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Kimono Dreams in Huntington Botanical Gardens


songofstyle_kimonoSeveral months ago when my grandmother was visiting, we all visited the Huntington Botanical Gardens. I went to High school in Glendale which is right by Pasadena (where Huntington Library & Botanical Garden is located) so I’ve visited this place many times but this time it was much more special since I was here with my loved ones plus it’s always fun to come here to see all the different plants. If you’re ever visiting California, you should definitely check it out!


Do you remember this kimono post? Athena Procopiou makes really beautiful prints on scarves and kimonos and what better place to wear this beautiful floral print kimono to than the botanical gardens? I even made sure to wear shoes that were equally colorful and patternful (is that a word? maybe not…)


Even though it may look like I live in high heels, I love a great pair of flats (or espadrilles.) Charles Phillip Shanghai makes the comfiest and prettiest flats. The print on these are quite spectacular and I love collecting them because I feel like I’m collecting art!



Dressed in flowery pastel hues. Brought out my Botkier Mini Valentina Crossbody.



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  2. Really enjoyed this post! Especially liked how your outfit reflected many of the colors around you. Made me miss the Botanical Gardens too, lol ♥

  3. I love how you paired your bold and statement pieces with a white tee and jeans. Thats one of my favorite ensembles, a simple white tee and jeans with a bold jacket, necklace, heels, or in your case Kimono and flats.

    Beautiful Aimee!

  4. OMG I live in this area but I’ve never been there! Love your outfit! So beautiful and natural!

  5. The prints in this outfit are INCREDIBLE!!!! I can’t stop looking because they are just SO pretty!!!!!! I would love a kimono like that..and the flats!!!! AH! Amazing!!!
    Nice to see you in more ‘accessible’ outfits. Your heels are starting to make me feel jealous – I wish I could wear heels more often!


  6. Those shoes are just like art:) I know what you mean:) The Botanical Gardens are beautiful! I have to go there some day:) Love your outfit! It’s so fun and beautiful for somewhere like this! The colors look stunning on you!

    Personal Style: emmzielife.blogspot.com

  7. I love those shoes and bag! The setting of these photos are so great too!



  8. No matter where you are, botanical gardens always seem to be a place of peace and quiet :)

  9. I remember seeing your flats on instagram and thinking they were so gorgeous! Love the kimono print as well.