The 90’S Grunge



I was too young to experience the early 90’s and maybe some of you were just born, but luckily, history repeats itself and so does fashion, and the 90’s have indeed returned especially the 90’s grunge. Some of my favorite 90’s moments are: Nirvana, plaid and flannel shirts, tying your shirt/jacket around your waist, the movie Clueless and Empire Records, Dr. Martins, and so on…song-of-style-plaid-skirt-chanel-boots-2I channeled my inner 90’s girl with a plaid skirt, denim tied around my waist, and some bad ass boots.songofstyle-open-back-topThis top from J Brand is sexy in a quite understated way. I’m all covered from the front, but the back has this really deep v-neck. Wore my open heart necklace hanging low to add a lil’ something to the back.song-of-style-celine-box-bagsong-of-style-plaid-skirt-chanel-bootssong-of-style-open-back-top-chanel-boots


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  5. Love those boot and that skirt!! You look great!!

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  6. Love how fashion from the 90s came again. I’m already collecting the 90s stuff like Dr Marten and plaid skirts. I’m sure I’ll get around the shirts on the waist like you. I like your plaid skirt.

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