Fashion Week New York NYFW Outfit

New York Fashion Week – H&M Party & A Giveaway


Hello from New York! One of my favorite piece from the Paris runway collection was this beautiful thick embroidered skirt. I love skirts that are flouncy and also fit and flare, so even though I like to choose color when it comes to party, I loved how fun and interesting this skirt was so I paired it with a simple blouse also from H&M. To bring in color, I styled it with a lot of jewelry.

Songofstyle-all-black songofstyle-blackembroideredskirt

I really love all the cut-out details on this skirt and fun embroidery on it. Also love how structured it is.Songofstyle-blackshirt-blackembroideredskirt-zaraheels Songofstyle-H&M-ParisCollection-Skirt

At the H&M party, I got to meet the West Coast winner that I selected who also was the winner of the 50 States of Fashion contest! So awesome, to have chosen her and have her rep the west coast! Well, that’s not it! Now I get to choose another winner for a mini giveaway!

To enter: You may enter the Contest by commenting on why you should win the Paris Show Collection garments that are displayed in the blog post. More info here!
I’ll choose a winner at random after a week from today and as a prize, you’ll win the outfit worn by me in this blog post or an H&M gift card of equal value!


  1. Hi doll, you look adorable as always, i would love to win this contest, because of many reason: Firstable im from Dominican republica, on Febraury 2012 as a way to share ones of my passion, i decided to create a fashion blog (i had no idea, what i was doing honestly). After so many months of learning, my pictures went from a poor celular, to a sony camera, later a semi proessional camera and after 7 months of saving money, hubby and I, bought it a Canon t3, I was so happy with the result of our pictures, the blog started to grow up, but one day some thieves broke into my house and stole our new camera, laptop and so many stuff, i was devastated, dont care about material stuff, but for what means for me and the blog, they were my tools, we didn’t have money to buy a new camera and computer, after 8 months with a little depressed and after saving some money again, we bought another camera, this time a canon t3i, im not a famous blogger, but honestly don’t care, im so happy to be back.

  2. Michelle says on September 17, 2013

    I would love to be the winner of this contest for many reasons. One being that this is an incredible compilation of sophistication, fun and flair. I love the silhouette of this outfit and the details on the skirt’s cut outs. I also choose to wear dark colors like black and navy because they work with my skin tone. I also love how you are able to pursue fashion as well as interior design! I hope to be able to take advantage of my passions and career choice as well as you :)

    Love everything about it!!!

  3. skirt is super adorable and i would love to win!
    I feel the skirt is very flattering and it really helps to define your waistline :)
    would love to add it to my closet


  4. The skirt is super darling!

    I’m also a blogger, just beginning, and seeing other people’s style has always inspired me. I’ve been following your blog for a long time now, and your ability to pull off any style with ease has encouraged me to step outside of my own fashion boundaries and embrace myself. I’m more of a plus-size blogger and finding pieces that are cut and designed for a body that has more flaws has always been hard, especially when you’re also limited by a college budget. I hope to win the contest because, as a fashion blogger, it’s important to mix-and-match pieces and experiment with old things in new ways, but there’s no denying that new pieces, like the shirt and skirt here, are essential to how we develop and find our own style. I love the simplicity of the outfit, and adding these pieces to my wardrobe adds fashionable, but timeless pieces that will help to foster my eye for style. And as someone who owns a lot of black clothing with none of them matching in color, I love that the blacks are all one shade.

  5. catherine Vargas says on September 17, 2013

    I love the a-line skirt, its so full and feminine. the embroidery is the icing on the cake!


  6. Yoon Bea says on September 17, 2013

    I am going to Korea soon and gonna meet up with my first love!
    It has been 10 years since I visited Korea and super excited about this trip yay! specially because I am going to meet up with him!!
    I totally think that this outfit will blow him away and we might fell in love again lol
    Also since black outfit is my favorite and I think I am ready to rock those outfit!!

    Thanks for the giveaway!! love you!!

  7. I would love to win this prize because I am just crazy about fashion.
    This skirt is fabulous, love the texture!
    I love black outfits and I would rock wearing this outfit.
    It’s just amazing and I would be sooooo Damn happy!

    Love you blog Aimee!

  8. Valerie Gagnon says on September 17, 2013

    I would love to win, I have a new job and it would be a think less to think about. I love this outfit and that’s what i would like to wear !! It would be a nice gift to myself for all the effort I put in :)

    Thanks for the giveaway !

  9. Amy Butterfuss says on September 17, 2013

    I would love to win this skirt. I live in Charlotte and we do not have an H&M, but I always make it a point to visit the store whenever I am in a city that has one. Thanks!

  10. This is such a fun outfit! The reason I think I should win is because I’ve learned over many many years that it’s all about style not necessarily how much an outfit costs. H&M has been a forefront in making fashion affordable.

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  12. Beckah Grossman says on September 17, 2013

    I just tried to buy this in every single store around NYC. They are all sold out. Today is my birthday and I have been looking for this item ever since I saw you wearing it. I’m not big into fashion, but as I’m getting older I’m trying to expand my interests and wardrobe. I would LOVE to have this look in my closet. I was hoping I could wear it on Friday for my party, but that does not seem to be happening…

  13. I’m a recent college grad, aspiring to make it big in NYC. I love fashion and dream of working for a fashion house like Michael Kors or Valentino some day. I have my own blog called Fortune Teller Fashion, where I show my everyday looks, just like you! I would love a chance to win this outfit, as I really look up to. You’re the first blogger I’ve ever ‘followed’ and have helped motivate me to continue with my own blog.

  14. Virginia Muller says on September 17, 2013

    I adore this outfit! I recently moved to San Francisco and need fun, feminine pieces to add to my wardrobe….this skirt is everything! Would love to add it to my wardrobe!!

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  16. I want to win this skirt because after much looking, I finally found the perfect black skirt, and I’ve been dying to get my hands on it. I looked through most H&M stores, and it was also sold out in stores. It’s such a versatile piece and I know that I would wear it through winter.

    Thanks for doing such a great giveaway!


  17. As someone who lives in the city, I am always finding myself choosing comfort over fashion. It’s hard for me to go throughout the day in heels, and I can never seem to put together outfits that are relaxing, chic and stylish at the same time. As such, I tend to dress more ‘masculine’ than feminine. I would love the opportunity to rock an outfit like this and pair it with my favorite flat booties–I think it would be a great transition into something more flirty and feminine, whilst keeping the important aspect of comfort for my daily lifestyle!

  18. As an aspiring fashion photographer, I am constantly looking at style and fashion blogs for inspiration on styling my own portfolio. I can’t pay a stylist, so I’ve spent years educating myself to do it all. When I am working with a client one on one for portraits, everything revolves around their clothes. I have a hard time scouting locations until wardrobe is final, so this means I’ve developed a really meticulous eye for amazing clothing, construction, and detail over the past few years. I come across beautiful clothes all day that I could never afford at this point in my life, and I get to watch as other people model them and look amazing.This outfit is stunning, so simple, but there’s so much to look at. I don’t like being in front of a camera, but I like to look nice! So whether on me, or on a very lucky client, this would make me smile ear to ear whether it’s in a mirror or through a lens! It’s beautiful and unique. :)

  19. I absolutely adores this look! As well as the rest of H&M’s newest looks! So many items that I would LOVE to purchase with my gift card and showcase at the horse races this fall! Here’s to a hopeful win!

  20. I’m not as fashion forward as I would like to be but this piece stands out to me. It’s very unique and quirky. It reminds me of the expensive napkins you often see at restaurants and its a mix of dollies and origami. I like that it is artistic without being too girly.

  21. Lauretta says on September 16, 2013

    I’d love to win this outfit because I am trying to be more stylish :).

  22. Hi Aimee, I’d like to win because those pieces would make great additions to my wardrobe :)

  23. This outfit is PERFECTION and a def fave! I tried to buy the skirt after seeing it on you, but all sold out :(. I would wear on our first date night since having our second little girl! Thanks for giveaway

  24. Zion Park says on September 16, 2013

    Hello. I`m not a big fan of skirts that is why I would love to join this contest!!
    I always felt that my legs are ugly so always try to cover them up with jeans and pants.
    But after found your blog and following your fashion postings now I have a dream that I wish I could wear a skirt like you.
    You are my biggest inspiration that I could try new things!!
    Thank you so much!!

  25. Hi Aimee! I believe I should win these gorgeous pieces from the H&M Paris runway collection because are two pieces that fully represent my style! While they look good together, I would wear a gray or white top with the beautifully embroidered skirt, and I would wear the top with a pair of denim jeans or shorts. They would be a great addition to my closet and to the fashion section of my blog! =) I hope I win!!!

  26. Carolyn P. says on September 16, 2013

    LOVE! The demure look of the blouse paired with the intricate designs of the skirt make this a perfect and versatile black outfit. I find black to be such a great shade that goes well with everything. And honestly, I’ve been eyeing that wool coat you wore from H&M’s Paris Collection and I would love to try out on here! A nice “all-black-errthang” look this Fall!!!

    “One is never over-dressed or underdressed with a Little Black….[Dress].”

    Thank you!

  27. I would love to style the skirt with something edgy to contrast the femininity of the skirt’s cut! I’m an interior design student, so I always love to mix and match textures with my clothing–dressing up to feel better about the never ending school work is always a plus!

  28. Caitlin.Churchill says on September 16, 2013

    That skirt is amazing! During the fall/winter months, I practically live in black, and the texture would add something different to my wardrobe.

    Love the way you styled it here! Your posts have inspired so many of my outfits. Thanks for taking the time to blog in addition to your interior design job!

  29. Alexandra A. says on September 16, 2013

    I love this outfit because of it’s simple but it has such beautiful embroidery on the skirt. You are my fashion icon and I love the way you put outfits together. you truly are my inspiration. I am passionate about fashion but have not been able to pursue my dream due to lack of money. So me winning this outfit would really mean a lot and put a big smile on my face. Thank you:)

  30. My goodness – this skirt is absolutely fabulous. It is just so chic and timeless! The way you have it styled makes it perfect for daytime! I love it, and hope I could pull it off just as nicely ;)


  31. Heidi Park says on September 16, 2013

    This is a perfect outfit that is both classy with a definite splash of sexy. I love how you styled it with long, gold jewelry and the most simple, classic strappy heels.

    I would wear this outfit for a special occasion like my anniversary dinner that’s coming up, where the classy-yet-sexy element would be perfect for an effortless look! Thank you for this giveaway!

  32. Kayla Marfisi says on September 16, 2013

    This outfit is absolutely stunning! It is sexy, classic, high end, yet laid back and easy-everything I admire in fashion. There isn’t a reason why I should win this outfit over any of the hundreds of other girls taking a chance, so best wishes to all!

  33. When I saw this outfit, I sell in love immediately! The skirt is perfection, i love every details on it and is soooo elegant. I love fashion and even more when there are things like this. Thanks!

  34. This outfit is phenomenal! I am in love with this skirt. I would love to win this outfit because I am passionate about quality fashion, but as a full time college student am limited in funds. I am a firm believer to combining beautiful fashion with academic pursuits and this outfit would do just that! Thanks for the opportunity!

  35. I think I should win because it has always been a dream of mine to go to Paris and this collection would be one step closer to that dream!

