Welcome to My Home

Took these photos of my dining room and living room a few months ago for Elle and now that the issue is out, I’m excited to share a glimpse of my home in L.A.
I wanted to share these two rooms with you because these rooms are where I blog from. I have an office I go to for my interior design job, but early in the mornings I sit in the dining room while eating breakfast and check my blog emails. At night, I sit on the sofa with my dogs right by my side and blog for Song of Style.
I’m sure you know by now that blue is my favorite color and gold is my favorite metal so it was natural for me to pick a blue sofa and use gold accents throughout the home. The dining room and living room are connected but I didn’t want to overpower the house with blue (heck, my bedroom is in blue/lilac shades) so I kept the dining room in black, white, and gold yet chose pieces that make a big impact.
For you my fellow bloggers, where do you guys blog at and when? Please do share! xo
Outfit 1:
Giuseppe Zanotti Scallop Lace Up Heels (similar here)
Outfit 2:
Finders Keepers Top and Bottom (also love this brand)


  1. you have beautiful house Aimee!

  2. woow!!! that blue sofa is awesome!!


    (Pink + Shorts outfit )

  3. OOOh Your dogs are the best of your furniture! Just kidding (?). It's you!
    Gretchen vonDüsterwald

  4. wowww… you do have a great house <3

    visit mine?
    Miss Aa

  5. Your house really seems beautiful !

  6. It's super gorgeous!

  7. My boyfriend just got me the same metallic lacquer tray you have from west elm as a random gift and I am absolutely loving it! I'm so glad I have the metallic instead of the patent white, even though I was debating the two for a while.

  8. Mmmm your place looks so cool <3

  9. I love that sofa!

    Watch out my blog.



  10. Omg that's my ideal home! and I love the interior design of your home

    Jo xx


  11. Omg that's my ideal home! and I love the interior design of your home

    Jo xx


  12. Such a great design, I really love your house ♡


  13. Everything looks stunning. Your dogs are so cute.



  14. Wow ♥ PERFECTION. Love your house and your style, baby :D

    Kiss xx


  15. Wauw looks great!

  16. you are so stunning and i love your house, the couch is my fav!!!
    beautiful as always!

  17. Your dogs are so cute!

    I just saw your Jimmy Choo heels in Vogue Magazine and it's so weird how I saw you with them first.

    My favorite color is also blue and I love it when it's paired with gold. For me, it just reminds me of the ocean for some reason. :P


  18. Such a lovely home you have! x


  19. Woooow your home is very elegant! We love your dogs and your sandals!


  20. OMG these rooms are truly amazing, I want a home like yours *__* Love the sofa!!!!!
    Have a nice day!


  21. Lovely design!

    Don't miss today my Floral Playsuit outfit……with Special Edition sunglasses!!!.

    Kisses from
    http://www.withorwithoutshoes.com My Bloglovin

  22. You have such an impeccable taste in both fashion & decor. Love your dining room, and I usually blog at my dining table as well – but early in the morning hours. :)

    Lubna | ELLE VOX | $100 GIVEAWAY

  23. Your house is the perfect ad for your job! Love the sofa & of course your gorgeous outfits!
    Happy Thursday Hun xoxo

  24. Your house is so beautiful! The decor really goes along with each other so well! Your outfit are also so chic and stunning <3 Your dogs are so adorable :3


  25. Beautiful !! It is a true reflection of you !!

    XX Luba

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  26. I´m in love with your Couch!!!


  27. Your house looks so beautiful! I love the headboard and cushions in your bedroom as well =]

    Aysha x

  28. Such a beautiful living and dining room <3! Seems like an amazing place to live! Your dogs are also very cute!!

    XOXO Lillian Chaton

  29. You have an amazing house!

    I personally prefer to blog in my room:)


  30. I want to live in your house, you are an amazing decorator

    (old wearitwithpassion)

  31. what a gorgeous house you have! love love love :*

    xx Leila


  32. wow! love your house especially your sofa!!! and ur dogs! x

  33. Waw, we can't imagine the rest of your house !
    it's absolutely BEAUTIFUL !


    Leather Premium bags.

  34. Looks so nice and tranquil! Love

    I typically blog in bed once I get home from work and there's power. or usually at my desk at the office when I've got an hour to spare :) xx

  35. I wish you could furnish my house! Great taste my dear, in fashion and interior


  36. Did you purposefully match your outfit with each part of your room? Because I'm loving the color schemes! <33 Such a beautiful home, definitely gives us a feel of your true self :)


  37. The first outfit is divine.


  38. Wow, your home is really wooow. Have a nice day.


  39. You look fantastic:)
    Visit us:)

  40. Love both outfits! The two piece print is gorgeous and I just love the b/w skirt!
    Your interior is gorgeous too!

  41. Great and beautyful house. It's very important how we live, sleep and eat everyday, you can see it's your the best inspiration for life!
    best regards from Poland

  42. Your hoise is really spectacular! I usually blog from my desk in the bedroom, from my breakfast table or from my sofa! http://lowbudget-lowcost.blogspot.it/2013/07/is-that-special-moment-of-year-sales_10.html

  43. It's such a beautiful Chic home :O

  44. I have to say your interior is not entirely my style, but I love love LOVE your blue sofa. It looks incredibly comfy and the color is simply amazing. Great pick!

