Getting Ready with Nars



I didn’t start wearing make-up until I was in college. If you look at my older posts from when I first started my blog, you’ll notice, that I took all of my outfit photos bare faced. It was mainly because I just didn’t know much about make-up, plus being a college student with a full time job meant no time to apply make-up. Well, through the years of blogging and meeting various make-up artists, I’ve picked up a few beauty tricks and slowly started wearing make-up. My daily make-up routine is quite simple. I put sunscreen on every morning, then fill in my brows, put on eyeliner, and put on blush. I usually don’t apply any type of foundation except when I go to events or have photo shoots, then I’ll wear tinted moisturizer.

I switched to Nars‘ tinted moisturizer about a year ago when the tinted moisturizer I had been using made me look too oily in photos (see here:http://www.songofstyle.com/2012/12/old-apt-tour-via-teen-vogue.html) and I was looking for something that was lightweight and moisturizing for my dry skin. It’s been one of my favorite make-up products. I was also recently introduced to the radiant cream compact foundation for my project with Nars. If the tinted moisturizer is perfect for everyday coverage, the compact foundation is perfect for covering, basically any blemish you have.


The compact foundation covers my freckles that I’ve gotten over the years of surfing and being under the Californian sun, and when it covers blemishes, it’s also super lightweight, moisturizing, doesn’t make me look ‘caked’ and best of all, it’s so tiny (hey, it’s called compact for a reason!) so it even fits my smallest bag.

The compact foundation is lightweight and provides great coverage when worn dry but you can also add water to make it more sheer which makes it perfect to wear from day to night. I’ll definitely be carrying this little friend around for NYFW since it can be worn both wet or dry that makes it versatile!



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  2. Aimee, your skin is naturally flawless! I’m impressed! I started college a year ago, and since then I’m wearing makeup everyday. But I also don’t wear any foundation daily, only for special events.
    I’m in love with this Nars foundation, though!
    Aimee, could you show us your daily beauty care? Like which products you use and what they are for.

    Love you!

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