  36. Heidy Fernandez says on September 16, 2013

    I would love to win this outfit to wear it at my engagement photo shoot. My fiance had someone record the proposal and the video was never given to us and we don’t have pictures of that day. Now, we just want to have nice engagement photos to share with the families. I know this outfit would be perform for it. *Fingers crossed! :)

  37. I would love to win this piece because I just moved to Boston for graduate school and I have been looking to update my wardrobe for clothes to wear out in the city or to clinic. I haven’t been sure of what to wear out in the east coast yet and this piece would really help me out in that department because it is a perfect going out or classy look to go to school in!

  38. This is one of the most perfect black outfits I have ever seen – I would love to win it! The embroidery on the skirt reminds me of traditional Ukrainian embroidery and I really like the structured fit. Looks gorgeous with a simple black blouse!

  39. If I’d win this Paris Show Collection, my heart would beat tenfold. It’s literally breathtaking – the uniqueness, the perfection, the details. I adore the shape of the skirt, the pattern reminds me of spring, which would be perfect in colourful but rainy autumn – to make autumn more “alive” with beautiful flowers. I can’t say more, just how much I want this. Thank you for the opportunity.

  40. Caroline says on September 16, 2013

    these pieces are perfect for the whole season actually and very multifunctional! You can dress it up and down, wear it in summer/winter and easily wear the skirt as a LBD with a tight black top! Super handy!

  41. Wendy Vazquez says on September 16, 2013

    Hi Aimee!

    I’ve followed you for quite a while! I am a marketing student in a fashion school in New York, and I have to admit that I really admire you’re style!! I’ve even done two or three class project based on you and your personal style. I would love to win this outfit because I currently hold an entry level job at an amazing PR and Marketing firm in New York City. I’m looking to update my professional wardrobe to look stylish yet polished. I think this would be the perfect outfit to head into the office with!

  42. IlonaSelina says on September 16, 2013

    I would love to have this outfit hanging in my closet, because it is the perfect amount of edge and girlieness. Dark tones, but a feminine silhouette. When I dress up in the morning, I like to keep it simple, edgy but feminine. This is my absolute favorite look of yours and I think it reflects your artistic abilities in another creative field – interior design and architecture. Simply beautiful! I hope I win.

  43. I would love to win this outfit because as a graduate student I don’t have as much money to invest in my clothes, but I do need to network. This is a great going out outfit, and a conversation starter! Hope I win!

  44. Rebekah Grossman says on September 16, 2013

    I am not involved with Fashion AT ALL. Aimee, you are the only person I follow on insta that’s in the fashion world. I saw this look, and fell in love with it. My birthday is tomorrow and I’m having a party on Friday. I immediately thought of all the ways this would work for my party. Red nails, green bag. I was ready to run to H&M to buy it, until I realized it probably isn’t in a store…I would LOVE to own this, and slowly start building my wardrobe of beautiful items!

  45. Hi Aimee,

    this style is music to my wardrobe not only it black (which i love), it fit my sweetness personality. LISTEN TO MY ECLECTIC. you will hear it louder when i mix it up with my style. something like this for fall look:

    1) B&B&B style: black crop knitted sweater with black leather Ankle boot with block heel with a buckle
    2) Victorian meet 2013: white blouse with a puff shoulder and over the knee boot leather

    Crossing my finger to win it…… I was hoping to see you at S/S14 MBFW but maybe next in A/W fashion week.

    xx cristi

    PS: AIMEE!! can you hear me?!?

  46. The pieces are gorgeous and effortlessly chic. It’s going to be my birthday the 18 and it would be an amazing present

  47. I would love to win these H&M pieces and rock this affordable look to show that you don’t need to spend a million bucks to look like it! xoxo, Elizabeth

  48. Patricia says on September 16, 2013

    I adore this outfit! As a buyer for a department store we have to wear black most days of the week. Every season I try and get a few pieces that will elevate my day-to-day outfit and keep me from a fashion rut, this outfit is just the thing I need!

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  50. Iloveeeee this outfit, i love blacj, the skirt is too classy, i adore this style of skirts, and you have pair it with the simple black shirt wich i love alsooooo <3 <3. Hope to win this putfit :)

  51. following you from Belgium, I really love your crazy style and this outfit is just perfect to me ! I love black, I love the skirt, I love feminity… would be a great original basic in my wardrobe ! Hope really to win it so ! thanks for the contest and all the best from here !!!

  52. You look stunning! Black on black is one of my favorite ensembles! Especially with my pink hair, it’s pretty interesting what I can pair together. But when you use one monochrome color, the “other” details tend to stand out the most. I love the way your hair shines and the way your accessories pop! That’s my main side dish when I’m getting ready in the morning. Not to ignore the details and pay attention to the way everything just flows together.

    I’d like to win so that I can score a great impression with the people I bump into when I’m wearing the ensemble! Striking!

  53. Hey Aimee! Thanks for doing this giveaway. I would love to win these Paris Show Collection garments; I’ve never seen anything like that skirt and it would be such fun to wear and style it for work, to go out with friends, for the holidays… the possibilities are endless!

  54. Monica Sandhu says on September 15, 2013

    this is my favorite outfit of yours from fashion week! so chic and easy .. i love it

  55. Debby Ruach Mashiah says on September 15, 2013

    I’m Debby, as a new mom I have to dress each day thinking only of how to be comfortable yet stylish.
     I work in a high position and outfit like that reminds me of the good old days… hahaha
    I would love to wear it to work or to go out with my husband (whenever we find the time) .
    I follow you all the time, and appreciate you work that you’re doing, especially since Design is our line of work.
    Wishing you a world of success.

  56. A girl can never have too many of H&M’s fabulous clothes, especially if she is a full-time fashion graduate student. I always need some classically designed clothes to express my personal style, which consists of structured clothes with clean lines in classic styles.

  57. I am in LOVE with this skirt!!!! The skirt is bouncy yet structured, edgy yet delicate. The skirt is such a statement piece, yet such a staple piece as well. I think the skirt would be a great transition piece for the fall as well!! LOVE xx

  58. Karolina says on September 15, 2013

    I absolutely love your style and always look to you for fashion advice! I am a professional ballroom dancer, and with training, everything I make goes right into lesson and trav. i was previously a wirld championship finalist, and my dream is to become a world champion in the future. I would love to own beautiful outfits, especially this one you have put up, to look and feel fashionable. Winning this outfit will make me feel strong and unstoppable, knowing that dreams come true. This will also strengthen my faith in my dream knowing that anything is possible! Thank you!

  59. Michelle says on September 15, 2013

    I was so incredibly impressed with H&M’s Paris Show Collection when I saw the photos online. I imagined…

    Waking up at 7am and getting ready for my day, putting on those amazing pieces and finishing the look with some lipstick, patent flats and a small round purse.

    There’s no rush hour traffic on my commute.

    When I stop to grab a coffee, they say it’s on them.

    I head into the office and frantically rush to meet all of my deadlines, but can’t help but notice the head’s turn as I strut by, skirt flouncing. I feel unstoppable.

    …That’s how I imaged my day would be when I wear that outfit. But to be honest, even on my very worst day, I’d still feel beautiful and empowered in that look from the Paris Show Collection. It wouldn’t matter what things had happened, where I was going, or if I complied with the dress code. I dressed for myself, and felt great about it.

  60. Hello from Paris ; your look is a subtle mix between simplicity and details. So in love with the skirt. Perfect ! Sincerely ; Charlotte

  61. Hi Aimee!

    Thanks for this opportunity!! I’d love to win these Paris Show Collection garments, b/c they’d be wonderful additions to my wardrobe. Particularly the black embroidered skirt would allow me to experiment with something new — I normally don’t wear skirts with volume, but I admire how you do that frequently, and I’d love to emulate it.

    Glad to see your beautiful pictures from Fashion Week these past few days! It was just last year when I asked to photograph you in your tropical outfit and pronounced your name wrong… I got you this time ;P

    Best wishes,

  62. I love how the pieces look together (I’m a fan of black on black), but I also love that the pieces seem really versatile and can be incorporated into many different outfits. I can also see them working for both casual wear and the office. Always a huge plus in my book.

  63. I love the skirt coz it will make other woman look at you with their big eyes & wondering where you got that skirt! Woman dress up to impress other woman more than man..

  64. Hi Aimee, my name is Roshunda Tuck and I absolutely love your style. You are actually my inspiration to start my own fashion blog just recently. I see no fear in your fashion, you do and wear what you want and that is how I want to see myself with my style. I would love to win this outfit as a sign that i’m going in the right direction with my blog and hopefully future career in fashion.


  65. Rina karon says on September 15, 2013

    I love this skirt! It is so flirty and the button down shirt grounds it yet adds to its sexiness. I’m looking to streamline my wardrobe (a must in a NY apt!) This combo can be worn to work, on a date and even to synagogue! I love love love and the best thing is that it will show off my best assets, my legs!

  66. I should win this outfit because it would be the best garment for me to showcase my weight loss. Flirty skirt, classic blouse in chic black. Perfect for a night out in the city!

  67. Nadia Cabrera says on September 15, 2013

    I Would definetaly love to win this outfit ,It totally describes my fashion style!! Elegant,structured ,feminine and classy. !! And thats what i have in common with you ! Please Let it be mine! Im a big fan of your style following from Miami!!!

  68. I would absolutely love to win this outfit!! The skirt is so unique, all the little designs are beautiful. Paired with the simple blouse its perfection. My wardrobe is missing a statement skirt!! :)

  69. Julia Morel says on September 15, 2013

    That skirt and top combo is amazing! I would lovelovelove to win the outfit :-) The skirt would look super cute with a simple tshirt and a fun, chunky, exotic necklace, or all black like what you’re wearing with some serious heels. Please choose me!!!

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  71. I would give anying to win this outfit!! Outfit looks stunning and is completely my style. I hardly have the time to shop because of my two little toddlers and busy traveling work schedule~! I wouldnt even know where to start (looking for that gorgeous skirt!)!!!!

    Ps you are an inspiration to me- keep the blogs coming! !!

  72. Hi! I would love to win the Paris Show Collection garments because it would lift my spirits. I was involved in an automobile accident this week, three weeks before my wedding. I had spinal fusion surgery done last Dec. and was on the right path of recovery. This accident has caused a major set back and I am learning to walk again. It’s very discouraging since the wedding date is so close. Dressing pretty always makes me feel better inside. This would be perfect for our honeymoon to Paris and Greece.

  73. I love how unique this shirt is! The geometric pattern plus cut-out, not to mention the full flare makes it a must have in one’s closet. Also i love how you styled such an attention grabbing piece with simple pairing, ensure that everyone gravitates to this beautiful skirt!

  74. Chesiree Palladino says on September 15, 2013

    I should win this outfit because it has a “sassyness” to it that I love and would look great too paired with my Vince leather jacket I just bought PLUS my husband j’adores skirts like this ;)

  75. Hello Aimee Song! I just recently begin following yo on instagram and I was instantly taken aback by your style! You’re so versatile and it seems that you do it so effortlessly. I too am a fashion blogger (just starting out) and I look to you for inspiration and for what’s the latest in the fashion world. I feel that I should be “the chosen one,” so to speak, because I am just starting out and trying to figure out the whole fashion blogger thing. In most of my post on my blog I screen shot the clothes and post them because while it would be wonderful to actually purchase the clothes I’m not yet able to seeing as though I just recently graduated and I am seeking employment. Winning this outfit would get me started in the right direction so that I could quote, “be a real fashion bigger.” Thank you!

    -Nicole Metoyer, Texas,

  76. Margaret says on September 15, 2013

    I would love to win this giveaway. H&M has such amazing clothes, that I could rock any way I wanted to.

