Black and Brown

How is everyone’s week going? I just wanted to let you know that as the West Coast judge for H&M;‘s 50 States of Fashion contest, I’ve chosen my winner, Alicia from Alaska! who will be receiving a $250 H&M; gift card, and will now be in the running to win a grand prize shopping spree, plus a trip for two to The Big Apple!
It was actually quite hard for me to pick just one since my West Coasters were in so many great outfits. I debated all the way to the end (I’m usually not this indecisive!) but chose the winner who had a knack of mixing and matching. She paired a striped blazer with camo pants, and added a pop of yellow to her outfit, see her winning look here. So fun and so fall appropriate! A fall outfit that I definitely want to recreate when the weather gets cooler.
Speaking of fall.. I jumped the gun and started dressing like it was fall in California. Remember these boots that I was quite obsessed with last time? Well, I wore them again. When it gets chillier, I’m planning on pairing them with leggings and super oversized sweaters!
Another item I love from H&M.; I’ve been eyeing these shorts since I saw them on the runway when I was in Paris for H&M;’s Autumn/Winter 2013 collection. I like how the studs and criss cross detailing on the sides set them apart from your typical leather shorts. I also like how thick and soft the leather is.


  1. The shorts and the jumper look great with the boots! Love it! kisses

  2. awesome outfit, honey !
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  3. Love your looks!!! amazing boot.

    Kiss from Brazil

  4. absolutely love this look.

    those boots are to die for.

  5. This is such a great combination, that I never would have thought of. Black and brown is as rare and stylish as black and blue. Very classy!
    Your Friend, Jess

  6. such a fall inspired look! lovely~



  7. I wish I could rock those shorts! You look great Aimee!

    love from San Francisco,

  8. Love the BOOTS WITH SHORTS!! I liike the length of boot alot.


  9. I adore this outfit. I love black and brown together, especially when it's mostly black with just one or two things standing out as brown.

    Fashion and Happy Things

  10. Ah I'm dying for the boots!!!

  11. I love this studded shorts!

  12. You mix black and brown like no other! SO perfect. This outfit is incredible, and congrats Alicia!

    xo, Juliette Laura

  13. Love the shorts!!! i love it!!! for sure, i'll go to shop it in hm cause i like it too much!!

  14. so different from your usual looks! I'm likin the fall style :)

  15. My week is going great! I got tickets to go see Maroon 5 :) How is your week going? Love the outfit!

    Priya xoxo

  16. Really like your shorts!

    xoxo Mireille

  17. well done on picking a winner< it must have been really hard. Also< i'm a fan of these hsorts too and the outfit is great!! :) xx

  18. Awesome shorts, love the detailing on the piping! xoxo <3

    New post up…
    ❤ Jenny Tsang | Tsangtastic on Bloglovin'

  19. Love this outfit!

    We have the best black/white/gold color combos and designer womenswear for less.

  20. not a brown/black lover but i love those shorts x

  21. You're definitely my fav blogger. I love this post ! ♥

    Sincerely, Yann.

  22. Your legs and that leather shorts are killers!!!

  23. Awesome shorts and the combination with the boots, awesome! xx

  24. Great look, as always! You are the mix & match pro, I've never thought I would find a combination of black and brown so inspiring!

    Sandrine xx

  25. omg. these shorts are from H&M;??? seriously? They're freaking awesome

  26. Cute look, the boots are adorable. This outfit is a nice change from your usual (but always adorable) minimalist sandals and white tee! Still rocking the signature short shorts though :)

  27. You look amazing in long boots! I'd drown in them as I'm not the tallest girl in the world! haha.

    Have a lovely day, <3

    Boonya –

  28. Definitely not something just anyone can wear — but you rock it!
    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  29. everything about this outfit blows my mind! and congrats to Alice!

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  30. Oh I can't decide if I like more the shorts or the boots, what I do know is that you look amazing!

