Tropical Punch During NYFW


Because New York was so hot during Fashion Week, I wore a lot of crop tops. Why the leather jacket then? Well, a few reasons… unless I’m by the beach or it’s really scorching hot (like this time) I don’t like exposing my top. I’ve always been a little more developed up there so ever since I was young, I’ve been a bit self conscious and I guess that just never left me. Another reason is, it’s so freakin’ cold inside the shows! Don’t want my headlights on you know? Plus, the leather jacket (over the shoulder) is more appropriate when walking around the streets in New York.


Tropical prints are one of my favorites. I wore a different version of tropical prints last year during Fashion Week and it’s always fun wearing prints that you’d normally wear during vacation, out and about!


…and to answer everyone’s favorite question: Why the jacket over the shoulder? I’ve been wearing my jackets like capes ever since I lived in San Francisco. It was mainly because I actually started wearing more jackets and coats when I was living there and I’ve always worn a lot of bracelets, so they kept getting stuck in the sleeves every time I put my jacket on or took it off. It’s also efficient when it’s hot but not hot enough, or cold, but not cold enough… Also, kinda cool when you’re jacket doesn’t fit you perfectly (maybe slightly big? I have this problem a lot due to narrow shoulders) and when your jacket is over your shoulder, it just looks dope. Knamean?

songofstyle-nyfw-theory-gucci songofstyle-pink-leatherjacket-croptop-nyfw


  1. I’m in love with this outfit!

  2. LOVE THIS, SUPER SEXY AND FUN! Great look lovely.


  3. Such a beautiful and colourful outfit, you look amazing! x

  4. Stunning!! loved the print and colors :)


  5. You are rockin that look! Perfect for fashion week!

  6. Gorgeous look! I love crop tops and this outfit looks great!


  7. I’m in love with this amazing outfit!

  8. Lucy

    I love that two-piece! Amazing look xx

  9. hahah and also… it just looks dope! and yes it does :)
    Visit my new post! :)

  10. It really does look super dope wearing your jacket that way :D It’s so cool that you wore a vacation outfit in a cold-hearted city such as NYC =)

  11. wow, this look is perfect!


  12. M.S.M

    Your my favorite blogger love your style !!!

    the T-shirt MOST Seen in STREET STYLE gives us the youthfull SPIRIT WE NEED::


  13. How cool are these shorts!
    Such a great look!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  14. Great outfit ♥ Love the tropical print too !

  15. This suit is really gorgeous! Can’t get over the awesomeness of these Gucci shoes. x

  16. OMG, is it still so hot over there?

    The colour palette is amazing here :))


  17. Sasa Rakovec

    Tropical print always remind me on you! You are rockingnthis look:-)

  18. this outfit was one of my most favorite of yours, perfect two piece!!

  19. This outfit is amazing, one of my fav NYFW looks

    Greetings from London,

  20. Absolutely right about the jacket , hehe <3

  21. Such a fun outfit. Love the colors and your sunglasses! <3

  22. Nice pictures, love the colors of your outfit and that jacket is so beautiful, you look stunning on it!

  23. That colour! It’s like the perfect summer leather jacket, haha, if thats possible :)


  24. You look amazing as usual :)

  25. lovely, this is such a high impact look!

  26. Love this! That bag is fab! :)

  27. This look is so cool! I’m loving that tropical print.


  28. I’m so into these tropical hues right now! Love your outfit!

    I’m also into loose leather pants right now, take a look:

    Xoxo! Cory

  29. Idalia

    girl this outfit just gave me life <3 love the matching top & bottom. le sigh PERFECTION


  30. This is so fun! The look is so tropical and colorful:) Love this look! The high waisted shorts look great with a crop top!

    Personal Style:

  31. This look is so much fun, love the tropics print on both pieces, I love the jacket as a coat, is such a cool touch!

    Cee. ♥
    Code Overdressed

  32. Your outfit needs to get in my closet, perfection.

  33. Can’t go wrong with high waist shorts! We are addicted. Beautiful!

  34. Gorgeous colour leather & I love it worn over the shoulders!
    Happy Wednesday Aimee xoxo

  35. This is the most gorgeous print on a shorts suit I’ve seen so far. It may just be the most gorgeous print I’ve seen all year. The bird of paradise print is so stunning & it does remind me so much of tropical locations & balmy summer evenings.

    The Fashann Monster

  36. Omg this is such a stunning look! Love your jacket and bag :)


  37. love the shade the jacket has, goes so well with the sunglasses x

  38. I love the print and how you matched your sunglasses!

  39. Love your style! I am looking for strong stylish women to paint portraits of for my series ‘The Feral Goddess Collection’. If you like my work and are interested then send me a photo of yourself looking fierce or strong or just damn cool. I will paint an image based on your photo and post it on my blog gallery You are welcome to post the painting too if you like it! The most successful pieces of my work will be put up for sale on the saatchionline gallery. Lx

  40. Cool but to cold for my part of Europe.. :(

  41. Beautiful outfit, you are gorgeous as always.

  42. Awesome look! Beautiful!

  43. pauline

    OMG awsome look! I really love your style!!!

  44. M.S.M


    One of the MOST CLASSY combos and MY FAVORITE, GRAY&BLUE:


  45. Carla

    You are everywhere looking stunning with this outfit and I LOVE IT!!!


  46. Jess


  47. Love the jacket! You look gorgeous as always!

  48. I’m in love with this look!!! Check out my last post!!! The Art Sartorialist: Little Miss Sunshine
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  49. I would feel a little naked personaly, but on you looks great!!! And the print is so cute!!! Xo


  50. Great color combos and fun prints!

    -Asia Monique

  51. loove the color of that jacket! it will transition so well into fall


  52. Haha I totally get you….and well also cause wearing jackets/coats like that just seem way cooler (though not as practical lol)

  53. Beautiful outfit! I´m really in love with the jacket! ;-) Haven´t seen one in such a colour yet!


  54. Great, amazing, perfect look!! Gorgeous as always!! :)


  55. Rockin’ the tropical print! Hot, hot, hot!!!

    ~ SVICA Jeans ~
    “The Customizable Tuxedo Stripe Jean”

  56. Paty

    I loved it!
    I’m posting looks from Los Angeles and accessories:

  57. This is such a beautiful outfit, Aimee! I love the tropical print suit, the jacket and bag go perfectly with it.

    Lubna | ELLE VOX

  58. SUPER OUTFIT!!!!!!


  59. i saw you in this already online and i fell in love!


  60. Loving this outfit! That two-piece is fab

  61. great summer look ! love the colours <3
    xoxo manu

  62. This was one of my favorite outfits during fashion week!

  63. Wow really cool outfit, wanna buy it as well.

  64. Love these colours together, the print is gorg

  65. This outfit is so perfect!!!

    Abbie xo

  66. Hah I can never pull off those bralette and shorts combo but it looks amazing on you! Love the coral jacket!!

  67. Angela

    So in love with this outfit! Love the print.

    Mimosa & Style

  68. The print on the crop top and shorts combo is gorgeous! A bit daring, but with a blazer, it works!

  69. Love this outfit so much, featured it in a recent post – – tropical colours suit you!

  70. I adore this outfit! You look stunning, fabulous! Love it!!!!

    My Moroccan birthday party:

  71. Im am so in love with the top and matching shorts! Where are they from, I have been searching for a matching set for so long.
    Thanks so much!


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