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Cropped Top and Bermuda Shorts



Thankfully, I packed a lot of cropped tops for my trip to Seoul, Korea. Since my crop top was showing a lot of skin, I wanted to be a tad bit covered up but not fry in this heat so I decided to pair it with these pleated bermuda shorts. I’m a lover of short shorts and short skirts but these are a refreshing change.


I wore this to Gangnam (yes, it’s an actual neighborhood!) in Seoul where there are a lot of trendy stores but best of all, the prettiest cafes and a delicious shaved ice cream store! My girl Chriselle and I literally came here almost everyday we were in Seoul.


I love how these shorts look like a skirt too. So into skorts these day.s.. I think the best way to style midi length shorts is with simple footwear so the whole outfit isn’t too fussy.



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  5. shandy says on August 30, 2013

    i love your shorts…its very hard to find short that fit like this so i love it..im mainly a skirt girl but i have to say that this would definitely have been in my closet if could have afford it!

  6. it looks wonderful! at first i thought it was a skirt, but now i have a lot more appreciation for the look you put together <3
    P.S.I have my first giveaway on the blog, so i invite everyone to sign up for it.