ♡
    Twitter/Instagram: @moustachic

  37. great outfit, love that red jacket with that white trouser really cool, you look so fab!

  38. Elisabetta Rossi

    You blog are very beautiful!!
    Good outfit!
    See you soon!

  39. Nice shoes! Completes the look wonderfully.

  40. Simple accessories are even more amazing because you obviously can mix gold and silver and make them look perfect with each other! Love the look. The jacket is such a statement piece.

  41. Love these pants ♥

  42. I love this outfit… :) Amazing pants!

  43. fantastic biker jacket. Loving it


  44. Amazing leather jacket, love the colour and studs

  45. When I see this kind of looks I can only say: I love your style!

  46. Loving your straight hair Aimee!



  47. I love that jacket, it’s so perfect! ♥

  48. Gupse

    You are the only person who wears leather on leather perfectly.

  49. Small diamonds are so fine and beautiful.
    Red leather and studs are not that easy to wear together, but it looks perfect on you!
    Anyway, I really like your style, always with trendy clothes, but in a wearable way.

  50. Loving that biker jacket. Beautiful colour.

  51. I’m loving this look!


  52. you look beautiful!! i love your shoes and blazer!

  53. Eda

    Love the pants. The leather lace up is amazing!

  54. Love the combo of red leather jacket with lace-up pants. So unexpected!

  55. JACKET! :D *-* Awawawawaw! :D ♥

  56. its difficult to combine this pants and jacket but you do it very well. beautiful!

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  58. love the isabel marant pur h&m collection !!
    great combination !!
    xoxo manu

  59. Diamonds are always a gorgeous piece to own. :) And I’m loving how those Isabel Murant H&M pants are looking on you!

  60. Love this look! That color jacket is gorgeous on you. So chic! Love your blog!


  61. My one regret is not getting to the Isabel Marant sale fast enough… I’ll forever dream about those stupid white leather pants.

  62. Nice fresh look! I love the red jacket.
    For some nice fashion inspiration and articles; look at:

  63. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend :) And you are my idol!
    New post up :)

  64. I love these pants… I own them myself in black!


  65. you look great…loved your high heel shoes !!

  66. Js.

    love the color combination!
    what is the brand of your necklace?

  67. gorgeous pics…loved your Suede Shoes …:)

  68. Absolutely obsessed with the red leather jacket and those heels!! :)

  69. Love the pattern of the shirt, it really suits you!

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