Patched Jeans and a Burst of Red


When I’m not traveling, my days in L.A. are really busy since I still work as an interior designer. Sometimes it’s hard to juggle both blogging and my design job but because I’m so passionate about both, it’s so worth it for me. I always feel like I’m scrambling last minute or rushing for outfit photos though due to lack of time. Thankfully, one of the cool projects I’m working on (will share soon, i promise!) is located in downtown L.A. so I managed to shoot these photos only a few blocks away from the job site.



I used to never carry big bags, but since I have so much to carry to work, lately I’m all about the bigger bags. This one is from Schutz, and I had my sketchbook, tape measure, laptop, giant DSLR, and my other necessities in it. The bag is big, but not bulky and also not heavy which is exactly what I need. Plus, I really like the shape of the bag and the pop of red. Best of all, the bag is reversible and is two bags in one. If I’m in the mood for a tan/brown bag, all I have to do it flip the bag! So smart!



Should we also talk about how major these jeans are? I don’t know where to start.. From the patchworks to the strategically placed zippers, to the cuffed hem on the bottom of the jeans, there isn’t one thing I don’t like. Also because there are so many different colors in the patches, I can easily match the colors and wear different colored tops.



  1. Absolutely lovee these pants!!! You’re adorable!

  2. Emma

    These are the coolest jeans I’ve ever seen!

  3. love that bag! the color is so cute


  4. SO cute! Love the patches! And those heels! Adorable! :)

  5. LOVE IT!!!!

    I love how you added the pop of color, I did the same thing on my new outfit post!


  6. Looks amazing. The jeans are so unique!

    – Dani

  7. WOW! You look amazing! This bag is just fabulous!


    awww those jeans are so cute !

    XX Luba

    How to introduce fall trends in the sartorial routine

  9. Love your plaid top! The slouchy top mixed with the tight jeans looks awesome. xx

  10. those jeans !! have similar from zara but those look better of couse :-)

  11. This is the chicest patched jeans I have ever seen :)

  12. That’s one cool-chick look. That’s what you are!!

  13. rails flannels are my ABSOLUTE favorite. love this one on you! looks so soft and cozy.

  14. Those patched jeans look awesome, love how they’re fitted and the split on the bottom ;)
    New Post – Boot Time

  15. haha first off I love the use of the word burst. You dont hear it often. Secondly that bag. you’ve got to show the other side sometime soon. I must see it!


  16. K

    All I can think is… I see a bunch of DIY patchwork blog posts coming soon. lol…
    Great edgy casual outfit as always.


  17. M.S.M

    Your just incredible! LOOOOOVE that you dont always wear different shoes!



  18. Gorgeous outfit! & That bag is seriously amazing!


  19. Lovely pictures, love your bag and your style!

  20. I totally hated those pants until you wore them, you make them look good again! Loving the whole fit

    Indulgera Blog

  21. You rock baby! I love your street look. The bag is amazing! Kisses


  22. Nico

    I’m so much in love with jeans and the bag!!

    New post on lowbudget-lowcost Fashion Blog

  23. Jeans are so cool, the patches and cuffs at the heels are so funky

  24. I looove those shoes and that bag! Gorgeous!

  25. Great look! I am loving the red bag so much.

    The Purse Snatcher

  26. wow i love those jeans! They are awesome!

    Hayley xx

  27. Larissa

    OMG I’ve seen this pants before and I want it so badly!!! 3.1 Philip lim

  28. Head over heels in love with the patched jeans!

    Sandrine xx

  29. Love the reversible bag, and those Celine sandals are so gorgeous

  30. Super cool jeans! And love the pop of color of the bag xx

  31. Love the jeans! Is that a pocket on the knee? Awesome :)

  32. Idalia

    You may be the only person I know that can pull off patched jeans! love it! <3


  33. The patchwork jeans are so you!
    Love the bag!

  34. Phuong P

    Fantastic jeans they make me think of postmarks or almost like something that should’ve been used in ‘Sisterhood of the travelling Pants’!

  35. these are really fun pants
    kw Ladies in Navy

  36. Jen

    I love the bright red bag against this outfit, it really complements it! Would love for you to check out my blog – you won’t regret it! XX

  37. I love those jeans!! You can pull off anything!

  38. Rad jeans! super chic and unique! I want a pair for myself.

  39. The patch skinnies are simply awesome!
    Have a fab weekend Aimee xoxo

  40. Amazing look Aimee, you are so perfect!


  41. Looks like those jeans have been traveling for quite some time ;)

  42. The Fashion Fraction
  43. You are very cool!!
    SO stylish
    Vickos diary

  44. Very cool jeans my dear! Love the look!

    ​With love,
    Elisa – ​My Fantabulous World

  45. how cool are those jeans! x

  46. Qué pantalones tan bonitos! Nos han encantado!!!!

    Son originales y diferentes, eso sí, nos puede servir de idea para customizar los nuestros!!

    El rojo de los tacones y del bolso combinan genial con el estilo final del outfit. La tendencia tartán viene pisando fuerte y la combinación en negro no está tan vista! ;)

    Un beso desde el equipo de Villarrazo y feliz fin de semana!

  47. I love this look! It’s such a dilemma. Big bags tend to get heavy because you can fit so many things in them but smaller bags just aren’t big enough sometimes. It’s when the bag itself isn’t too heavy in those situations =)

  48. You look so damn cool!
    xx Stephanie (

  49. Paty

    I loved it!!!
    I’m posting looks from L.A. and accessories:

  50. Jennifer Grissom

    I follow your blog and love seeing it every time, you are beautiful and do a great job! I would like to possibly purchase the Schutz Mary triangle bag you carried in this photo shoot but the website does not allow you to click on that specific bag or to find out how much it is in US$? I love the two color flip it inside out! Thanks for any assistance you can provide.

  51. The jeans is such a great match with the shirt, I don’t think I could’ve done any better…


  52. Anna&Maria

    loove your shirt!
    nice jeans… they’re original and different, like it!

  53. Nicole

    This outfit is killer! Those jeans are amazing, I absolutely love the cuff detail at the bottom. You’re so good at making casual pieces look dressed up!

  54. Nice bag and shoes together. Downtown space in mix with your downtown patchwork jeans i love the contrast and comparisons!

  55. Amazing jeans and love the red heels and bag!

    Greetings from London,

  56. loves the Phillip Lim jeans!

  57. I love your bag and shoes!

  58. Seems like a good bag, I wouldn’t mind owning something similar!

  59. Love your style!

  60. This bag is gorgeous, I LOVE the color!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  61. I love your look and your bag¡¡

  62. amazing ! love the pants & your plaid shirt <3
    xoxo manu

  63. Hy beauty, we follow you in Croatia! <3

  64. Tara

    those jeans are so cool, would love a pair like that. The whole outfit is really well put together.
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  65. I love this look. great bag, I want one for all my work projects. :)
    Belen :)

  66. lustvsmust

    I LOVE that red bag, it reminds me of mary poppins.

  67. Wonderfull blog and great style!
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  68. Those jeans fit you like a dream.. love the patches and that the bottoms like look jean jacket sleeves! And the fact that your paired them with a plaid blouse is so unexpected, you’re so great at mixing pieces.

  69. The red bag and sexy red shoes are genius. They give a casual outfit a punch of color with a dash of sex appeal. I love how you can mix the two so effortlessly.

  70. Carla

    These jeans are really cool!

    xx, C.

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  72. susan

    can you please tell me how/where i can buy that bag, please? thank you!

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