New York Fashion Week Shoes


I arrived in New York for Fashion Week and checked into the Dream Downtown the other day and the first thing I did was unpacking and I realized that I packed a lot of black heels! I’m seriously on a black kick lately from clothes to shoes. It’s funny how I went from a colorful person to adding more black to my wardrobe. Here is a little mini photo shoot on my hotel room balcony of some of the heels.


From left to right: Giuseppe Zanotti, Schutz , Jimmy Choo, Givenchy, Alaia

songofstyle-anklebootsFrom left to right: Sigerson Morrison, Karen Millen, Alaia, Tibi



  1. Oh the Givenchy’s are my fave! So many great shoes in one space!

    The Occasional Indulgence

  2. your shoe game is sick girl. Love it


  3. Love them! Can’t wait to see your looks :)

  4. WOW! Perfect black shoes!

  5. love all these shoes! Especially the Alaia ones. You can’t go wrong with black. they match absolutely everything xo

    Your Daily Break

  6. Amazing shoes my dear!
    So jelous!!!
    P.S. I’m black addicted!!!!!!

    xx Elisa
    My Fantabulous World

  7. I love them all!!!

  8. Wow. Perfect little collection of shoes!

  9. All your shoes are sick. I have serious shoe envy. x

  10. I wish I had your shoe collection !
    XX Luba

    Six ways to wear fall´s hottest trend – a plaid shirt, today on

  11. i’m drooling! what a great collection


  12. gooOOOsh ! I’m jealous, “hi babieees” ahah ii’m crazy !

  13. oh my god what a collection! i am SO envious
    kw ladies in navy

  14. Eni

    Beautiful shoes! Love all of them! Enjoy the Fashion Week!

  15. I love all your shoes!
    especially because they’re black! :)

  16. Omg! These are all like dream shoes to me!! :D

  17. Emilie

    This is heaven. And my future dream ha! Your blog is so inspiring and one of the few i follow, because you stay true to yourself and it reflects in your wardrobe and style, it’s personal, and mesmerizing, and always fresh and unique. A true icon, that is what you are.

  18. OMG the Alaia are amazing!!!

  19. Serious shoe envy going on right now…I’m in love!!

  20. I love black and black shoes are chic and versatile so why not?! Great shoe collection by the way!


  21. Gorgeous heels!! I love them all, but am absolutely infatuated with the Givenchy ones!!

  22. In love with your black heeled collection <3

  23. HP

    Girl your shoe game is sick. xo have fun!

  24. Beyond jealous of all of your shoes! I am the same way about black shoes!

  25. Gorgeous collection. You are a lucky, lucky girl.

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  26. Love Givenchy and Giuseppe Zanotti heels!!!


  27. What a beautiful collection. Yeah, I’d totally do a photoshoot with my shoes if I had those too :)

  28. Yeah, so like, want to lend me some? Have fun at Fashion Week!

    Your Friend, Jess

  29. I love black too. It never goes out of style and looks so classy. So jealous! Hopefully one day I can attend NYFW!

  30. Wow! Those are all so gorgeous!

  31. Nico

    These shoes are really cool!

    Fashion blog:

  32. love all shoes! perfect choies!!!

    Go to PursesintheKitchen

  33. AMAZING collection! I do not have nearly enough black heels in my closet!

    XOXO, Jenn
    The Stylish Housewife

  34. every single one is perfect!!! love the dark colors (so fall!).

    The Casual Classic

  35. I swear, I am genetically programmed to lose my -ish over shoes! I had to wear orthopedic clunkers as a kid, then had two unnecessary surgeries on my feet so now that I can be free to wear pretty shoes, cause I couldn’t for so long, I do with abandon and it’s never enough! Loving your shoe candy! They are indeed beauties!

  36. Can’t really go wrong with blacks! Especially all of your shoes are different Sykes!

  37. Why you do that to us girl!!?? haha Im joking, wowo everything is so damn cool!

  38. Laura

    LOVE the Tibis and Givenchy!

  39. Totally loving all of these sheos!


  40. Amazing! I want every single pair!

  41. ChicTrends

    Loving them all! You can never have too many black heels dear! Hope you have an amazing time. Tell us all about it! x

  42. Eye Like Fashion

    Seriously….these photos are orgasmic! LOL…no joke.


