Getting Ready with Nars


I didn’t start wearing make-up until I was in college. If you look at my older posts from when I first started my blog, you’ll notice, that I took all of my outfit photos bare faced. It was mainly because I just didn’t know much about make-up, plus being a college student with a full time job meant no time to apply make-up. Well, through the years of blogging and meeting various make-up artists, I’ve picked up a few beauty tricks and slowly started wearing make-up. My daily make-up routine is quite simple. I put sunscreen on every morning, then fill in my brows, put on eyeliner, and put on blush. I usually don’t apply any type of foundation except when I go to events or have photo shoots, then I’ll wear tinted moisturizer.

I switched to Nars‘ tinted moisturizer about a year ago when the tinted moisturizer I had been using made me look too oily in photos (see here: and I was looking for something that was lightweight and moisturizing for my dry skin. It’s been one of my favorite make-up products. I was also recently introduced to the radiant cream compact foundation for my project with Nars. If the tinted moisturizer is perfect for everyday coverage, the compact foundation is perfect for covering, basically any blemish you have.


The compact foundation covers my freckles that I’ve gotten over the years of surfing and being under the Californian sun, and when it covers blemishes, it’s also super lightweight, moisturizing, doesn’t make me look ‘caked’ and best of all, it’s so tiny (hey, it’s called compact for a reason!) so it even fits my smallest bag.

The compact foundation is lightweight and provides great coverage when worn dry but you can also add water to make it more sheer which makes it perfect to wear from day to night. I’ll definitely be carrying this little friend around for NYFW since it can be worn both wet or dry that makes it versatile!



  1. In love with the dress ! Looks so sweet on you XX Luba

    A perfect look for the office comeback, today on

  2. beautiful dress <3
    check out my latest look:

  3. Such a lovely dress :)

    Lisa – AT LEAST BLOG

  4. Perfect tan, I love NARS Brand.. and your dress !
    gorgeaous amy ;)

  5. Gorgeous, gorgeous!! Love this dress and you are a perfect model for it :)

  6. Beautiful look! That makeup brand looks great on you. Something definitely worth trying! :)

  7. you look gorgeous and NARS is a great firm of make-up. My best friend has one of its blushes and she´s happy! I´m looking forward to get mine too!

  8. Love this dress, and the make up literally makes it look like you have none on and that’s the best way!! :) xx

  9. what a beautiful dress. lovely.


  10. So fresh look, I like your soft make up !

  11. What a gorgeous dress, the silhouette is super flirty and the lace is so feminine! I recently got into Nars, totally obsessed with their lipsticks!

    Cee. ♥
    Code Overdressed

  12. Sounds like a good product! Love the dress too.

  13. you look gorgeous, love that dress.


  14. super cute outfitt and machable

  15. beautiful dress! so adorable!

  16. Tsangtastic

    Absolutely in love with your dress ;)) Love the structured flutterness!

    ❤ Jenny Tsang | Tsangtastic on Bloglovin’

  17. OMG I just love this dress, it’s perfect!!! The color is gorgeous and the shape is fantastic! You look absolutely stunning girl!
    Much kisses!

  18. Very pretty!!!

  19. Ah that dress is flawless, so cute!

  20. que vestido tan bonito, me encanta el bajo.


  21. Such a lovely dress! ❤

  22. Paty

    Love your blog!
    I’m posting looks from Los Angeles and accessories:

  23. You look lovely in that dress. Nice post, I love the products :) x

  24. You’re gorgeous! I love the NARS tinted moisturizer as well. I don’t like to wear a lot of makeup and never use foundation so this is a great lightweight fix for evening my skin tone and moisturizing.

  25. Erm… I just read this and there are a lot of missing words… Not quite sure what product you’re trying to advertise to us here… However, the outfit is gorgeous!

  26. Lindo o vestido, super fofu! Amei!
    O Azul e minha cor favorita =)

  27. Lindo o vestido, super fofu! Amei!
    O Azul e minha cor favorita =)


  28. ChicTrends

    Your face is flawless so I think I might have to make a few purchases! Great review.

  29. What an amazing dress! Love the color!

  30. fernanda

    Hello, could you tell me where did you buy your dress ? Thankks

  31. You look stunning in that beautiful dress!

  32. Ana

    amazing photos! love your dress! xoxo

  33. As a college student now, I feel that I don’t put on much makeup either; but I hope I can transform as much as you did!
    Your Friend, Jess

  34. Love your dress and I can see the difference with Nars products… on my pictures I don’t wear make up either because I’m just not a big make-up fan… maybe I will change in the future.
    Keep doing great work, I love your working ethic!

  35. Wow, that bag! Now I know I need a red Chanel, too, because my black Chanel needs urgently a partner :)

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  36. I also think that less is more regarding makeup and I don’t do much more than you for my casual every day outs :)

  37. You look gorgeous, amazing dress!

  38. Great tips! I got my first NARS foundation a few months ago and I was obsessed with it. I’ll definitely need to try some of their other face products! Such a cute outfit too!


  39. Your skin is so beautifully flawless, gorgeous red Chanel as well!

  40. Amazing dress, stunning sandals, beautiful girl!

    With love
    My Fantabulous World

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  42. stunning Aimee, I adore that dress!

