Knit Crop Toppin’ in Downtown LA


I’m finally posting these photos from about a month and a half ago! I’ve been wearing a lot of crop tops this summer and as always, I love pairing crop tops with high waisted skirts so you’re not too exposed, but still show a hint of midriff. I know it’s a trend that’ll continue on until next spring/summer since I saw a lot of crop tops walk down the runway during fashion week.





  1. amazing look ! love your Chanel bag <3
    xoxo manu

  2. I love this skirt !!! You always have the best skirts ;)

    Lea Hudson, fashion & nail art blog

  3. That skirt and that bag are so FABULOUS, you look amazing as always.


  4. M.S.M

    Love wearing light gray!

    LAID-BACK jeans + a blouse with an INCREDIBLE MOVEMENT and the final touch of a RED PURSE. Check it out—>


  5. Nico

    You look really amazing!!!!!

    New post on lowbudget-lowcost-Fashion Blog

  6. So cute I love the crop top!
    you look gorg!


  7. Love this outfit, the heels are amazing!

    xx Su

  8. Eva

    Deeply in love with that skirt and perfect combination with that knitted top! xx

  9. I actually really love this crop top. your chanel bag is amazing!
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  10. You can’t go wrong with a circle skirt! Love it!

    The Flair Society

  11. Really cute! I love the skirt

  12. So cute! Loving the shoes!

  13. I’m a huge fan of your blog, and I also follow your instagram, all of your pictures are so beautiful :) You’re my favorite blogger and I come very often to see the new posts !
    You look so pretty :)

    See you soon !
    Maybe if you have some time you can check out my blog ? It will be so great :D I made it with my bestfriend !

    Kisses from France xx

  14. Gorgeous style – i love it.


  15. Idalia

    You’re just so chic and fabulous. loving the heels!


  16. that skirt is so fun! love the body and shape of it


  17. I love the shape of the skirt!
    This whole outfit is so good!

  18. Love the structured jersey-material skirt, it’s settle, fun, fluttery ;)
    New Post – Every Little Thing

  19. aww what a perfect outfit! I like your crop! :)

  20. I looooooove your skirt dear!!!!!


  21. The skirt is fabulous !! The blouse and skirt texture are amaizing as well very nice match!

  22. Absolutely in love with this outfit! Especially with the skirt!

  23. love your skirts! super cute :). and i love the dinosaur in the background ;).

  24. Love this look with the top!

    The Purse Snatcher

  25. Gorgeous Aimee! Love your brown Chanel~



  26. Love the look. I’m a big fan of crop tops worn with high waisted skirts as I don’t like feeling too exposed either


  27. Nice outfit, love the combination of these clothes!

  28. OMG!!! Aimee!!! Those Gucci sandals!!!! Perfection!!!!

  29. Love the sculptural shape of the skirt!

    Sandrine xx

  30. LOVE the crop top/skater skirt silhouette w midriff! As if that’s not enough, the sandals and bag just add icing! YUMMY outfit!!!!!


  31. so chic, I love the knit top!

  32. Ahhh this is perfection! Also I die for those heels & the luv aj necklace!

  33. These shoes are incredible! Such a good outfit

  34. Love this look! you look gorgeous!

    The Style Storm
    xo, Christina

  35. I love the skirt! and the top is very cool too! a kiss

  36. I love crop tops any time of year- even when they’re layered they look adorable! I love how you paired the knit with the plain skirt, and especailly the Chanel bag. Gorgeous!

  37. Your skirt has the perfect flare!!

    xo, Diana

  38. Just L-O-V-E your skirt!!! It’s so adorable!! =)


  39. I love the skirt and your top. these two really go along together.

  40. this is such a beautiful skirt
    kw ladies in navy

  41. great look, love the crop top with the flare skirt!

  42. love this look, so pretty! xx

  43. This is so much more appealing than the regular material of these skirts. It’s sports luxe in a subtle way.

    The Fashann Monster

  44. I’m loving this whole look, if I wore this it would borderline skanky but you make it look so chic and pulled together.. LOVE!