    Cee. ♥
    Code Overdressed

  31. Pretty cool look! Love the boots and the shorts!

  32. OH wooow I love this Outfit. Perfect for autumn

  33. I love your Shorts! Very cool!
    Follow me!

  34. Such a sweet look! Seriously rock star material. Love it!

  35. This is such an honor! I can't thank you enough! A big thanks to those congratulating me on here as well. It means so much!


  36. Stunning high boots, it's very feminine! I love the edgy shorts too <3

    Love from France <3

  37. Love the studded shorts!! You look great as always!!

  38. This outfit is really sexy. I love the details on the short paired with the bangle. Is this really H&M;!?

  39. Q

    Love the shorts… the color makes a nice change from black.x

  40. Oh those boots are everywhere right now, love them.

    Also love your shorts, they really rock!

    Chris x

  41. Never knew black and brown could work so well together.

  42. Really cool shorts, and very interesting boots I really like how they look against the short shorts xx

  43. I am in love with those boots!! I need them in my closet for fall ASAP!

    xo, Delightful Sunflower

  44. love the boots, i think i will get them when they come out!!! Great outfit!!!

  45. This combination really look unique and it goes well on you, I love the boots it's like so chic and just look so amazing. x

  46. Love your shorts! You look amazing as always!

  47. Gorgeous outfit, your Vita Fede bangle collection is beautiful!

  48. Joy

    I love those boots. Your legs make the boots look even better! lol
    I like that you're not afraid of wearing black & brown. I don't see anything wrong with it, since a lot of people have dark hair and wear brown sweaters…same thing. lol

  49. I love those boots. Great fall/winter boots and those shorts look amazing on you. You're really tall, so the boots and shorts look great.
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  50. aeligature

    this is a comment

  51. really wanting those shorts right now, so cute!

  52. Loving your shorts and boots!!

    xoxo, Diana

  53. Wow those shorts are so cool!!!

  54. loving the leather and brown and black combo
    kw ladies in navy

  55. Those shorts are beautiful!


  56. Bee

    That outfit is KILLER!
    I would never think to combine the different styles together but you make it work!!
    Love your blog! xx

  57. This is by far the HOTTEST pa ir of shorts!!!! You are smokin’ this look!

    Please check out my blog for polka dot peplum with leather:

    thanks! xoxo

  58. those shorts are so amazing! and congratulations to the winner from Alaska!! :)


  59. I’m in love with those boots!!


  60. Jenny

    Those shorts are gorgeous!!!

  61. Those shorts are madly cool! The boots are awesome too!

    The Fashann Monster

  62. This is so inspirational:) I love the shorts, and the boots look amazing with them. Pairing those boots with leggings and big sweaters is such a good idea:) Love your style!

    Personal Style:

  63. What size do you have from this maj short?

  64. Love those shorts, the stud detail is awesome! I love that girls yellow bag too


  65. Oh! Those shorts and boots are perfect. You wear them with lot of style.

  66. The boots are sooooo perfect.
    As soon as they’ll hit the store they’ll be mine!


  67. Those shorts are fantastic! Love the way you styled them with those boots.

  68. Very cool shorts, love that you paired it with a simple top to not over power them! Great look!

  69. You look fab as always and I just love for the tranisition to fall with the shorts and boots. Can’t wait to buy those boots with love from

  70. AJ

    This look is PERFECT. I need those shorts in my life..

  71. Carla

    Perfect pre-fall outfit. I adore those boots however they look best on a tall girl like yourself.
    Would not work for me :(

    xx, C

  72. those shorts!! ah, so great.


  73. I can see that the knee high boots are coming to trend this year :)) I have to hit the shopping centers soon!

  74. Super cute outfit!! Love the shorts and that sweater! It looks so cozy~

  75. I like that you paired black and brown together, and those boots are amazing on you!

  76. Ujin that outfit was on HM fashion week that you went to

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