  43. Nice dress love the pics


  44. Gorgeous dress, love the design and colors.. you look great!

  45. I love NARS! your skin looks great in these photos :)

  46. Love this gorgeous dress and your skin looks so flawless!

    Chris x

  47. Gorgeous dress and lovely outfit!!! You are just perfect!!!

    Le monde des petites

  48. Your skin and overall makeup looks incredible!

  49. I love your dress, it`s amazing!!! <3


  50. Cute dress!! Love how the ends flay out in a cute, flirty way! :)

  51. Such a lovely dress, perfect with the red bag!

  52. Absolutely love these photos. Can I ask what type of camera and lens you shoot with?

  53. You’re lucky that you have this type of skin. What would recommend for someone who has oily but sensitive skin?

  54. I’m sure the make is awesome, but I LOVE the dress.
    You look gorgeous!

    Please visit my blog for a post in Hawaii!

    thanks! xoxo

  55. What a beautiful dress! love the texture and the heels combination.

    Lots of Love.

  56. thecorporatecatwalk

    I’m still loving the red Chanel! Goes with everything!

    Corporate Catwalk
    Facebook Page

  57. Your skin is always so flawless! And the detailing on that dress is amazing, I love this entire outfit :)

  58. love!

  59. I can definitely see the difference but your skin is so perfect you don’t even need makeup!

    The Fashann Monster

  60. Alyssa

    You’re so gorgeous, you don’t really need make up! I also didn’t wear make up in college and I still don’t. This was a really interesting and inspiring post, maybe I’ll give Nars a try!

    Shop Vintage Levis

  61. Love this look! Your style is so inspiring, the blue lace is beautiful:)

    Personal Style:

  62. liz

    i love this! i’ll definitely have to try out this compact!

  63. adore this entire shoot! :)
    kw ladies in navy

  64. cakeandacouture

    In love with that effortlessly gorgeous dress! Beautiful pics!

  65. That’s the perfect summer lace dress! I’ve never tried NARS, but you’ve totally sold it to me!
    Have a fab Tuesday Aimee xoxo

  66. love the dress, you look so pretty xx

  67. You always wear those beautiful dresses! LOVELY!
    I’d love to hear your opinion on my blog from Switzerland please! xxx, E

  68. Lovely dress! And those shoes are great!

  69. The dress is amazing!! And you fab as always!! ;)

    kisses pretty!

  70. Found love for this color myself not this long ago. Wasn’t a blue colored fan for most of life tho, But this color is smashing on every occassion.

  71. Ida

    cool outfit!

    check out my blog: <3

  72. Love your outfit! NARS does the absolute best makeup.

  73. Love all Nars products and your dress is just gorgeous!

  74. You look amazing! Loving your dress <3

  75. Love the dress! Such a gorgeous color and cut – great styling with the red Chanel too!

    The Trendstop Team

  76. Alison

    Love the dress and NARS is amazing! xx

  77. Such a beautiful dress! Love Nars cosmetics xx

  78. You still look tan and gorgeous!! ahhaha Awesome!!

    HEYHEY! Check out my blog:

    Love, Gemma

  79. wow this dress combines both sexy and pretty…Gggorgeous!

  80. Wonderfull blog and great style!

    visit us on our blog and online store


  81. never was a fan of compacts cuz i thought they were too full coverage. but i’ll definitley check this one out!


  82. This dress is beautiful and I love Nars!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  83. love the make-up!♥ and your dress is so cute!:)

  84. Aimee, your skin is naturally flawless! I’m impressed! I started college a year ago, and since then I’m wearing makeup everyday. But I also don’t wear any foundation daily, only for special events.
    I’m in love with this Nars foundation, though!
    Aimee, could you show us your daily beauty care? Like which products you use and what they are for.

    Love you!

  85. those shoes are amaaaaaazing! need them! Heart of Chic

  86. you look sooo absolutely pretty honey! looked at that old post with the other tinted moisturizer and definitely prefer you with this one! but holy moly once again, your home looks perfect! remember when you posted with we got all excited and stuff:)
    anyyywayys have a lovely day and lots of love from switzerland,
    Rachel and Nina,

  87. Stunner! Totally dying over those heels and your makeup looks flawless. Will definetley have to try out the dry/wet compact foundation!

    love from los angeles

  88. Love NARS and agree the lightweight look is far better.

    Such a pretty dress and colour on you btw.

    xoxo One Stiletto At a Time fashion and beauty blog

  89. gorgeous your look!!

  90. A

    You pictures are purely stunning.
    I love the blue with red.

  91. such a stunning look! and your makeup look flawless!

  92. olga

    what shade of tinted moisturiser and foundation do you use?

  93. the combination of navy dress and nude shoes is cool. You look so beautiful
    voucher discount

  94. Your skin looks gorgeous! That dress is such a perfect fit for a beauty shoot!

  95. Gala

    A question, since does garment deal? Throwing to big to small, normally… Thank you

  96. tangoella

    Lover the shape and color of the dress. Heels are beautiful.
    Stop by

  97. Your style is lovely and perfectly match our style.
    We would like to seek an opportunity to line up together.

  98. Napat

    Omg your shoes <3

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