  77. I am starting the process of college apps and interviews around our beautiful LA hometown. This is an appropriate, sophisticated, and classy outfit that would show my interviewers that I mean business but am also in for fun with the whimsicality of the skirt. I am an avid IG follower and so admire your classy with an edge style. I’ve been wanting to get my hands on one of your outfits if its the last thing I do!! #songofstyleforcollegeadmissions

  78. Josie Perez says on September 15, 2013

    Hi Aimee Song! My names Josie Perez from Glendale,CA! Seeing this post out a huge smile on my face and gave me inspiration to finally take my first steps and start my move into the fashion business. Everyday seeing your blog posts I save them and use them for inspiration on how to not only leave my mark fashion wise but also how to be a better happier person. Seeing how full of life you are and so kind to fans like having this five away makes me realize how truly inspired I really am by not only you but your sister too! By winning this outfit I think it’ll progress me and help me take my confidence to the next level eloping me land my dream job to one day intern for a fashion magazine! Even if not picked ill still be winning by seeing your inspiring posts and following your fashion footsteps to get those jobs! Best of wishes!

  79. I love this outfit! you make it look so cute and elegant…I was actually in New York Week and I was able to see you wear this and my thought was ” I want that outfit for me.” Now that you are giving it away- I will fight every girl on here so I can win this one, do i have to move mountains, ill do it.. I am also a Blogger and this outfit would be great to share with younger moms, girls and everyone who is interested in wanting to wear something elegant but simple that will blow everyone out of the water… This outfit was my favorite from Fashion week and Hope to meet you again in the near future.

  80. Juliana Posess says on September 15, 2013

    This outfit is the quintessential “Aimee” look that keeps me coming to this site on a regular basis for outfit inspiration! You have a gift for making a few simple and unique pieces look perfect together in a way that is totally your own – and this time you’ve made some adorable H&M separates look like a million bucks. I would love to rock this look as I am also an interior designer and need to look polished and stylish on the job while also being able to go to a chic dinner with clients at the drop of a hat. I would love to add these types of versatile pieces in my wardrobe.. so cute! Hope you had fun at fashion week! XOXO

  81. I love this skirt and have a huge girl crush on you. I’m sure I deserve it about the same as everyone else, so crossing my fingers that I just get lucky!

  82. I’m a southern girl with a flare for fashion. I don’t normally wear black because I adore color, but you know us texans, we like it big, so that small waist big flare skirt it right up my alley! Giddy over your insta posts! I hope you choose me!


  83. I love this skirt! The detailing is beautiful, the cut outs make it so special. I would be so happy to have this outfit! I am a fashion design major and blogger. Fashion is my life’s passion! I could see myself wearing this on dates with my boyfriend or styling it with a simple tank top and sandals for a daytime look. It’s a bold statement skirt and I would be so excited to come up with new ways to wear it! As always, your biggest fan Aimee!

  84. I’m a recent college graduate and I’m working on transitioning my closet from that casual, comfortable, school girl feel to a sophisticated, stylish, working girl chic. This would be an amazing outfit to start off my closet, especially since I’ll be needing to pay off my student loans before I hit the mall to go shopping! I love the way you mixed and matched the textures of the outfit — and I’m definitely a sucker for those dainty, strappy heels! Thanks for the giveaway, Aimee!


  85. If I’d win this Paris Show Collection, my heart would beat tenfold. It’s literally breathtaking – the uniqueness. I adore the shape of the skirt, the pattern reminds me of spring, which would be perfect in colourful but rainy autumn – to make autumn more “alive” with beautiful flowers. I can’t say more, just how much I want this. Thanks for giving me the opportunity!

  86. ….. Because…. Next month i’m having a job interview as an intern for London’s biggest PR agency, so I have to wauw them off with a killer look like this one!

  87. Courtney says on September 15, 2013

    This skirt is absolutely stunning, and it’s safe to say I’m obsessed. I would be so grateful to have such a timeless piece added to my closet. I recently moved a great distance to a small town to be with my fiance stationed in the military and had to get rid a good chunk of my clothes to make the move easier. This outfit is so gorgeous, I woud love, love, love to have it!

  88. Andressa fontebassi says on September 15, 2013

    I went to H&M on the 4th of September to see the collection , I tryed that skirt, took some pictures of course for instagram ;) but in the end I came back home so sad because I couldn’t afford to pay the price of my love.. That skirt! #stillinmymemorie ❤

  89. Paris Show Collection garments reflect my personality and my taste, both classic and up-to-date! I love the skirt’s shape, so original, so new and so elegant. An extraordinary item, classic and trendy at the same time. Classicality and originality are peculiarities that I love in fashion.

  90. Jessica Reynolds says on September 15, 2013

    I adore this. I love flirty skirts, and the way you’ve coordinated the whole ensemble is my ideal style. Classy, sexy, practical, & versatile; I’d also love wearing the blouse with skinny jeans and/or the skirt with other tops. Please please please let me rock this look!

  91. I love this outfit! It would perfectly match with my new Automn accessories and shoes!

  92. Dovrei vincere io perchè davvero bello ed in linea con il mio stile. J’adore H&M!

  93. Cecilia Arregui says on September 15, 2013

    This outfit is ideal for me. I´ve been searching for a similar skirt for a long time now, because I think it is flattering for my type of body. Also, black is my favourite colour to wear and accesorize with bright colours.

  94. Elise B. says on September 15, 2013

    I wanted this skirt so bad but my local H&M didn’t have the runway collection… The way you styled it – all black – makes me want it even more!

  95. Amanda Dahlberg says on September 15, 2013

    I love the skirt and the whole simple outfit. I think it’s great that even though there is much going on in this outfit and yet it’s so simple and works for any occasion. I would like to win this outfit because as a student you don’t have a lot of money to buy clothes and the versatility of this outfit makes it perfect for someone on a really strict budget.
    Love your blog

  96. Jackie Oglesby says on September 15, 2013

    Omg! This outfit would make a perfect additon to my closet. This cut out skirt is being on my wish list forever and it would be a dream come true to win it!

  97. Maureen Nweke says on September 15, 2013

    This outfit is ridiculously regal, the cut-outs on the skirt makes the entire outfit. its almost like that LBD. it’s very sweet, chic with some edge and sexiness to it. I love it !!!!! you’re definitely one of my styling inspirations. I should win this outfit because I am very inspired by an array of fashion icons and styles from the past to present. I am an aspiring fashion stylist and fell in love with fashion when I came across my mother’s sketch pad. I would completely smitten if I could add this outfit to my ever-growing closet. Thanks Aimee Song :)

  98. This outfit is cute and flirty!! The skirt has super cute detail!! I’m so glad that h&m has an online store now!! So I can finally order cute pieces and have them shipped to hawaii!!

  99. I have always been skirt/dress kind of girl and I do not think I have seen anything like this one that would describe my girly-classy style better! I would love to win and make it center piece of my closet :)

  100. this outfit is ridiculously regal, the cut-outs on the skirt makes the entire outfit. its almost like that LBD. it’s very sweet, chic with some edge and sexiness to it. I love it !!!!! you’re definitely one of my styling inspirations

  101. Your style is such an inspiration for me! I adore your blog and would love to be chosen as the winner of this fabulous outfit! I’m fan of you and H&M :)

  102. Thank you so much for this contest! I would love to win for sure. A $350 Gift Card at H&M would be the life-saver my wardrobe needs for my new job in my new home of Las Vegas!
    Thanks for the consideration! :-)

  103. I love all things pretty and stylishly romantic, and this outfit is meets the mark with a slight edginess to it. Perfection.

  104. altheajm says on September 15, 2013

    I have LITERALLY been stalking that Paris Collection skirt from HM since the day they released it. Stores opened at 8am (EST) in NYC and the skirt was sold out by 9am!?!! I proceeded on a fashion mission to track down the skirt all over Manhattan. Unfortunately, there was just no way for me to make a completely thorough comb through of all of NYC’s H&Ms due to my demanding job.

    It is H&M customer service policy not to release store telephone numbers so I could not call to do stock checks for the skirt. Through pleading however, I was given a few numbers of key flagship locations and was given round about answers of where I could find the skirt, when the last piece on the mannequin would be released, if there was a wait list on the last skirt…I was crying (inside*) by the time I called my 4th store, as I came to accept that this skirt, was out of my reach.

    I sadly, and unwillingly relinquished any hope of getting the skirt (sad face). To see it surface again, and have the chance of getting one now? The skirt is officially haunting me. ha.

    Sad but legit. True story. Skirt nightmares.

  105. Kristina Harvey says on September 15, 2013

    I have always loved fashion. Fashions defines you on a day to day basis. It tells a story about you. Recently reading about Amber Venz, cofounder and president of RewardStyle has grown my interest in learning about people that blog about fashion. Amber Venz began blogging to support her jewelry and personal styling and shopping businesses. She realized her readers were buying outfits she was posting online and not booking appointments with her. Venz realized that there was a way for bloggers to prosper, and she has done exactly that.
    It takes time for bloggers to prepare day in and day out, stay fresh with fashion, travel, be well educated, and go outside the box so other people will too! Your blog is intriguing, risky, sophisticated, edgy, fun, sexy, and inspirational. Simply days when you wear a T-shirt and shorts, that outfit still defines you and demonstrates that fashion is versatile and it you can look and feel beautiful in anything! I would love to win this outfit! I would also love more than anything to start my own blog :)

  106. You can’t imagine how I adore this brand and it’s special collections. And this skirt was my favourite piece in the paris fashion show collection but it is has the highest price in the collection and Unfortunately I bought different pieces from this collection:( And suddenly oh my god!!! You gave me the chance to have this skirt! I have to win! So you have a chance to make this girl world’s happiest girl ever:))) lots of love… :)

  107. Ngoc Nguyen says on September 15, 2013

    I would love to win this outfit because I don’t have very many black clothing in my wardrobe and I think it would be great to start with this outfit!

  108. Brenda Alcocer says on September 15, 2013

    I love fashion! This is totally my kind of style! I’m a mom of two kids. One is 2yrs and the other 5 months. I worry more of dressing them fashionably then I worry about myself. I’ve kind of let myself go. I whined up throwing anything on. I would so love to win this to get back on track and be a fashionable young momma.

  109. My name is Natasha, and I am a true and loyal follower of h&m, and of course, song. I totally identify myself with this outfit. The lasercut skirt is totally amazing, i identify my style so much along woth this outfit, plus who doesnt loves lace? because I do! this outfit is So unique, i get chills just of the thought me winning this fantastic giveaway. Actually the happiest person on earth! Expecting the great notice soon!

  110. I have fallen in love with this whole outfit, and the skirt is just so gorgeous! I would absolutely love to win this outfit. As I don’t have anything like this in my wardrobe and as its so versatile and would go with so much, i know i would get a lot of use out of it :)

  111. I’m totally in love with this skirt!It gives you a doll attitude!It would be great if i can be a doll too <3

  112. Linda C. says on September 15, 2013

    This outfit is at the same time ELEGANT, REFINED AND SIMPLE. You have matched a basic blouse with this amazing skirt! It seems a dress.. The skirt is the protagonist of the outfit, but is also in harmony with the rest of the accessories like the jewelry and the shoes.

    Wonderful as always, Aimee!

