Diamonds, Studs, and Leather



I don’t know anyone that doesn’t like diamonds, including myself. The ones I’m wearing are from Coronet Diamonds and while the idea of diamonds sound uber fancy and too sparkly, I love these ones because it can be integrated so easily onto my daily outfits.song-of-style-isabel-marantCouldn’t pass up on these Isabel Marant for H&M lace up leather pants. Wore them with a cropped moto leather jacket from Rebecca Minkoff and peasant blouse also from the Isabel Marant for H&M collection.song-of-style-red-leather-jacketsong-of-style-diamondsWhen it comes to diamonds, or fine jewelry, I love the ones that are small and dainty but still make a statement like the Abzu earrings and Lahmu necklace I’m wearing. I wore the Abzu earrings sideways to wear it differently and I like how it looks like I have several earrings on!song-of-style-isabel-marant-for-hm


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  2. Eva Maria says on December 1, 2013

    Bonita chaqueta y que zapatos más preciosos


  3. Gorgeous photos, love that natural look and how you’re pairing up all the little silver bits in jewellery and clothing. I’m also very into styling all the H&M Isabel Marant Collection as it is so versatile. You can check out the outfits here: http://www.whitneyswonderland.com

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