    Indulgera Blog

  45. Awesome look! The crop top is lovely!


  46. The top & skirt are the perfect pairing!
    Happy Wednesday Aimee xoxo

  47. Gorgeous! Love the flair of the skirt! SO. CUTE.

  48. he

    Beautiful look! I like the skirt :)

  49. that skirt is structured so perfectly!
    love this look

  50. If i was ever going to rob someones shoes collection it would be yours ;) ! You never put a foot wrong! xx


  51. I love the skirt, so cute!

  52. The Fashion Fraction

    that knit crop top is awesome and you combined it perfectly

  53. The crop top is amazing! Love this look!

  54. This crop tops looks amazing on you! I also like how you paired rosegold accessories with this grey look.

  55. Cropped top + skirt, it’s amazing! i love!!!


  56. Really cute look! Love this crop top! And in love with your Chanel ♥




    My Facebook fan page::

    My blog- The Fashion Saga::

    Xoxo, Saga ♥

  57. Heels and bag are to die for!

  58. emily

    OBSESSED with this look!! :) Love love the mix and match of texture, crop top, circle skirt, bag, heels, and esp your necklace! So basically, everything, hehe.

  59. GRK

    This Chanel bag is not the best you can get from Chanel.

  60. Very cute skirt and crop tops suit you perfectly!


  61. You looks so modern!! I like the outfit.
    I have a spanish blog:

    Have a nice day!

  62. Really perfect mix!

    With love,
    My Fantabulous World

  63. I love the sandals and I think the skirt is amazing, but I’m not totally sure about that top…


  64. Such a beautiful post!


  65. love that your always stay true to your style
    love this outfit on you

  66. Cute. Now I know how to wear a certain skirt :)

  67. Love the grey skirt & shoes!

  68. Love the cropped top and the mix of grey and gold! Super summery, will have to wait till next year to wear anything like that, though! Always loving the outfits, congrats on your blog!!

  69. great bag and perfect pictures I am not a big fan of crop top :)

  70. So cool outfit! I love the skirt, and you look beautiful :D

  71. thats a beautiful top! i love the dinosaurs in the back! xx

    moustachic ♡
    Twitter/Instagram: @moustachic

  72. Love the shape of the skirt, it looks great with that crop top!

  73. Such an incredible outfit!! :)

  74. This is why you’re my style icon, you always have the most gorgeous outfits! Love this look a lot, I would’ve never though that they had cropped sweaters! Haha, loving it<3

    You're my favourite blogger, keep inspiring<3

  75. What amazes me it’s that it’s not only your outfit, but your hair, accesories and photos what makes all of these perfect!

  76. Really nice outfit! Envying the weather where you are now !

  77. Love the skirt, Chanel bag and shoes!

  78. oh, that skirt! i love and appreciate how your style always seems to incorporate a sense of comfort, something i can never skimp on :)


  79. Julia

    Those are amazing shoes. They’re just perfect in every way!!!!


  80. Thefashiongals

    I absolutely love this look!!! Stunning!

  81. I love that knit cropped top!! Can’t wait to jump on the trend myself but need to..ahh.. do a few more running sessions.. ok maybe more than a few. :P

  82. Filipa Branco

    You look really stunning! Casual at the same time. I love it*
    Have a great weekend!

  83. Paty

    Love your blog!
    I’m posting looks from L.A. and accessories:

  84. I love crop tops and this knit one is really cute! I’m definitely the same way about how I pair my crop tops. Once in awhile I’ll show off my stomach (after a really good week at the gym lol) but I like finding different ways to show off just a hint of skin


  85. shristi

    Can you post a video on how to wear heals? I love them but 5 min into it, I want flats!!! :/

  86. This skirt is SO pretty and I love the color of your Chanel bag!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  87. I think flared skirts were made for you..

  88. Taylor

    This is probably one of my favorite outfits you’ve worn! I wish I could afford the clothes you buy :(

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