  113. I would love to win this outfit because I am transforming my closet from college to chic. I am a new-ish fashion blogger who is trying to build a closet and these pieces would be perfect basics to build off of! :)

  114. So in love with this skirt! It’s perfect for any occasion and it flatters any type of body.
    But the outfit wouldn’t look so great without the accessories, of course. They give you simplicity and sophistication <3

  115. At 22 years young, I’ve been interning for the past three years now with various fashion and beauty companies. Anyone who has worked in the industry knows that each year when NYFW rolls around, it’s chaos–but chaos you’d never dream of missing out on. As an intern, I am fully dedicated and ambitious with my work. I understand that working from the bottom to get to the top is necessary and you need to experience all the levels in order to get there. More often to none, I get told that I would be able to come to New York to help with fashion week. I even got a offer for London fashion week. I learned my first time around to not to get my hopes up. Each year I do all the work that they need from behind the scenes done but then get left in the dust as the team jets off to NYC. Being able to get a taste of the bliss by getting the Paris Show Collection would be such a honor and I think I would fall over and die with the amazing line being handed to me. I already get a great satisfaction out of my work, but being able to have something to represent that would be such a blessing. Sincerely, Hopeless-Romantic Intern xoxo

  116. Hi! I’ve been a huge fan of you and H&M for years. I love the skirt for many reasons. It has a simple structured silhouette yet complex and sophisticated details. It is fun and flirty yet elegant and mature. It would look lovely with a black or white silk blouse, or with a leather jacket and boots.

  117. Ana Salgueiro says on September 15, 2013

    Hello Aimee!
    I am completely obsessed and in love with this outfit! ! I am amazed by the fact that this skirt is so versatile…which can be used formally but also casually, which is something that I love love love!! I would love to have a chance to win this fantastic outfit, that has one of the things I most love in clothes, simplicity. ‘simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’
    Thank you for this giveaway.
    Ana Salgueiro

  118. I love HM for so many reasons, the styles are always well done but affordable which is something that, as a graduate student, is really important. I would love to win the Paris Show Collection giveaway of course! I have recently lost a bit of weight & am slowly working on building up a wardrobe. Not only has it been fun to be able to wear clothes that never looked good on me before, but I’ve allowed myself a lot more freedom in my fashion choices as I feel more confident in myself. As I prepare to enter the professional world I am really looking for high quality in design in the pieces I purchase, this giveaway would really help me to have clothes that mirror my confidence & emphasize my love for fashion! Thanks for the opportunity & love the blog :)

  119. the skirt is such a playful piece! i couldn’t stop looking at the details. being a mum can always appreciate something black & cute at the same time.

    thank you.

  120. I would love to win this contest because I would love to post some photos with this outfit on my blog and try to get more followers to go next year to NYFW, thats my dream and I saw you’ve been travelling around the world and that’s what I want to do in my future.

  121. Hello Aimee!

    I have been a huge fan of H&M since I was little. Even though I have been getting older and my style has been evolving, I feel like the store is also growing.
    This look is simple yet sophisticated. It is easy to style, to transform from day to night. You can pair with heels as well as cute pointy flats. I am all about chic, and the way the skirt accentuates the waist just says it all.

  122. Karyn Vratimos says on September 15, 2013

    I love your style! You really brought it to fashion week and was fun to see your outfits! This is a standout piece with the cut out details, and us so chic and stylish. I love the easy going feel you added with the blouse and I think the fit and flare would be so flattering on me. It would be great to have a new token piece to my wardrobe which needs a little spicing up! Thanks for the giveaway!

  123. Amy Leah says on September 15, 2013

    I love this look! My favorite color combo is gold and black! Anytime I can get my hands on beautiful black attire, I jump at it! I would love to win this outfit!

  124. I love black. And yes, it gets a little boring sometimes with no details. This skirt itself already has beautiful laser cuts, which spice the whole black on black look without being that boring girlfriend. I love how I can accessorize the simple outfit with my favorite rose good. I have pretty big arms that are not yet toned and I hope the long sleeve and cover my insecurities. Although I’m a student, I believe I can totally rock this look for class presentation and even normal school days. I can even wear this whole outfit to meet my boy’s parents without dwelling on what to wear (it’s too stressful). I really hope to win this whole outfit. We can twin. Heh! Lastly, thank you for this amazing giveaway.

  125. Hi pretty , love all your outfits and your style, the skirt is awesome , love Also h&m clothes , xoxo

  126. There is nothing more that I want than a fun flirty outfit like this! You have such an accessible style that many girls, including myself emulate! I really wish you’d pick me

  127. Quett Jefferson says on September 15, 2013

    I would love to win this piece. I am always amazed by your style. I try to recreate your looks and it would be awesome to have the original look! Continued blessings!

  128. Marilyn Palar says on September 15, 2013

    I just graduated from nursing school and I have been wearing scrubs the whole time I was in school. Plus I’ll be working soon that means more scrubs. So it’ll be nice to win this girly sophisticated outfit. And I’ve never won anything before. Thanks for inspiring us!

  129. Valentina says on September 15, 2013

    Hi, i am an italian girl…every day i start and finish with look at your instagram, to have some inspiration or to see the news in fashion!!
    Thanks =>

  130. This outfit is amazing! Black is my go-to color, but I’d never think to put these two materials together. I’d love to wear this and go wine tasting with my best girls!

  131. Rebecca Cox says on September 15, 2013

    I would LOVE to win this outfit! I liked it on your Instagram page and automatically wanted to know where it was from. I am so envious of your style and eye for fashion – I would do anything to have your wardrobe! I have just signed up to run the 2014 New York marathon for a local charity and given that I have never ran further than the length of my arm, it’s going to require a lot of training and dedication! Winning a stunning new outfit would boost my spirits and give me a little motivation to pound the streets in the hope that my legs would look as good as yours in that amazing skirt! X

  132. I really want to win this, because I’ve been searching for the right black skater skirt for sooo long and this one is just perfect! I know I can pull of this allblackerrthang look in combination with some bright mini bag!
    Fingers crossed!

  133. I believe this look shows how h&m and the Parisian style and identity can be a perfect match. It’s sophisticated, playful, elegant and chic, without being pretentious.
    Definitely flattering on all kind of body types, and I love the romantic touch of the skirt’s texture and silhouette, tapped with a classic button down blouse. Perfect look, from day to night!
    It’s also they way I want to dress eery day!

  134. Working 12 hour shift in a hospital doesn’t give me the luxury to dress up to go to work. My work wardrobe is consist of a pair of monotonous colors of scrubs so winning this outfit would be such a thrill… I am already imagining myself in such a major transformation from my typical work clothes to a chic girl on a girls night out after a long 12 hour shift….

  135. I think this outfit is so chic and beautiful!! H&M has the most beautiful and affordable pieces!! I would love to win these garments for my up and coming engagement photos!! I have a passion for fashion and winning will make me feel like I’m beautiful and for the love of fashiom!!!

  136. Natalia Garcia says on September 15, 2013

    I absolutely LOVE this look! I love button-downs, cut-outs, and flouncy skirts, and this look combines all three perfectly. I think I should win because I am a huge H&M and Song of Style fan, and I’m also a college student on a tight budget. Thanks so much for this opportunity! xoxo

  137. Yanilis Mederos says on September 15, 2013

    Black on black makes this outfit look soooo classy! H&M has done it again! The way the skirt has its own shape, and the way the simple yet chick blouse stands out..:) it will be amazing to win this! I have bought sooo many skirts from H&M aswell…H&M is my top store to buy pretty outfits from! :) by the way you look very beautiful! Good luck to all the contestant and yay fir the winner of this give away!

  138. Ivett Horvath says on September 15, 2013

    I should win this outfit because we recently started posting outfits on an online magazine and the pieces of this outfit would be perfect to be posted. The skirt is just adorable.

  139. says on September 15, 2013

    I want to win this give-away because;
    – the skirt is just amaIng. looks like awesome architecture.
    – i would rock this skirt in 5 different chic ways to work and maybe throw in some night out looks.
    – Lastly, I love your style, your brand and what you stand for, so I would be honoured to be a winner from your competition.
    Stephanie (Metrogypsie).

    Thank you.


  140. Love this look. All black, but with elegant details that you just fall into. Why should I win? Because I would ROCK this look. ;) I’m sure everyone else on here would also. This is just one reason why I love fashion so much – it is always so very ‘wanted’.

  141. Hey Aimee! My name is Julia Kim and I would be incredibly honored if I won this outfit. You are a great inspiration to me and actually helped encourage me to follow my dreams. Although i am a business major, fashion is my passion and i am determined to make success my game. I have created my own fashion blog ( if you want to check it out! So, if i won this outfit i would OF COURSE showcase it in a post! Love your sense of style and the love you carry for everything that you do. 고마워 언니!

  142. This skirt is gorgeous! I would love to win this contest because am tall and always have a hard time finding a skirt with the right fullness to balance my height.

  143. This outfit is right up my alley. So classic, yet surprising. I recently started a new job, one that makes me feel empowered and confident, so this outfit is the perfect way to reflect my mood in my style! I am finally taking control of my life, doing things that make me happy, and I see this as the perfect reward, well plus an evening of celebration! I love your look and am an incessant IG follower – thanks for keeping us all inspired!

  144. Gretchen Freihofer says on September 15, 2013

    This outfit (especially skirt) is so versaitille! It can go from office to outfordinner.
    Just another way to get noticed! :-)

  145. This was one of my favorite piece of the Paris Show Collection, the detailing of the skirt not only show it’s elegance but also I love how it it look even paired with simple top :).

  146. if I did know the secrets of the witchcraft i would definitely made myself looking like You. This outfit is smashing on you………why why why…..;)

  147. Arianna Bollo says on September 15, 2013

    The skirt is sooo amazing! I absolutely deserve it! Hahah just kidding! But I’ve never won anything, so I would really like to get this amazing outfit!

  148. Cassandra Hohl says on September 15, 2013

    Beautiful! I work in the wellness part of the beauty industry and I am required to look professional, yet fashionably forward (and all black). I’m always on the lookout for versatile, affordable pieces!

  149. Natalia Martinez says on September 15, 2013

    Sleek, clever, functional. Those three words describe my go-to look for work, and this outfit represents those three adjectives well! Not to mention I am also in love with how cool, classy, and fun it is for a quick turnaround into a night out lewk. You’re so adorable in it, but I think it would suit me best!

  150. I really adore you song of style!! You are amazing and I love your every outfit!!

    This is perfect skirt is just soo amazing,and I would real like to won this perfect beauty<3!

    I will continue watching your every post and every trip,you are amazing!
    Love you Sos:))))

  151. FabELISE says on September 15, 2013

    I should win the Paris Show Collection garments because I’m fabulous. Enough said.


  152. I would love to win this fun and feminine piece! It would be the perfect outfit for day/night. Absolutely adore the detailing!

  153. I think this is an affordable Carrie outfit that is abso-fucking-lutly gorgeous!! A total want from my side! I’d be blown away to winning this lovely outfit!

  154. Kathy Van says on September 15, 2013

    I love how detailed this skirt is as well as the simplicity of the monochromatic look of this outfit.

    I would love to win the Paris Show Collection garments because I appreciate how elegant and classic the pieces in the collection are, just like romantic city itself. Plus, I’ve always dreamed of visiting Paris!

  155. If I can’t get to go to Paris can I at least get the clothes from the collection. Thx

  156. I am a second grade teacher in a low income school district and it is my first year teaching. I love my job and my kids, and I adore this outfit!!! I have always loved fashion but with the school year starting up and the financial status of my school, I have had to spend a ton of my own money onclassroom and student essentials (and I don’t get paid until September 30!) My kids deserve it but winning this outfit would definitely help me get my fashion fix while keeping my bank account out of the red!
    Not to mention that I have very small/nonexistent hips, and this skirt would give my bottom half some curves!

