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Fall Favorites

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One fall trend that I’m loving is plaid and leather. On my first day in New York for Fashion Week, I wore my plaid skirt from Karen Millen, with a simple tee and a leather biker jacket to presentations and to enjoy the city of New York. I wasn’t sure if it was going to be hot or not, so I left the hotel with a sweater but ended up tying it around my waist, which brought more patterns into my outfit.


There are so many ways to wear plaid and it’s been a fall favorite for many years but I really like the modern silhouette on this classic pattern. Plus it can be styled in so many different ways from preppy to grunge as seen here.songofstyle-leatherjacket-newyorksongofstyle-wrapskirt-newyork

Every girl should own a great leather jacket that you can always count on. It really gives your outfit that cool girl swag and really edges up your outfit! I love this one from Karen Millen because of the quilted details on the sleeves, as well as the usage of zippers throughout. I felt like a badass! songofstye-laceankleboots-plaidskirt

P.S. I’ve shared my favorite New York City hotspots on Karen Millen so make sure to check it out! Also, let me know what your fall staples are! xo

Karen Millen Leather Biker Jacket
Karen Millen Turtleneck Sweater
Karen Millen Plaid Wrap Skirt
Karen Millen Laser Cut Lace Peep Toe Boots


  1. Now this kind of plaid is something I could work with, I’m very picky when it comes to plaid, but I looove how you styled it :)

  2. Your outfits never disappoint me, each of them is ultra cool and stylish! Love it ♥

  3. Great tartan skirt! The cut is so simple. It’s great that you make this look very fashionable rather than school girl. Well done.



  4. Great outfit. I’m seeing everyone in Tokyo tying shirts and sweaters around their waist, tres chic. Would love it if you checked out my travel/fashion blog!

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  8. great look! love plaid shorts and those booties. Great lets too! :)
    Sorry to bombard you with too many comments today, but I’m finally catching up with my blogs from summer (took a long vacation). :)


  9. Definitely loving the plaid and you styled it so well. I’ve always love Karen Millen and I’m so happy to see you wearing everything Karen Millen here =)

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