Old Bloglovin’ Closet Video from San Francisco

This video is from over 3 years ago when I was still living in San Francisco, and going to school full time as an Interior Architecture student, as well as working at an architecture firm. The wonderful Bloglovin’ team stopped by to film this ‘Closet Stories’ and this video made me chuckle a bit. First of all, why didn’t anyone tell me that my hair was all funky? Haha, but most importantly, at the end of the video I talk about my dream job: designing beautiful spaces for people and traveling around the world. It’s so crazy to think about what was once a dream to me became a reality. I just wanted to share this video because I get asked all the time, how to have a successful blog or a successful career. I know to most people success = money, but for me, being successful equals happiness. I never started blogging or got into my interior design career for money. Hey, I never thought you could even make money from blogging. However, I’m really happy with where I am in life and I think I have a pretty successful career because I get to do what I really love so much. It makes up for all of the lack of sleep and lack of play, since I get to do what I love. I think it’s really important to just follow your passion, and work really hard for it and put your whole heart into it. If you’re really passionate about something and really love your job, money and everything else will eventually follow. Never ever, give up and never settle for less. Love you guys <3

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  1. So cute, love this blast from the past video.


  2. Rebecca

    San Francisco is one of my favourite cities – You’re so lucky to have lived there! I’m glad everything worked out for you and all your hard work paid off!


  3. Kay n

    OMG SO CUTE. Love the video!
    I’m so happy for you that your dreams came true!!

  4. Great video! Congratulations on everything you’ve achieved!


  5. GB

    awww, how cute! look at how far you’ve come! i’m a big fan!

  6. Nico

    Love this video, so cute!

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  7. Aw that was such a cute video, so glad you posted it! Very Inspiring!

  8. This is so sweet Awwmee. Yes, being successful means being happy and grateful for life, and I do believe that things happen because of hard work (ok, maybe a lil bit of luck) ;) Wish you a long continuing successful road, xoxo

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  9. You say some really inspirational things sometimes & the messy hair is cute. It’s amazing how to quality of your videos (really, any blogger videos) has changed in such a short time & that your dream became reality! Can’t wait to see what you achieve next.

    The Fashann Monster

  10. The video is soo cute, You ‘re right success means happiness. One can tell that you love what you’re doing :D

    xx Mira


  11. lena

    you’re absolutely right. thank you for this post!


  12. “I only wear it to Church.” Hahah so cute! Thank you for this dose of inspiration!! xxx

  13. I totally agree with you!! I hope my dreams will also come true one day :)


  14. So cute! I love that you have shared something older to show where you have progressed from. Congratulations, and best of luck for the future.
    xx Jenelle

  15. Lovely video ! Congrats for all you’ve achieved !


    Love from Paris

  16. How nice is it to take a step back every once in while to see where you came from and all the incredible things you’ve achieved! I’m currently in the stage where I am putting everything into what I love, as opposed to what is going to get me by (a 9-5 job). There are so many opportunities nowadays to build a living out of what you’re passionate about, which is one thing I adore about blogging.

    The world is our oyster!


  17. Paty

    I loved it!
    I’m posting looks from Los Angeles and accessories:


  18. WOW! I remember watching this video a few years ago and being like ‘this is so awesome!’ and then after that started thinking about starting my own blog. Amazing!
    You were one of my inspirations for starting a blog :)


  19. You were super great and you’re steel great :-)

    You have a great blog and you’re a funny girl!

    Congrats for all what you done from the past 3 years ago to now!


    Piera Anastasia

  20. The Fashion Panda

    Ooh such a cute video and love this post. So happy that your dreams came true :)


  21. You have a great blog, i love your pics….

  22. You look so cute <3 A lovely video!


  23. The Fashion Fraction

    you’re the most wonderful person even if I never met you in real life, I feel like the way you live your life is so inspiring to me. You’re one of the most successful bloggers but still so down to earth. keep on going like this


  24. So inspiring! Thanks for sharing! I look forward to your posts everyday!

  25. Aimee, you’re too cute in the video! You look so much younger in the video! Great message to pass on about following your dreams! :)

    Suzie Q

  26. Gergana

    Aimee, i will start studying architecture from next September and my biggest passion of all is travelling. I really really live for fashion as well, so imagine how much this post of yours inspires me! Thank you. (:

  27. Nice old video :)


  28. Aw baby Aimee! I’m completely in love!
    It’s so inspiring that you managed to do exactly what you dreamed of – I hope I can achieve this too! You are such a good promoter for hard work!!

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    Don’t forget to follow on Bloglovin!

  29. It’s definitely inspirational. What you say is true. Success doesn’t always have to be monetary. To do what you’re good at and love, ultimately the money will come rolling in and even if did not, the satisfaction is just as good. I’m happy for you that you’re patience and you persevere.

  30. you are very right, life is one and short. Should follow what I like.

    I always like your blog maybe because you really do it with passion.