  157. You are so beautiful you make any outfit look like a 10, but this skirt is absolutely adorabale. I would love love love to win this give away.

  158. I would love to win this outfit because it is so versatile in that it can be worn for so many occasions, any time of day. Different styles of accessories…jewelry, handbag, etc….can be added to create a variety of looks so it can be custom-tailored for any style of dressing the person wearing it feels like that day. This collection is perfect for fall!

  159. Donna F. says on September 14, 2013

    I would love to win these garments because they are classic yet stylish with beautiful details and my closet needs a major upgrade!

  160. I would love to win this outfit because not only is it chic but it is just perfect for day and night. I have never won anything before and this outfit would complete my closet lol. I love every combination of colors you put together, you are truly talented. ❤❤❤❤

  161. Hi Aimee!! I am a HUGE H&M fan. The clothes are sophisticated and elegant yet also simple and chic. The Paris Show Collection garments would look awesome with the fall fashion trends. I can’t wait for sweater weather so I can start layering again. If I win this contest I can’t wait to incorporate H&M clothes into my fall wardrobe. THANKS!! (:

  162. As a mom of two small babes and a blogger it is important to stay fashionable, which is far from easy. I love song of style and a long time fan. I love the dress so much…classy, sexy, unique:) thank you for the chance!

  163. Love the outfit! It’s so chic and sophisticated!

    I want the outfit because I’m starting a new job soon and will be moving to the west coast(I never been!)! Think this outfit would make my first day even better ;)

  164. I love that skirt!! It was one of the few things from the collection that caught my eye, but the price tag made my eyes bulge out. The skirt itself cost almost as much as a textbook for class….so I would love to win this skirt! Even though I won’t have anywhere to wear this to but the library, at least I’ll look good while studying!

  165. I love this combo because it looks very feminine, yet simple and powerful. As a petite I can see myself wearing this look and turning heads…

  166. couldn’t believe this an h&m look, absolutely fabulous !!! i love your blog and how accessible you are! why should i win? I would rock this outfit ,almost like you did :) and wear the gorgeous skirt with everything!! fingers crossed!!!

  167. Is this really H&M?! I’m in love with the dress. When is it going to be in store?


  168. Alicia Castro says on September 14, 2013

    Hello A Song,

    I have been following your blog since 2009. I was searching for zigi sandals and a photo of you in them popped up. I been hooked ever since. I would love to win the opportunity to update my wardrobe. I am a teacher and I would love to keep my wardrobe (try to) current. This contest would be awesome to win. I would totally wear that skirt to,y co workers bridal shower too.

    Choose me please, I hope to win.

    Alicia C

  169. Samantha says on September 14, 2013

    I am an avid follower of your blog, gaining fashion inspiration seasons ahead. I’d love to win this collection, as H&M are of my favourite brands and this gives me the opportunity to get ahead of the fashion pack and style it up South Africa style! I work as a marketer in fashion and retail, so this collection would really give me the edge :)

  170. Alice G. says on September 13, 2013

    Uh can I just say how awesome that outfit is? Textured black is so beautiful!

  171. The fullness of the skirt is great. Sometimes wearing all black can be a little dreary but when you take texture into consideration (like what you’ve done so effortlessly) than it can create liveliness. Well done!

    Olivia Elisa

  172. I love high fashion but monetarily can’t afford most of it :( I would love to win because it would be a fashion dream come true!!

  173. Alexandra Wittenberg says on September 13, 2013

    Hi Aimee, I would like to win this outfit because I am currently in grad school full-time, which leaves me little time to go shopping or spend money on myself. I page through your blog and Instagram while I’m studying as a “guilty please” because I find your outfits and travel so interesting. Your style is classy and trendy, and I always find it something I could wear when out with my colleagues. Thank you for posting.

  174. Gosh I want to win this skirt. It really fits my style. I love that it has this Girly-Spanish-Matador vibe. I love the structure, the volume, the cut-outs and I would wear it to death until there are only mere shreds hanging off my body.

  175. I don’t have any skirt like this one and would love to have it in my closet!

  176. I absolutely love the full skirt! I am playing around new skirt shapes and this one seems so universally flattering!

  177. LOVE LOVE LOVE the black on black! As a fashion buyer, I visit your blog frequently for inspiration and this outfit is just so pretty that I want it for myself so I can wear it out for my 2 year anniversary dinner with my hubby!

  178. Gloria Garcia says on September 13, 2013

    I love love this outfit especially the skirt. I would love this because as a college student it is difficult to treat myself to a cute outfit especially when I am helping my parents out financially too.

  179. sunchicka says on September 13, 2013

    This outfit reminds me of carefree spring and it would be my stylish staple into fall and spring!

  180. Hey Aimee,

    This laser cut high-waisted skirt is my ultimate piece from H&M this season. Love the fabric, the movement, the flare..It’s chic,yet sexy and it can be worn all day and night long…Meeting to dancing cocktails! Love also your total black look, as the skirt is a statement on its own.

    Ahh, it’s such a great garment!


  181. My friends always make fun of me for always dressing in all black outfits like a goth! But this outfit shows how an all black outfit can be chic, sexy and classy all at the same time. Would love the opportunity to rock an outfit like this and show all my friends how black is still totally in :)

  182. Guerline says on September 13, 2013

    I love the detail on the skirt, it is so perfect. When I came on your page I kept staring at the skirt and couldn’t stop then scrolled down to see where I can purchase but you one upped me and said giveaway bam, “I was sold”. It is truly a feminine and playful piece, the entire look is awesome..I can’t wait to see this on me;0, oooh yummy…

  183. I should win the Paris Show Collection garments because Aimee Song is my fashion and life inspiration. I have been following her since she just started her blog. I am now less afraid of trying different styles thank to Aimee Song. I’d like to pair the outfits with my own clothes to create unexpected looks to show my personality! My work uniform is scrubs so I don’t get to dress up as often. I really enjoy dressing up myself in different styles on my day off :-)

  184. Kelly Schifsky says on September 13, 2013

    All black is the perfect look…anytime! I am a pediatric resident; thus, I basically wear scrubs all day. When I do get the chance to go out, I really try and wear things that are fun and feminine! I would love to win the prize and have a gorgeous outfit to wear on a date or a night out on the town.

  185. The cuts of this magnificent skirt was done so meticulously. I would appreciate wearing such masterpiece and make the designer proud by styling it beautifully. This would be a perfect collection to add to all the clothes I plan on wearing to my native country Nigeria since I plan on going to visit in a few months.

  186. Love this look! Your blouse falls perfectly

    My life is basically an ode to flouncy circle skirts but I haven’t been able to find very many that are good quality and fit /just/ right. I’m also going to my first Homecoming dance since moving to California and I’d love to wear something like this to it!


  187. Jenny C. says on September 13, 2013

    The small cut out details and the simplicity of the blouse is amazing! H&M is so classy. I love it.

  188. Aimee, perfection is the word for this outfit. This simple and stylish blouse is a must have in everyone’s wardrobe, and this cut-out embroidery flouncy skirt just adds more texture and personality to your look.

    I been a stay at home mom for about 18 month now and I am going back to my previous job in 3 weeks. I think this outfit will make just the right impression to my colleagues and my boss that I am ready to come back to work and look professional and still stylish. Plus they can easily be wear separately with my other H&M loves in my closet. Thank you!!!

  189. I should win because I love and adore this outfit! Even though, I’m not known as a fashionista among my friends or anything, I still want to be stylish and love looking at clothes!

  190. I love the entire outfit! I gravitate towards all black outfits and this skirt is amazing! I wish I had the means to purchase this on my own but sadly, as a recent graduate, no such luck. This would be an amazing piece for me to own and cherish for a very long time!

  191. H&M has always been one of my favorite brands, and this new collection is something I’d love my whole wardrobe to be composed of. Plus such a striking outfit definitely demands heads to turn. I absolutely see myself rocking this outfit (not as much as you do though!) I hope to be the lucky lady to win this gorgeous outfit. (Fingers crossed)


  192. this outfit is so chic and really could compliment so many body types! i would totally rock this outfit and love looking effortlessly classy the way you do. :) i’m a broke medical student on a budget so i couldn’t totally use an extra outfit or an h&m gift card!

  193. OMG!! this is so far my favorite outfit during this week!! :0 You have a fabulous figure and can wear anything you want!! this look is so elegant and at the same time flirting and chic.. to die for.! This outfit could not be more ME!!- I absolutely loveeee that gorgeous skirt!! want it badly… :)

  194. Aimee, you’re fabulous! I should win because I could never afford to buy these items on my own (true story), and I’d wear them all the time but also take precious care of them. Because they’re amazing and deserve lots of love!

    P.S.—Loved following your Instagram during fashion week!

  195. Hi Aimee, this style is music to my wardrobe not only it black (which i love), it fit my sweetness personality. LISTEN TO MY ECLECTIC. you will hear it louder when i mix it up with my style. :) Crossing my finger to win it…… I was hoping to see you at MBFW :( maybe we see each A/W fashion week. xx cristi PS: AIMEE!! can you hear me?!?

  196. Thank you so much for this awesome Giveaway, i’ve got my fingers crossed! So i should win this Giveaway because i’m French and i lived in Paris for 5 years, so that’d be funny if i wan it! And also, i moved to Australia (from Paris) two years ago and i’ve be dying to buy something from H&M, as over here there’s no H&M…
    Love your blog by the way, you’re doing a great job! xx Maylis

  197. Kathleen says on September 12, 2013

    I adore this look! I’m a mom of two who desperately needs some new fashionable clothes to lift my spirits!

  198. The skirt is to die for! <3 Absolutely love the look down to its little details. I'm on a hunt to find the perfect unique skirt and this cuts it! The cutoffs make it look really unique and since the color is black, you can match with literally everything! With the skirt, I could definitely dress it up a bit for work or to a party for the upcoming holidays.

    Love the whole look, Aimee!


  199. OMG! I love this H&M skirt. I love the structure and the shape.It looks very Dolce & Gabbana!!!

    I should win this outfit because I would look amazing in it ;) and I would love to strut down Lexington Ave in it!

  200. I love your sense of style, and believe that you’re such an inspiration to many women and girls. I would love to win this outfit! I’m pear shape so most of the time I have to wear a fuller skirt, and this outfit is perfect for my body shape! I want women to learn to embrace their figure and work with what “yo mama gave ya” ! xoxo I love you and your sister, everytime their a post of both of yall, it reminds me of how close my sister and I are! We always say that we’re a shorter version of the “Song” sisters!

  201. Jennifer E says on September 12, 2013

    So gorgeous! I wear scrubs for work everyday so when I get to get dolled up like a lady, it’s very exciting for me! This outfit screams sexy and I absolutely adore it! =) Also I’m currently pregnant, so it’d be nice to have something to look forward to wearing after baby comes =) xoxo

  202. I am an up and coming blogger and am so inspired by you! My main inspiration came from my internship at a fashion house in PARIS during college where I learned first hand about all things fashion. I speak fluent French so the fact that this collection was from Paris was even more appealing and I love embroidery and short skirts! Pick me! :)

  203. chriseda says on September 12, 2013

    This is simply amazing. You are such an inspiration and i would love to win the outfit because it is so me and the details on the skirt are to die for. I wish i could afford it.

  204. Hi Aimee, I would love to win this amazing outfit because I just started my own Style blog! I’d love to wear pieces like this, especially the flouncy skirt that I doubt I could ever afford otherwise! Lots of love to you and your amazing blog! <3 Mindy

  205. I should win this collection because I love skirts for this upcoming season. Especially flared, structured skirts with different details on it. I love how versatile the skirt and the shirt is!

