Song of Style on Instagram: The Leather Edition


Leather is the new denim. I pretty much wear at least one leather piece on a daily basis whether it’s in the form of a leather jacket, pants, handbag, or shoes…. I’m obsessed with the look and feel of leather and the attitude it gives you. I always feel like a bad ass whenever I have a leather jacket on even if I’m wearing it with a skirt. I promise, your life would suddenly improve if you get the perfect leather jacket… ;)

Wearing Veda x Pamela Love Leather Jacket, Kelly Wearstler Bust Tee, RTA Leather Pants


Earrings from Art Youth Society and Tiered Necklace from Lionette. Leather like neoprene bikini from Lisa Marie Fernandez


Wearing Red Valentino in San Francisco. Heels by Celine.


Jimmy Choo Studded Pumps



Joie Sweater and Cynthia Vincent Embossed Leather Pants


Working on creating some really awesome furniture! Wearing Doma Leather Jacket, Robert Rodriguez Lace Skirt, Celine Heels and Bag


Our shoe game is on point! Chanel Chain Boots, Sigerson Morrison Boots, and Giuseppe Zanotti Sneakers.


At the job site. Wearing Veda x Pamela Love Leather Jacket, J Brand Leather Pants, Cameron Silver for Nine West Camo Pumps


Schutz Triangle Bag and Cameron Silver for Nine West Camo Pumps


My last minute Halloween costume from Saturday. Sandy from Grease!


  1. i love those embossed pants!!

  2. Ria

    Love this type of Instagram recap because you actually go into detail about each shot! Well done.


  3. M.S.M


    ROCKING it with my ACCESORIES and BIKER & making it CHIC and SWEETER with details, check it out::: ::

    xoxo from SPAIN

  4. vivian luo

    ohhh fun <3 thanks for the details!!!


  5. Agree! There’s nothing like the perfect leather jacket to give your look a boost of attitude!



  6. Love the blue leather jacket! Great style!

  7. Eva

    Love all of these leather pieces, amazing! xx

  8. I love leather! I have the perfect leather jacket!

  9. christine

    Where can I get those amazing black leather chairs?
    You are inspirational by the way! :D

  10. Q

    I have always loved leather and always will!! the perfect material to add the edge to any outfit.

  11. Love the pumps from Nine West, they finish the look and make everything definitely look badass! =P

  12. Oh my god!
    This Jacket is a must have for my Girlfriend.
    I love it!


  13. I love the leather jacket and pants

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  15. You sure know how to rock leather! So in love with those T strap heels, so hot!

    Cee. ♥
    Code Overdressed

  16. jas

    leather everything! I love it!

    reckless abandon blog

  17. You are workin those leather pants! So cute! Love all the heels too!

  18. Completely agree with the whole leather jacket thing!

  19. those leather pumps are amazing!


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  20. This makes me happy, I’ve always loved leather more than denim.

    The Fashann Monster

  21. So chic!!


  22. oh so gorgeous! your wardrobe is enviable
    kw ladies in navy

  23. So gorgeous! I love all of the leather items here, especially the leather pants and the cobalt blue jacket! You look lovely in all the outfits!

    Suzie Q

  24. Lyz

    Too much beauty for me to handle! I ADORE those Jimmy choo’s and the DOMA jacket!

  25. Tara

    Love this all leather ensemble, very rock chick and the shoes are to die for!

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  26. It’s all about the leather!!!! And YOU are the wear it like NO OTHER!!!!
    You are such great syle!!!

    Tiger stripes meets leopard print…


  27. Nora

    love the lace skirt! Just gorgeous.

  28. Eni

    Such great leather jackets and wonderful shoes, I’m so in love with the camo pums!

  29. Loving this! Your shoe collection is truly gorgeous!

  30. awww i need yout leather jacket and pants!