    Love Y


  31. Wow, you are so inspiring Aimee! I loved the video!

  32. It’s so amazing how your dream came true, and how happy you are! I wish all best in your future !!! XO


  33. Beautiful video and congrats for everything! I really like your blog, your outfits and your happiness! xx


  34. Congrats on your success!! You’re an inspiration and I hope to become as successful as you one day!


  35. You look so young in this video. It’s amazing ti see the transformation and how much you’ve grown as an individual. I always enjoy your blog posts and I can always appreciate your words of wisdom.

  36. Awww…love your blog!

  37. This is a great video! It shows where one can go when they truly purse their dreams vs money. You followed happiness and you are living that daily. Thank you for the inspiration.

  38. You look lovely! Crazy hair and all!



  39. you sound so cute in the video haha love your legs!

  40. that’s a dream <3

    scent of obsession

  41. Cute video!:) and your voice is so pretty!♥


  42. Wow in 3 years your style improved continously! Compliments :)

  43. It’s so much fun to see this video of a younger you! Someone should have told you about the hair, but when you mentioned your dream career I thought: well look at you, living your dream and all! :)


  44. That video is so cute! You have changed in so many ways from the outside but it feels like on the inside you’re still the same =)


  45. You are so cute and simple is this video!! Now you are beautiful and still simple ! :) Thanks for sharing that it’s really interesting to know what you wanted when you were a student and compare it to what you have now! Good job on fulfilling your dreams you totally deserve it. Don’t change – you’re a great blogger and an even greater person ! (I met you in NYC so I know how nice you are :))

  46. Thank you for inspiring me that little bit more.


  47. This was one of the first videos I saw of you when I started following your blog. I feel in love with your blog and your determination as a fashion blogger! So exciting to see you grow over the years. Congrats on so many successes, many more to come Aimee!

    Corporate Catwalk

  48. I love this post!

  49. Love this, Aimee!! So cute! It’s always so much fun looking back and realizing just how far you’ve come. It’s crazy how time flies, and how so much can change in just a short period of time. I, too, went to school for architecture. I currently work as a project coordinator for an architecture & engineering firm. However, I have a deep love for fashion. You’re such an inspiration to me! And you’re right, it’s really about enjoying what you do, and letting everything else fall into place. Congratulations on all of your successes!!


  50. Tara

    really inspirational and so good that you followed your dream and ended up doing something you love. Not many can say that!

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  51. Oh you’re so cute! How lucky that now you’re living your dream.

    The Purse Snatcher

  52. Every single time I think of giving up on my blog, YOU inspire me to continue my quest. I love blogging, I love fashion & I am also NOT into it for the money but for the journey. Thank you for the inspiration!!! You are my FAVORITE blogger, never stop!!! xoxo, Jazmin @ The Cheap Chirp

  53. Andrea

    You’re so cute. So inspiring.

  54. I hope people see how beautiful of a person you are. You’re truly inspiring<3

    Noah T.

  55. I am sure it is emotional (in such a great way) to look back and see how you began to how your life is now. I think you have really succeeded because you have been able to capture an audience that feels as though they can relate to you, even watching the video I feel like I understand the person you are- and I think that is a special gift that bloggers or other creative influencers are able to accomplish.

  56. Such a cute video, and very inspiring words!
    xo Luci

  57. Wow, it’s funny how we are guided to the right things just in time. I’m constantly overflowing because I’m not doing what I love at the moment. Instead I’m doing my best to joggle school, work and blogging at once. I’m not sure how I will get to my destiny but your post was a reminder that I will soon be on my way. Thanks :-)

  58. Jenn

    Hi, I love your blog. I love it that you are so positive. You inspire me to be better and to chase my dreams. Thank you. I am really proud of you. I hope that someday I can say the same about myself (my dreams came true). Much Love

  59. Carla

    I remember this video, so many good changes have happened in your life. Congrats for the achievements!

    xx, C.

  60. Melissa Richardson

    Love this. Thanks for inspiring me daily!

  61. Such a beautiful post. This video is so inspirational for everyone I guess, to never stop following their dreams.
    I’m so excited where I will be in 3 years, so maybe I should do such a video for my own, too. Watch it in three years and be surprised what I reached (or not – but hopefully I will have reached my aims ;)).
    Keep fulfilling your dreams and of course keep blogging – I love reading every single one of your daily posts! xx

  62. Lauren at adorn la femme

    I totally loved this video! So so sincere and adorable!! Love the advice about following one’s passion and all else will follow!!

    Lauren at adorn la femme

  63. cui le chen

    I love your style I love your personality and you are so pretty. We shared same dream, I should say was your dream. However, I am still working on making my dream come true.

  64. Monique

    This is such a perfect post for me to see this week. I am about to make a huge career leap into work that I feel I am truly purposed to do and I get SO fearful of becoming financially unstable or failing alltogether, but I know it’s what I’m meant to do. I only found your blog like a year ago, so this is really cool to see where you were before everything really blew up. I swear that God always gets me the right message just when I need it most. Thanks for sharing :-)

  65. Oh Aimee, I love you even more now :’)
    I’m happy your dreams came true

    All the support from Argentine <3 <3 <3

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