  206. Tabathia B says on September 12, 2013

    It would be great for my daughter who is in college but goes to many fundraiser events

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  207. I should win this look because I never wear skirts! I think this would be the perfect opportunity for me to be a little adventurous with my wardrobe.

  208. Black is my absolute favorite color and the details on this skirt are so fun! I love the construction of it, the shape is a killer update on an otherwise basic outfit. Plus, as a true Parisian and New Yorker, (born in Paris, from NYC) I promise to rock the all-black in true city style. Love the blog. xo

  209. H&M did an awesome job with their Fall and Paris collections, and that skirt is no exception! Would love to have that skirt in my wardrobe, especially since it’s sold out online currently!

  210. Hi Aimee,

    i would be proud to win this contest because i really respect you for this blog. I started with my blog 2 months ago and you are my icon. I hope that i´ll be in a future so good as you and also that we will meet one day. If i don´t win this contest, i am glad to tell this to you because i know that you will read this comment. Good luck at your work and be so nice as you are. XO Olga

  211. I love this outfit! I think skirts are the perfect transitional piece especially living in a city like Chicago where the weather is constantly changing. Its easy enough to rock the skirt when its 90 degrees or throw on some leggings and boots with it when its snowing outside.

  212. I love this outfit! I should win this because I’m about to move and start a new life in Taiwan, and would love to be rocking H&M’s awesome new collection while I do it!

  213. I really like this look. It’s really stylish and classy, love the fact that it’s all black.
    I should win this look because it is totally my style, love it!

  214. I LOVE this outfit! Not only black is my favorite color, but the style of the skirt works great with my legs. I should win this look because I’m a stay at home mom who lives vicariously through fashion blogs…especially yours Aimee!
    I always dress up and wear make-up, everyday. Just because I don’t go to work at an office, doesn’t mean I can’t look good just for me, and you never know who you will meet any day.
    I’m in the process of updating my skirt collection big time…I want to add interesting and unique pieces and get rid of boring ones. This black skirt is perfect for Houston weather. Since in Houston we have summer temps for over a month more and our fall is so fair I can enjoy it that much longer. I need it!

  215. love this outfit! perfect example that you can be elegant and stylish with no need of spending thousands! also, this 2 pieces are an essential and can be worn in lots of different ways

  216. I’d love to win because I adore pretty much all things Aimee Song and h&m and I’ve been studying for a big test ALL summer and this would totally pick me up for the next chapter to come!

  217. In love with this outfit, head-to-toe! For the most part I’m a pretty simple kind of girl, and for most days I’m in black leggings/jeans and a top. I’m a social worker and I work with kids (only boys, to be specific!) every day and, lets face it, nothing “nice” would really make it through the day… my wardrobe can get pretty frustrating when I want to dress up for a night out or just for the hell of it, and I would love to add this outfit to my wardrobe! And that skirt…sigh…totally in love.

  218. This is a perfect “lbe” (little black ensemble). I’m always looking for a minimal skirt with maximum impact. Would love for this to make the move to my closet!

  219. I’d love to win this outfit because both pieces are definite essentials in a closet for this fall season. Plus, I’m tiny like you, and I think they’d be very flattering on me.

  220. Hi Aimee,

    I would love to win this lovely outfit as my 21st is coming up and I don’t have an outfit yet and also none of my friends will have this haha!

    I absolutely love this look and it will be perfect for the restaurant we are going to and think it would be the greatest present ever for me to win!!

    Keeping my fingers crossed!!

    Love, Alexandra

  221. I would love to win this outfit. It is classy, stylish and has a sexyness that it just perfect. Not too much. So it van be worn at any occasion. Love it!

  222. Amy McInnes says on September 12, 2013

    Style that caught my eye! Browsing through the blog posts, your photo stood out like a shining beacon of fashion lust. I love it. From the feminine cut of the Broderie Anglaise style skirt, to the sexy simple boyfriend style open shirt, highlighting the waistline in a delicate fashion. It’s something I aspire to wear yet never find. The combination of flirty yet cute is what I want to pull off. I love the whole outfit, and I’m a picky person to please, hence why I would love to win this! I for once want to look and feel like a sexy lady.

  223. Aimee, pick me! Pick me! Haha. I’m actually a costume designer, so I pay a lot of attention to cut and fabric. I’m on a tight budget so there’s a lot of pieces I would love to get from the H&M collection, but oddly enough, one of my favorite pieces was actually the skirt you’re wearing right now. I love the laser cutout detail and the texture of the skirt. I remember designing a theater piece with all black costumes and created different looks and outfits based on silhouette and texture. I also love, LOVE the waistband detail – how it’s thicker and how it really defines the waist. I just moved to LA after I graduated grad school and am on a tight budget since I’m living on my own full-force. It’d be so awesome if I could win this skirt and add it to my wardrobe! 고마워!

  224. This collection is beautiful. Ive always been hesitant to do the black on black thing but this looks wearable and can easily be fitted for day or night!

  225. I love these piece together it is really a great combination that can transfer from day to night with a few great accessories. I have always been inspired by your blog and I think you have a great since of style. if I was to win the chic outfit I would wear to New Orleans Fashion Week to show off some elegant Parisian style.

  226. I would love to win this giveaway!!! I used to never even try to dress nice – but once I started to teach, wearing different and bright colors really made a huge difference in my day! It was such an energy boost. For a while I stayed away from black, thinking it would be a huge debbie downer… but I am learning that you can actually feel just as awesome in black if the outfit is super chic and trendy! I think this giveaway will help me with just that. I really, really, really hope I win this giveaway! Thanks for setting this up! And thanks H&M too!

  227. This outfit is so perfect. This would be a dream to win. To me, fashion is so much more than “the perfect shirt” or “that perfect skirt.” Fashion is the embodiment of humanity. It’s such a perfect display of what human’s can do and the things we can create. Fashion, the things we wear, the things we put together are so reflective of we as humans feel. Our era is so light and carefree and happy and out clothes reflect that. We’re in a time of change where black is the new staple, where women can dress femininely but still be powerful and do things we couldn’t before. It’s a time for change and our fashion has changed with it. It’s so amazing to think that someone hand-stitched that flawless skirt and became a part of a movement. Our clothes reflect who we are. They’re a way to express what you can’t say with words; they say things about yourself that you never could. It’s the only outlet some have and it’s the perfect one for it. Fashion is so important, whether someone thinks so or not. The items from the Paris Show Collection aren’t just clothes; they’re part of humanity.

  228. kim kleeman says on September 11, 2013

    hi aimee,
    you look gorgeous in this outfit as you always do! I would love to win this outfit because it would put a smile on my face. I lost my cat, mr tigglesworth (aka tiggy, aka notorious t.i.g.) to cancer a month ago and it has been such a tough time for me. he was my best buddy for 10 years. I know we are no supposed to like stuff but winning something so beautiful would definitely be a nice surprise.

    great pics from fashion week, have fun!

  229. This outfit is so cute! I’m a student graduating in a quarter, and will soon need more additions to make my wardrobe more sophisticated! thanks for doing this giveaway :)

  230. Mayra Aguero says on September 11, 2013

    Ahhhh!!! I have been following u since the begging of your blog. I simply love your style. Every time i see your pictures i get so inspired on what to wear to my next big party or event. I really hope i win this outift. I will pray every night for it! i want it i want it i want it!!!! :)

  231. Latasha Sandoval says on September 11, 2013

    Beautiful floral cut skirt. I would bless my daughter with it. She would be incredibly happy to wear it!

  232. I literally gasped when I saw this outfit. This outfit could not be more “me”. Well, unless it was topped with a leather jacket ;) I finally took the plunge and purchased one over the summer and could not think of a better skirt to pair it with. I’m all about high waist flouncy skirts right now!! I seriously can’t stop staring at the skirt…I keep finding more and more details to obsess over. The brocade/laser cut/lace type is BEYOND!!! This outfit truly excites me and that is what I love about fashion!

  233. Chloe N. says on September 11, 2013

    Lovely outfit. I have been a fan of your style as well as your interior design skills for quite a while. I read your blog everyday and also have a habit to check out your instagram quite a lot (sorry for being such a creeper). I love how the skirt can be the center of the attention and the person who wears the skirt can choose a simple top to wear with it. The skirt has such great volume but not overwhelming for a person to wear. I love fashion since i was a little kid and even though I choose to major in science when I attend college, I always wish someday I can go to Paris and attend Fashion Week. That is why learning French language and culture help me to appreciate the Parisian style even more. I would love to win these items because I never win anything in my life. To be honest, this is my first time entering in a giveaway. I would be extremely happy to receive this outfit. The skirt is something different and such a great piece to have. Thanks for reading my comment and have a great day :), looking forward to many more blog posts.

  234. I have never been to Paris and it has always been a fantasy vacation of mine. I would love to win this contest because H&M is a leading vertically integrated company that comes out with classic clothes that have a luxurious aesthetic. If I won I would be that much closer to the Parisian style of dress.

  235. Lovely outfit! The skirt’s cutouts remind me a bit of crinkly leaves in the Fall, as the wear & tear of being on the floor causes unruly holes to form. That’s the beauty of a garment like that skirt— it can take your imagination somewhere. Would love rock the outfit, but also break it down and pair the skirt with a great sweater + colorful scarf or the shirt with some good ol’ denim. Thanks!

  236. I am a fashionista. I truly want to win this more than ANYTHING in the world!!! Ever since I was very young, I have been interested in fashion. I have always loved clothes, shoes, accessories and makeup; and basically anything and everything related to fashion. When I was a little girl, I used to get my mother to invite all of my friends over and I would style all of their outfits using my shoes, clothes, and accessories along with those that came in my many dress up boxes. After dressing everyone I would put a long feather boa on either side of my floor and have my friends walk through to whatever music I got from my mom. When I got a little older, my “fashion shows” more professional-better music, better clothes and shoes, better accessories, better runway, makeup, hair-anything I could do to make them better I did. I subscribed, and I still subscribe to all of the fashion magazines I can get hold of and read them the second they come in the mail. I have a “fashion journal” with all of my favorite trends and inspirations. I memorized all of the designer brands by the time I was 11 years old and I have kept up with all of their trends throughout the years. All of my friends look to me for fashion inspiration and ask me to style them. I watch every fashion-related video I can find online and always watch all of the fashion week coverage, interviews, and behind-the-scenes footage I can find online. I live and breathe fashion. My biggest dream would be to be like Rachel Zoe-one of my biggest inspirations. I would love to be a celebrity stylist and a fashion designer and have my own show. I would love to meet her someday! My second biggest dream is to go to a fashion show in NYC on fashion week. Unfortunately, I have not even been able to go New York City yet, which I find unacceptable for a fashionista like myself. I LOVE THESE PIECES AND THEY ARE TOTALLY MY STYLE!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR DOING THIS:) I REALLY APPRECIATE IT:D mslamani(at)Hotmail(dot)com

  237. I think this combination is great. It can be worn on many occasions and suit you perfectly. I’d love to win because it totally reflects my style, and it would be awesome to wear what you’re wearing because I’m impressed with your style and way of dressing.Skirt is made great, just want to have it in my closet. I think that this piece never goes out of fashion and olso black is my favorite color. Thank you for the giveaway and sorry about my english :)

  238. I’m in love with the elegance that comes along with this flirty skirt! While it hugs at the hips, the color makes a classy statement and the cutouts give it an added edge. As if that wasn’t enough, the natural flounce flirts figure and is completely adorable!
    This skirt screams “must-have” and I definitely want to add this piece from the Paris collection to my wardrobe!

