After Philosophy By Natalie Ratabesi


This was one of my favorite looks during NYFW and I wore it to Philosophy by Natalie Ratabesi’s show. As soon as I saw the Resort 2014 collection online awhile back, my favorite was this exact look (styled with a hat in the collection) because of the modern take on overalls and the bohemian vibe of the entire look. I kinda felt like a 2014 version of a milkmaid!





  1. WOW! You look fabulous!

  2. Amazing look. Love the overall.


    xx Mira

  3. Amazing look. Love the overall.


    xx Mira


  4. You’re fantastic! Great outfit


    You look beyond stunning

    XX Luba

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  6. Absolutely love the pairing of the overalls with that flowy blouse!

    Step into Estherina’s World

  7. Very different from what you usually wear, love it!

    Sandrine xx

  8. You got these overalls rights. Very 90s with a hit of 70s.

    The Fashann Monster

  9. Such a romantic and feminine look, great jumpsuit! x

  10. Great look, I love the overalls on you.

    The Purse Snatcher

  11. Nico

    You look wonderful!

    Fashion blog:

  12. That clutch is amazing

  13. great look ! love the clutch <3
    xoxo manu

  14. Love the overalls look :) Especially the chosen top underneath

  15. M.S.M

    Love it! And also galas outfit



  16. That look is very cool my dear!

    With love,
    My Fantabulous World

  17. I have never seen overalls fit somebody as perfect as they fit to you!

  18. Great romper :) Like it :D

  19. Oh gosh, these overalls are adorable! Love that they are of a light blue wash, very unique!

    LIVE . IN . LOVE ✞


  20. wow wow wow loving the blouse and the fit of the overall.
    The bag is perfect! I need it!!
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  21. This outfit is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Just got back from New York, check this out:

    Xoxo! Cory

  22. oldschool but really nice ^^. gorgeous outfit.

    Joella –

  23. Lorna

    Wow I love this look on you Aimee! You look gorgeous!

  24. Awesome look! Love your style! :)

    The Style Storm
    xo, Christina

  25. Awesome look! Love your style! :)

    The Style Storm
    xo, Christina

  26. Awww, want these bracelets! ♥

  27. Your blouse is adorable! Love the sleeves! Such a great top to pair with those overalls! Love it!

  28. Cute dungarees, they look great with that shirt

  29. The Fashion Fraction

    absolutely brilliant. the dungs as well as the blouse and the clutch

  30. Seen a lot of overalls, but those take the crown! Such a gorgeous color too,

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

  31. nanastylée

    I just love your 70’s look very nice outfit

  32. such a fresh outfit x

  33. Not exactly my favourite look from you but it is something fresh and different to look at!

  34. getting addicted to the retro vibe of these flared overalls

  35. Hooray for overalls! I’m always jubilated whenever I saw this rare find! You rock ‘em.

    Your Friend, Jess

  36. ADOREE!!!! This is such a contemporary Bohemian look!! Perfect balance of both!

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    Thanks!! Xoxo

  37. Cool overall u have, love the way you wear it!! ;)

  38. This outfit is so perfect, I love it so so so much!

  39. Very nice overalls Awwmee, love that it’s semi fitted and goes to bell bottoms, great match with the white top underneath, unqiue ;)
    New Post – Red Stark

  40. Amazing outfit! So original!

  41. Eva

    Love that jumpsuit on you and what a great clutch! xx

  42. You are so gorgeous! I love the outfit! :)


  43. Wow! This has got to be one of the coolest outfits I’ve seen lately! Obsessed with the overalls!

    To Hell In A Handbag

  44. Gorgeous jumpsuit! You look fabulous!!


  45. Really loving those overalls. They make you look 6′ tall! Love the reference to a 2014 milkmaid :P

  46. WOW!! Great Outfit!

    Love it!

    New Style

  47. You and Gala look so great together! Love that you’re wearing the same color combination

  48. This is one of my favorite looks on you. I love those overalls.

  49. wow! gorgeous!!!

  50. Jess


  51. This look is so beautiful! I love the shirt too much :)


  52. i really, really like this look! it’s different and quite unexpectable from you! but i love it ;)


  53. Love this look, you look amazing

    Greetings from London,

  54. wow i love this! that top is so pretty as well :)

    Hayley xx

  55. GORGEOUS OUTFIT! Overalls are hard to wear, but you definitely pulled it off!

    xoxo, Alina

  56. lmg

    No offense but shocked you’ve not plastered yourself all over Paris and Milan fashion week desperate to by photographed by the street style photographers with the elaborate outfits and efforts. It makes it look like Paris and Milan are too far for you to fly to pretend. Take this as constructive criticism. ‘Celebrity,’ like style, should be effortless.

  57. So beautiful!!

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    Thanks! =)

  58. Nice pictures as always, love your outfit, you look so cool! really like this kind of overall

  59. Omg I really love this Overall … Looks awesome on you.
    Xx Stefanie

  60. Nicole

    These overalls are such a fun piece! They’re like half overall half pantsuit. Very interesting!

  61. A lot of people at NYFW were rocking the overall look. A feminine touch, looks elegant!

  62. Hah a modern milkmaid is a good way to put it! Cute outfit and love that furry clutch!

  63. Barbie

    You make overalls look so CHIC!!!! Love it!!!!

    XO Barbie
    The Parlor Girl

  64. You and your friend look so beautiful together!


  65. This look is sooooo you Aimee, love it!
    Happy Wednesday xoxo

  66. different and daring,in the sense that not everybody can wear that:)

  67. bing

    only you can wear something like this,u rocked ot gurl:)

  68. Great overall! Love the vintage kind of style!


  69. I love that shirt it look amazing with that pantssuit…

  70. I was so mesmerized by the overalls and shirt I didn’t notice the fuzzy bag!
    Super cute…I love the texture. Great for fall/winter. Just want to pet it!!

    Please visit my blog for a new autumn inspired outfit!

    thanks!! xoxo

  71. Denim is my passion. You look amazing, so cool…….
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  72. you look so so so amazing!
    love the blouse and overalls

  73. Paty

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  74. These overalls fit you like a glove! Love the color and the length is just right!

  75. I like it sooo much !

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  76. you look amazing!:) lovely outfit!♥

  77. Wow you look great!
    Love the flared overalls

  78. Wow only you can make dungarees look so effortlessly stylish <3

    xoxo One Stiletto At a Time fashion and beauty blog

  79. It’s not easy finding a good pair of overalls, and these are it by far. Love the outfit from

  80. such a unique look, love the layered shirt underneath and the puff sleeves!

  81. liz

    love the clutch!!! this is such a unique outfit!

  82. Loving this look. The streamlined overalls look great with the crisp boho blouse.

    Christie x

  83. GRK

    This overall is too much seventies!!!

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