  43. Love all your shoes. i am excited to see how you style them! :D

    Olivia Yuen
    Morning Blush Blog


  44. You have so much taste for shoes, I’m digging all of them!

    Sandrine xx

  45. my closet consist of mostly black shoes as well. Its way to eye catching when you are shopping and that is my reasoning lol.


  46. they are fab!
    check out my latest look :

  47. The Alaia heels are gorgeous!

  48. ang

    fab! perhaps a few tips on best way to pack shoes for short/ long trip. thanks!

  49. Laura

    I’m in love with these shoes, they’re gorgeous !

  50. I cannot help but feel jealous of 1) Those SHOES! 2) Being at NYFW!

  51. Love all your beautiful shoes!!! :))

  52. They are all amazing! I wish I could have them…
    Lots of kisses,


  53. I wish my shoe collection involved all of these!


  54. Paty

    Love your blog!!!
    I’m posting looks from L.A. and accessories:

  55. Style is always evolving. Love your style and your attitude.
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  56. What an amazing NYFW shoe line up, can’t wait to see what you pair all these gorgeous shoes with! They are all unique in their own fashion :)

  57. Cute shoot! I’m a black heels type of gal also–I’m trying to now infuse more colored heels but black is classic and easy xx awooo!

  58. Love them all, Tibi probably top fav

    Indulgera Blog

  59. Gosh…I can see you’re definitely into black ankle boots =)

  60. The Givenchy and the Tibi ones are my favs! Have a blast at NYFW 2013! xoxo

    New post up…
    ❤ Jenny Tsang

  61. ay!

    whoaa i am gonaa steal your shoes! hehehe :D

  62. ay!

    whoaa i am gonaa steal your shoes! hehehe :D

  63. ay!

    whoaa i am gonaa steal your shoes! hehehe :D

  64. They all look amazing, especially the sparkly Jimmy Choos! xx

  65. The Alaia heels are just do die for. A perfect mix of black heels!

  66. Gorgeous shoe edit for NYFW. I love the Tibi boots.

    Christie x

  67. Jealous! haha♥

  68. Stunning pack of heels! Absolutely love the Giuseppe Zanotti lace ups & the Givenchy heels. They’re to die for.

    Lubna | ELLE VOX

  69. Such a super, SUPER pretty collection! Enjoy NY!


  70. OMG this is a shoe heaven.

    Wish you a great weekend

  71. those heels are kick-ass!

  72. The Fashion Fraction

    I wish I could afford the ones from Giuseppe and Jimmy

  73. is funny how we never get tired of black!! I go to any shoe store and the first thing I want to buy is black!! haha I don’t know why!

  74. Smells like style

    I love your shoes! They all are beautiful! xoxo
    Please check my NEW POST in my blog :) —>

  75. You definitely have some great options to choose from!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  76. I am in love! your style is awesome gurrlll <3

    Kerri xoxo

  77. very cute shoes! I especially like the 2nd one from the right!

    x leah symonne x

  78. All of your shoes are amazing!

  79. thecorporatecatwalk

    The Jimmy Choo heels are amazing. My favorite of the crowd.

    Corporate Catwalk
    Facebook Page

  80. Amazing shoe collection!! Have fun in NYC!!

  81. Alison

    These shoes are literally perfection.

  82. The ones that stand out for me are the Jimmy Choo’s and Tibi shoes, they are just awesome. I have seen a lot of black this season, you can never go wrong with this colour.

    Naaj Ronas Lifestyle

  83. Amazing shoes, I need them all! <3
    Love from France <3

  84. Love the Karen Millens <3

  85. Gurl, what I wouldn’t give to raid your closet!

  86. Your black shoes collection is amazing!

  87. wow great shoes:)

  88. Love the shoes! Great taste you have!

  89. Farah

    Love all of your shoes!

  90. Im a addicted shoe guy. I love your shoes so much, just wanna get them

  91. So, so lucky! Love the Tibi boots and Givenchy heels.

  92. omg so in love with all the shoes! <3

  93. YOu have such a pretty shoe collection!! I love everything but I would have to say my favorites are the Givenchy and Tibi. The Jimmy Choos are great too!!

  94. Love all of them, especially the Giuseppe Zanotti. Seems like the lace trend is coming back this year.

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  96. It is so amazing! Perfect!!!

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