    I’d be honored to have you select me!

    Thanks Aimee! <3

  239. CharityS says on September 11, 2013

    I think this outfit has style, grace, and glamour all rolled into one. I believe that’s a perfect definition of who I am in today’s ever changing fashion climate. Thanks for the giveaway.

  240. Jennifer says on September 11, 2013

    I believe sophistication lies in simplicity, which is the message these garments portray. Its elegant qualities allude to a strong and independent woman with a graceful demeanor. This is my point of view that I would love to further express wearing these pieces, therefore I hope to win the Paris Show Collection garments that are displayed in this blog post.

  241. I love this outfit and I love H&M! I work in marketing, and this would be the perfect addition to my closet for client meetings, so I think I should win :)

    Did I mention I live in the color black and I could most likely single-handedly keep H&M in business because my entire closet (and trust me it’s a large closet) is from H&M. So I might as well keep adding to it ;)

  242. I would love to win this outfit! This outfit would be perfect for a night out with my love & or my girlfriends.This outfit us even perfect for special occasions.

  243. this skirt is amazing!!! i wish i could say that i have it in my closet :)

  244. This outfit is amazing! I would love to rock this somewhere (hopefully on a first, second or third date, or a night out with friends). I have been following you for some time now and wish I could wear everything you own. I am definitely not fashion forward but LOVE outfits that are simple yet trendy – like the one posted!

  245. Jaclyn Jabanto says on September 11, 2013

    I know my odds are slim like winning the superbowl but why i would love to win this entire outfit is because i just love clothes plain and simple.. i love fashion and trying on different things and using pieces that are so versatile you can mix and match until you create a whole brand new look. HnM is such an affordable place especially for people like me who are on a tight budget on a daily basis between university and architecture work . I love the chance to own something that beautiful and equally chameleon like pair with a white t shirt or long black crop top . Thanks xx

  246. Carolyn OConnell says on September 11, 2013

    this dress is gorgeous! my daughters would love it. my daughter is so into fashion (sometimes I wonder if she’s mine because I’m a jeans girl) the best part about this dress is that it will be handed down to my step daughters and worn with faith in theirselves. then it will be donated to an organization that gives other girls to feel the same way. my kids good care of their clothes, I taught them respect. thank you for a chance and congratulations to the potential winner

  247. I would love to win this outfit because this outfit is exactly something I would style for myself. I am going to Miami soon and I feel this outfit would be a complete head turner.


  248. I feel I should win this prize because I believe that playing dress up isn’t just make believe! This is the kind of outfit that reminds me that everyday you should dress up and feel confident in conquering your dreams:)

    With Love,

  249. I think I should win this giveaway because 1. I’ve never won a giveaway in my life, 2. I’ve been following your blog & checking it religiously, 3. we have similar taste in style, 4. because I’m struggling to make myself a fashion blogger/stylist/writer, and 5. because winning this will be a sign that I need to pursue my dream instead of being stuck at a desk job.

    It would be great if I could win this giveaway. If you believe in being a sign for people, and if you believe that you can change a girl’s path toward her passion…please choose me.

    Love always as your loyal follower,
    Eunice Kim

  250. I would love to win this beautiful outfit because of the details. I especially I adored the laser cuts skirt. Wearing this outfit will make me feel like I attended a fashion show at New York Fashion Week this past week.

  251. Tammy Allen says on September 11, 2013

    I love the entire ensemble. It’s styled perfectly and the cutouts in that skirt so cutting edge. (pun intended)

  252. Love, love, love everything about this outfit! I have been wantingly following NYC fashion week… & while I can not afford the beautiful clothes I’ve seen, I’d love to win something to don for a night out on the town!

  253. I absolutely love this outfit. The skirt in particular is to die for.
    You look lovely as usual

  254. Soooo lovely!!! I should win because I’ve already made space for that outfit in my closet 0=) LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!

  255. I should win the prize because people are always stopping me to ask me where I got my clothes, and most of the time I get to say, “I got it from H&M! It was a STEAL!” At 5″2′ 104 lbs, It’s hard to find clothes that fit off the rack, but H&M’s size 2 fit me like a glove, and with that level of quality and value, I’m usually in the store once a week looking for my next great find.

    I’m perfect for this!

  256. Julie L. says on September 11, 2013

    Love that outfit! I should win because all I own is casual clothes and I have a big date coming up! I’d love to have a gorgeous, stylish, feminine outfit to wear!

  257. The skirt is very stylish. I love the flair and the waist looks very comfortable because its made thick and high waisted. i would prefer to win the gift card because your size would not fit me.

  258. Kristina says on September 11, 2013

    I should win because I Absolutely ADORE that outfit. As simple as that. :)

  259. Hi Aimee!
    I think I should win this lovely outfit as my 21st is coming up and I don’t have an outfit yet and this would be so perfect and none of my friends will have it haha! It would be the perfect present!
    Keeping my fingers crossed!

    Love, Alexandra :) x

  260. Hi Aimee,

    I think I should win the Paris Show Collection garments as I think they are so lovely and perfect for my 21st birthday which I am struggling to find an outfit for! And this would be lovely I am going to a really nice restaurant with my friends and none of them with have this outfit haha!

    I really love this look and hope I get the chance to wear it myself!!

    Crossing my fingers!

    Love, Alexandra

  261. Black is my absolute favorite color to wear. My closet consists of many black pieces but none are as fun and flirty as this!! It would be absolutely amazing to win this and add more character to my collection!

  262. Tara Daigle says on September 11, 2013

    I have been shopping at H&M since I can even remember, before they became one of the “IT” stores for fashion. They used to cater more to the business women and I felt their clothes could be a little stuffy. Now, I almost adore EVERY single piece in their collections and suprised each time at how much better they get! I would love to win this of course, so pick me! :)

  263. I’m a huge fan of the flounce, I’m wearing a flouncy skirt right now! Love this version.

  264. Veronica Inveen says on September 11, 2013

    I love this skirt and would love to have it because I adore the immense detail which makes it look so luxurious. I could style this with so many different pieces making any simple top look so put together. Not to mention H&M is one of my all-time favorite brands, with such simple, inexpensive fashionable pieces! Hope I win :)!

  265. Just WOW. Now thats a skirt even I would probably feel amazing in it. And I never feel amazing… To bad it`s not a worldwide contest. :(
    Anyways Amiee, you look beautiful! <3

  266. I love monochromatic outfits with little details! Whether its slight embroidery or a textured finish, pieces like this have a chic and luxurious allure.

  267. I would love to win because it would add some fun pieces to my normally kind of boring wardrobe! I could totally wear that outfit to a dinner or girls night out :)

  268. Love this outfit! Both pieces are beautiful & versatile whether worn together or separately and would help solve the age old problem of feeling like I have nothing to wear in my closet.

  269. I’m a sucker for a structural piece with a little design intrigue. This skirt is perfection, not only because of the shape and perfect length, but the cutouts and stiffness in the body make it a true showstopper. I’d love to win and be able to rock this outfit at work or out on a Friday night!


  270. Stephanie Figuccio says on September 11, 2013

    “One is never over-dressed or underdressed with a Little Black Dress.”-— Karl Lagerfeld (Or skirt in this instance)

  271. Should I win it? No. Do I want to win it? Yes. Actually.. maybe it’s a matter of having to win it, simply because I don’t own a single skirt (I have yet to really understand why this is the case). It’s a beautiful one, that’s forsure. This is also one of my favorite looks of yours this NYFW!

    More than anything though I’d just love to hear your opinion on my blog, I started shoe designing and have been posting my work online, your opinion would be lovely to hear!


  272. I’d love to win this giveaway cause I simply adore the skirt, in my opinion it is so much versatile in fact you can wear it on a casual night with friends, or on a formal work date or in a lot of other occasions. By the way it looks amazing on you!

  273. says on September 11, 2013

    It is always a treat to see what you have next in line for us to see. You are a smart dressing and cute lady.

  274. I recently had a baby and I’m trying to get my sexy back. This would help get that ball rolling for me. Trying to get my body back in tip top shape will be trying but why not start the process with amazing clothes.

  275. Eleni Papastergiou says on September 11, 2013

    you look fab! i’d love to win sth from the paris collection beacause the clothes combine glam and “h&m”. your outfit can be worn at work but in a club also. Fingers crossed

  276. Debbie Fechter says on September 11, 2013

    I would love to win the Paris Show Collection garments because I am stuck in a “Mommy rut” and these outfits would help me bring my Sexy Back!!!!

  277. I wanted to buy this skirt the other day but I didn’t think the fabric was that great ….. however, your rocking it! I saw a similar style from Alexander Wang which I think I will get instead! with love from

  278. caroline says on September 11, 2013

    I want to win because I almost never won giveaways and this one is awesome!

  279. Klara Višnjić says on September 11, 2013

    I want to witn the garments because I think they’re absolutely gorgeous and I would wear them a lot

  280. First of all you look amazing as always. Secondly I should win because I can think of a million different ways to style this piece and it would be an amazing addition to my fall wardrobe. Thank you! xoxo

  281. Hi!!!!
    First of all you look soooo nice and elegant!!!! I wish I could win because I live in a small city in Greece called Volos! Here is very difficult to find those clothes ! We have To travel to Athens in order to have the opportunity to shop but there is no variety! Furthermore Athens is really far away!!!!!
    Keep up the good work honey!!!! You are a true inspiration!

  282. I would love to win this prize because, after months of hard workout, I finally got two not-so-bad legs, to wear bautifu skirts like this!!!

  283. Love Love this skirt. I have seen that on H&M website and I was already in love but now I’m obsessed.
    I should win the prize for 2 reasons :)
    1. Because I never been in a fashion show as a spectator, but just in the backstage and I would love to try that feeling.
    2. Because I never won a giveaway and I will be so thankful if that would happen to me.

  284. It would be such a blessing if I won!
    1. I am such a fan of your blog and love your eclectic style!
    2. I’d love these staple pieces because they’re stunning, especially the magical skirt!
    3. It would be a great piece to showcase in my newly started blog. I’d love to mix those pieces on my campus in LA!


  285. Sabrina Clark says on September 11, 2013

    I’ve been looking for a professional yet fun look for work and winning this look would be great!

  286. You look amazing! I was super sceptical at first when H&M decided to show in Paris but this skirt, the over-the-knee boots and the faux fur coat proved me wrong! H&M has really stepped up its game!

  287. This outfit is absolutely amazing!! I’m graduating college this year and hoping to add some nice pieces to my wardrobe for the “real world”, so I love that the blouse would work equally well with a more conservative outfit. I also really love fit and flare skirts and this one is just awesome in every possible way! I would LOVE to win this outfit!

  288. If I won this outfit or an H&M gift card I would be a VERY happy poor university student with a brand new outfit for her job interview!!! x

  289. Liesbeth says on September 10, 2013

    This skirt is just amazing! It’s totally Aimee and also totally my style!

  290. I would love to win this outfit from the collection because I’ve been looking for flared skirts and this skirt is just perfect from the cut to the texture and even how you styled it. I am a recent grad applying for jobs and I think this would be a cute skirt to wear to interviews :)

  291. wow. I love your look. Not only this one, almost every look, I’ve seen here. I really wanna win the collection because you seem to spread so much happiness with your looks ad your overall appearance and I would like to do the same. At least for one day.

  292. I should win because I’m totally in love with the collection, but totally broke. Only could buy the feather scarf.

    Looking good!


    P.s. wrote the wrong e-mail-adress above!

