Diamonds, Studs, and Leather



I don’t know anyone that doesn’t like diamonds, including myself. The ones I’m wearing are from Coronet Diamonds and while the idea of diamonds sound uber fancy and too sparkly, I love these ones because it can be integrated so easily onto my daily outfits.song-of-style-isabel-marantCouldn’t pass up on these Isabel Marant for H&M lace up leather pants. Wore them with a cropped moto leather jacket from Rebecca Minkoff and peasant blouse also from the Isabel Marant for H&M collection.song-of-style-red-leather-jacketsong-of-style-diamondsWhen it comes to diamonds, or fine jewelry, I love the ones that are small and dainty but still make a statement like the Abzu earrings and Lahmu necklace I’m wearing. I wore the Abzu earrings sideways to wear it differently and I like how it looks like I have several earrings on!song-of-style-isabel-marant-for-hm


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