  31. Awesome Insta pics. Love your shoes. Esp. the Choo pumps and the camo heels!

    Check out my new JEWELLERY GIVEAWAY!

    xx Mira

  32. Absolutely adore those Cynthia leather pants soooo much!!

  33. i love the leather look!
    i recently bought leather shorts wooohhhooo

  34. Great photos!! Loving all your leather pieces and I love those camo pumps right at the end.

    Laura xx

    P.s. I am hosting a Michael Kors watch giveaway on my blog this evening. If you are feeling lucky, check it out :)

  35. Sasha

    I’m obsessed with leather! Dope photos!

  36. joy

    wow just love your shoes

  37. The Fashion Fraction

    crazy about these jimmy choo studded pumps <3

  38. That pants are really amaaaazing. Have a nice day.

  39. those pants are perfect!

  40. Sparksinspring

    The Chanel boots are all I ever dream of now! x

    Sparks In Spring / Stelle Nine Jewellery

  41. Evi

    Great shots! You look so stylish!

    Evi xoxo

    The Notebook of a Fashion Lover

  42. Awesome. i love the second to last one! awesome photos

    xoxo, Kenzie

  43. I love your IG and leather looks great on you every time!!

  44. You look beautiful! I always look forward to your instagram posts!

    The Purse Snatcher

  45. Paty

    I loved it!!!
    I’m posting looks from L.A. and accessories:

  46. I love the Robert Rodriguez lace skirt! I wore it in a recent blog post as well :) Check it out:

  47. I love the details in all of the leather pieces!

  48. In love with your camo shoes <3

  49. Great! Love the post!!

    ​With love,
    Elisa – ​My Fantabulous World

  50. Liz

    I completely agree! Leather makes my world go ’round! <3

  51. I love the outfits here. Especially that skirt in the 7th pic. :)

  52. Aimee, where did you get the Schutz triangle bag? Can’t seem to find it! Desperately looking for a new work bag.

  53. We are in shoe hog heaven!!! Love it!

    Are you still in SF? Look us up if you are! It’s our home turf. Best city ever! :-)

  54. so cool

    Leather of course good.

    xoxo Y

  55. DAMN those boots !! <3

  56. That is very true and you own some wonderful leather pieces!


  57. Love your pictures!!! Always fashion and elegant, with a touch of edgy!!! Gorgeous!!!


  58. Nico

    What stylish shots!

    New post on lowbudget-lowcost Fashion Blog

  59. Absolutely stunning! Thank you for sharing all this lovely!


  60. You have the best leather looks!


  61. Yo looks very beautiful and fashion. i love your style :*

  62. Im new in this and i will like visit my blogg, I wat know if im doing the right things so I need your opinions.
    THANKS ♥

  63. Dani’s boots in that 8th picture are so incredibly fierce. I’m imagining pairing them with your Cynthia Vincent pants and the result is just too badass to handle!



  64. You have fab shoes collection


  65. I love your leather pants, they are gorgeous!

  66. Love the Jimmy Choo Shoes. They look really classy. All other clothing and shoes amazing as well. Thanks for sharing from

  67. Your style is impeccable, I love your outfits!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  68. I love your blog and your style dear, but please don’t say leather is the new denim, that would be so sad! Stop thinking leather = coolness and luxury, it’s much more like leather = pain and death. Leather comes from farmed animals that suffered through all their shorts lives before meeting a violent death. A billion of animals die at year just to give us their skin. I’m not telling you not to wear leather anymore, that would be like asking you to stop eating meat, all i want is to make think about it: do we own animals? is it ok to kill young calves for a pair of soft gloves? to skin a snake alive for a pair of Louboutin? There are many animal-free materials to choose, i invite you to search for them and don’t hide from the true:

  69. perfect pics. xx

  70. You look amazing! And those embossed leather pants by Cynthia Vincent are everything.

  71. Zoe

    Couldn’t agree more on your description of leather ! Also , those Chanel chain boots have me considering selling my liver on the black market – the obsession is real ! The shoe game is not only on point but on a whole other level.


  72. Hannah

    Those embossed leather pants are literally AMAZING! I felt like i’d seen every possible variation of the leather pant after this last season but no…. hope to find a cheap knockoff version somewhere. Your style is literally so amazing and effortless… i’m such a fan!

  73. Leather and knit perfection!!

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