  293. I should win because I’m totally in love with the collection, but totally broke. Only could buy the feather scarf.

    Looking good!


  294. This whole outfit is a dream come true, I’m dying over how cute you look!

    I want to win because I have big dreams and I think sometimes you need to be wearing the right outfit in order to achieve those dreams! Dress for the life you want, right? And any life that includes wearing that skirt is a life I want! :)

  295. You look great my dear!!
    You know, someone told me few days ago and I also heard this before, that H&M clothes wasn’t appropriate for women 40+. Well, I am 42 and I completely disagree with those statements. I would not hesitate wearing any of the pieces from this gorgeous collection or any other H&M clothing. Age doesn’t define style ;-) Agree?

  296. I would love to win because it is very hard for me to find clothes that fit properly and H&M always fits me right.

  297. Hi Aimee, I think I should win the Paris Show Collection garments because I would wear them to work and play, every day! Your outfit looks gorgeous! Thank you for hosting this great giveaway with H&M.

  298. Irene Vu says on September 10, 2013

    Hi Song, I have been following you for a long time but this is my first making comment on your blog. I love the outfit because the skirt is like a piece of art. I hope I will get picked even I though I know I am not lucky at all. Never win anything in my life. You look gorgeous all the time!

  299. First, keep up the great work, I look to your blog for inspiration daily! I am currently a doctoral student in San Diego, and am defending my dissertation next Thursday, the 19th. I’d love to win this outfit because not only am I an avid shopper at H & M (since I’m on a grad student budget, but still want to look chic), but I’m also a mom on the go, and would love this fantastic outfit to update my wardrobe… and possibly wear this outfit to celebrate getting my Ph.D (= Let’s just say that, after 6 years in grad school and one baby, I’m in desperate need of a fashion makeover, and this clean, super stylish outfit would do the job! Thanks!

  300. Marguerite/@chicspace says on September 10, 2013

    This outfit shows a perfect combination of uniformity (the black) and contrast (the very feminine, flared skirt paired with a modern, clean-lined, daring top) accented with clean yet feminine accessories (shoes, jewelry). I think this is a great reflection of your design style, both in fashion and in interiors!

    Plus…wouldn’t it be cool to have someone who works on an upcoming Mars mission (and still in LA!) look this great?

    I would love to win this! Thanks! (and love seeing your #NYFW coverage on IG)

  301. Emma Nielsen says on September 10, 2013

    I would love to win because I absolutely adore these garments! But I don’t have a H&M store close to me so I can’t buy them… so winning them or a giftcard would be so amazing! :)

  302. I would absolutely love to win this outfit! I am graduating from University next semester and will be interviewing for creative marketing positions within the fashion industry so soon (eeep!) These pieces would make a KILLER first impression for my interviews and hopefully help me land my dream job!

  303. I would love to win because, living in Idaho, I don’t get many high-end garment options. And I’d rock it!

  304. Katrina Perez says on September 10, 2013

    Hi Aimee, I’d be so grateful if I was chosen for the mini giveaway!! I love French style/culture/EVERYTHING and having something straight from the runway would just be so amazing.. This outfit is so chic and structured, yet fun and unique (something I really need more of). I would be so happy!


  305. danielle says on September 10, 2013

    oh my goodness. that skirt is beautiful. the details and cutouts are so unique. this whole look is just perfect!

  306. You’re such an inspiration. I love how this is a black on black ensemble with such character and feminine flare.

    I’d be honored to win the H&M giveaway from your site. You inspired me to stick to my dream and to blog for ME and not for anyone or for anything. I’ve learned more about myself while I experience different looks, I learn more about other eras in fashion, style and stories, and I connect with other fashionistas out there .

    Thank you Song of Style for being just a regular gal that loves what she does because it truly shows in all that you do and share.

    Joi Marie

    Fashion Blogger of

  307. lovely skirt and top!!! love the detail on the skirt. suits you so nicely. i love feminine cuts and this is definitely a feminine outfit. I should win it :) would be perfect because i love being a girly girl, and actually, i don’t own a lot of black in my closet surprisingly. i love colors too much! so this would be nice :)

    Sparkle & Chic

  308. That is an amazing skirt and it’s perfect for going from a day at school to going out to dinner with my friends with a nicer top. I in love with the structured fit, and the cut outs, it adds such edge to the girls embroidery. And I’m not usually a fan of black but my opinion has changed thanks to this skirt :)

  309. Safinaaz says on September 10, 2013

    I love the skirt and blouse. It’s very chic and sophisticated.
    As someone who is an engineer and is starting to get a grip on her feminine side, this outfit would be a lovely to wear when I attend and participate in tech trade events/conventions.
    Love to win the outfit, and thanks to your blog I know how I can wear these two pieces in many different combinations.

  310. As a New Yorker, black clothing items are a staple in my wardrobe. They can take me from the office to dinner and an after-work party. These pieces would be perfect additions to my closet!

  311. Madeline says on September 10, 2013

    I would love to win the h&m contest!! I am a new student at FIT in NYC and need an update to my wardrobe. It’s hard living on a tight budget here, not enough room to spend on clothes.

  312. francine s says on September 10, 2013

    i love hm! (i realized that when i opened my closet and saw that a majority of my clothing are from there.) This outfit just confirms how great h and m is and i would love to add it to my wardrobe!

  313. That skirt is seriously gorgeous. That skirt would definitely give me motivation to get super fit so I look as good in it.

  314. What a fab outfit! I am turning 30 soon and this outfit is quite the paradox. It is the perfect mix of youth and maturity: fun and flouncy yet chic and classy. Delicate yet edgy. Dark yet romantic. I could wear this and be as flashy as I want when going out and then tone it down a little for work. I would love to win this giveaway!

  315. Mysterious & Elegant! How I would love to win this look. I spend all day working in a hospital draped in a white clinic coat shaped like a marshmallow. To be able to take off my clinic coat for an evening out by revealing such a lovely ensemble would be so amazing!

  316. Love your outfit, I just got a new job and I am looking for fun easy pieces I can wear at the office. I also love H&M so this would be awesome!

  317. This skirt is absolutely beautiful and I would love to win the skirt as I am trying to do more outfit posts on my blog and this would be great statement piece to style in so many different ways!

    Sparkles and Shoes

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  319. Love this! Aside from being the perfect skirt for strolling the streets of Paris with café au lait in hand (le sigh), I would be ecstatic to dress it up or down any day of the week for the streets of DC ;) This is a much needed piece of sophistication and fun for my closet, and my hips (or should I say lack thereof)!

    Time to rep the east coast?

  320. **This combo is amaze-balls!:) I love textured white on white and black on black. Your choice of jewelry is stellar ta-boot. I would love to win this contest because I’m having a baby in a week and have been feeling *blah* for many months now, my wardrobe has been lackluster to say the least. A new outfit for post baby would be divine! Please help me be a stylish mama. :D

  321. I absolutely adore this outfit in its entirety. Most definitely an outfit I could wear for my boyfriends 21 birthday! Not to mention I recently donated more than half my closet worth of clothes so I can “reinvent” my look now that I’m too old for ratty t-shirts and preteen shirts. Would love to add these pieces to the collection. <3

  322. LOVE this skirt. I’ve been looking for something with the perfect amount of flirty with great structure. This is just the piece! I would love to wear this on an up coming trip I have to Thailand!

  323. I adore that black skirt! The fullness and cutouts are stunning and would be a great piece for any women to have in their closet for Fall!! I would love to win it. Hope you are having fun in NY!! Love your IG photos!

    xo, Connie

  324. I love this outfit! I should win because I am looking for an outfit for my house warming party and this would be perfect

  325. I love this outfit! The detail in that skirt is fabulous and I love how you paired it with the blouse!

    I would love to win this outfit because I feel like I need to switch up my style. I’m in a bit of a slump but slowly collecting pieces to spice up my wardrobe and I feel this would be a great addition!

    delightful sunflower

  326. I love this simple yet chic outfit. I also adore flouncy and fit and flare skirts and this one takes the cake with the pattern as well, would love it as part of my collection =) Aimee, it was SO wonderful meeting you briefly at NYFW!!

    Suzie Q

  327. This is amazing! I would love to wear this outfit any day — I know your go-to staple color is white but mine is definitely all black! Love the silhouette and cutout details on the skirt, perfect to dress down with a plaid shirt or dress up with a blouse like you did. Also obsessed with the looseness & versatility of the blouse. Love love love!

  328. Hi Aimee! I would absolutely love to win this outfit! I am going to Paris next year for Fashion Week and it would be perfect for my trip to eat at Parisian cafes and attend Paris Fashion Week.

  329. It would be absolutely amazing to win this outfit ensemble because my style necessarily is not on the ‘girly’ side (like the flouncy skirt). As I reach into my early 20s, I would like to dress a bit more sophisticated (but still with an edge). I think this outfit is perfect balanced in its edgy-ness, and structure but coming off as elegant at the same time!

  330. I am madly in love with this skirt! Everything about it is awesome. Love how it has it’s own shape and structure! The cut outs are definitely icing on the cake! Can’t wait for it to become available in the store <3

  331. Amy Lana says on September 10, 2013

    I would love to win the Paris Show Collection garments because it would give me a chance to experience with fashion a bit more than my normal everyday wear. I think the clothes you wear are so fun and it inspires to take a risk and go out of my comfort zone

  332. I love how useful this skirt is but also how adorable it is! Can be dressed up or down, which for someone who is just starting off in the real world (soon to be post grad life) is a must! Also how structured it is but also how fluffy it looks gives it such a unique juxtaposition! LOVE it :)

  333. When it comes to fall/winter, it’s so fun to pull off a heavy coat and have something with volume bounce up. This skirt will look great with everything from basic black to sequins. I love it!

  334. connie chung says on September 10, 2013

    I’m going to paris in 3 weeks and how cool would it be to wear this in PARIS where the collection was showcased?! I’ll have an outfit to pose with in front of the beautiful eiffel tower :)

  335. I would love to win this contest, because “Paris is always a good idea” ;-)

    Fingers crossed!

    Kisses xx

  336. i would love to win this outfit bc i think i just found my inspiration for my french anniversary dinner in a few weeks! :P i love this very simple yet elegant and feminine look. please pick me!

  337. Samantha says on September 10, 2013

    This outfit! To die for. I love that you could really wear this anywhere–to work, out for drinks, an event, or even out running errands. I particularly love the cut-out details on the flouncy skirt, making this not just a boring all-black outfit. The details of the skirt in combination with the added jewelry give the all-black-look a little “umph.” I adore it! I would love to rock this look.

  338. I would love to win this prize because I am finally happy with my body and feel confident now to wear things that I wouldn’t have worn before. The clothes would boost my confidence even more.

  339. all black everything- one of the hardest things is to get together an interesting outfit- here works everything together… i am always on the search for ‘special’ black pieces and totally could see me wearing this skirt in every situation of life- normal schoolday with a simple hoodie and some vans or for going out on the weekend with a crop top instead and adding some heels- just in love ♥

  340. the skirt is fantastic, I’d love to dress it up and down for both professional and fun events, the texture is amazing!


  341. amazed by the skirt. you always manage to look so sweet chic and edgy. so bad the contest is only for us citizens and residents. loved it.

  342. jackie ryu says on September 10, 2013

    i adore this outfit! I’m an attorney so I’m always looking for outfits that I can wear to work then switch out simple pieces to wear out to dinner with friends. I can see myself dressing this outfit for casual fridays with flats and a structured bag then wearing heals and a sparkly clutch for nighttime!

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