  45. Bellissima casa….. Beautiful home :)

    Please visit my fashion blog, I'm an Italian blogger hoping to give fashion and beauty tips : http://naomivibrati.blogspot.it/?m=1

  46. You have a lovely home, and that sofa is defenitely to die for :)

  47. You look amazing ! I love the two outfits and your house is also perfect!


  48. love the interior!

    XO Lisa from mysisterwears.com

  49. Oh and that blue custom made couch of yours needs to have its own twitter page, instagram page and FB page by now :D. Love.


  50. Love your interior designs! Your blue sofa is awesome btw!

    xx Frida


  51. Very nice and cozy flat! I love the amount of natural light you have in there!! :))

  52. love that blue velvety couch! stunning!


  53. Eni

    You have a wonderful home! Love the huge paintings and also your first outfit!


  54. Beautiful photos, and beautiful home. Love that blue couch!

  55. You have a beautiful home and that sofa is fantastic I always wanted one like that.

    xx, C

  56. Oh so you not only have a great style but also an awesome one for decoration! That blue coach is an amazing piece of furniture, makes a great statement!

    Cee. ♥
    Code Overdressed

  57. amazing interior Aimee! I can only imagine what your whole house looks like if this was just a glimpse! xo

    Your Daily Break

  58. Blue is my favorite color as well and the blue sofa is really cool. PS I love the Cameo two piece


  59. Love, love, love the zipper skirt but only xs available. Do you know of a similar one available? Thank you and I love your blog!

  60. you have a beautiful place and that blue couch is awesome! xo


  61. Gorgeous decorating. I love the blue hues. I in fact often blog at night from my brown leather Chesterfield couch. Much like your gorgeous blue couch. :-)

    Christie x


  62. You have a beautiful home! I blog from my dining room at home, and my desk when I'm at school.

    Juliette Laura

  63. Your house is so lovely and chic! I love the brightness and modernity of it.


  64. Every time I see pictures of your home space I fall in love with all these beautiful decorations and lovely details! I love the blue couch because it's exactly the blue I love the most (3 dresses with that color…do I need to say more? :D ) .

    I started blogging a few days ago because I love sharing beautiful things and for me fashion and art are beautiful (not to mention fresh flower arrangements! :D ) and so essential for our lives. I love to blog on my bed or in the kitchen while having breakfast!

    Have a great day! <3

    xo Deborah Chloe

  65. Every time I see pictures of your home space I fall in love with all these beautiful decorations and lovely details! I love the blue couch because it's exactly the blue I love the most (3 dresses with that color…do I need to say more? :D ) .

    I started blogging a few days ago because I love sharing beautiful things and for me fashion and art are beautiful (not to mention fresh flower arrangements! :D ) and so essential for our lives. I love to blog on my bed or in the kitchen while having breakfast!

    Have a great day! <3

    xo Deborah Chloe

  66. Outfit #2 is my fav!! in love with the print and colors!


  67. You have such a lovely home and the dogs are so cute :p

  68. Niceee! Love the pictures!
    -xoxo- Roxanne | BALUZ

    Connect with BALUZ:
    Blog | Twitter | Bloglovin' | Pinterest | WeHeartIt

  69. Love your skirt! <3


  70. You have such a beautiful home!!! Hopefully some day I'll make enough money to make my home look that chic! :)

  71. you have the most beautiful house ever!

    Take a look at my blog – Guess What

  72. Impecable taste!

    Check out http://www.thebohoflow.com for more music, fashion and travelling!

    With Love,

  73. Beautiful deco!! Fell in love with the Jimmy Choo heels!

    Gorgeous x


  74. wow! I'm a daydreamer and my daydreams are full of houses like yours…I adore the blue velvet sofa and the light that floods the rooms :)

    sisters go bananas

  75. Your home is beautiful!

    I blog in the morning in the living room!


  76. You have a gorgeous home (no surprise)!

    xo Jennifer


  77. You look awesome !! I love your face and smile:) you're so beautiful :))

  78. Wow! You have such a beautiful house! ♥


  79. you`re so wonderful aimee! and your apartment is so amazing*.*LiVDE.Blog

  80. YOu have a beautiful home, and thank you so much for sharin it with us. Also adoring your looks and shoes!

  81. Your home looks wonderfull and really big and with a lot of light. Love that skirt!!

    <3 Val

  82. love your deco! amazing as always….

    I have a 'study room' in my house so that where i blog most of the time…


  83. Both rooms are lovely! I love the blue sofa!


  84. You have such a wonderful home. It screams you!



  85. Love your house ! The decor is amazing, you did a great job curating each piece! Love the cameo outfit too!


  86. Currently I blog from my couch, but I'd love to get a small desk with a cozy chair to work from so I feel like I have my own space.

    Fashion and Happy Things

  87. Such beautiful rooms. I blog from my desk or my bed it depens

  88. wow ! beautufil :)

  89. I do my blogging at my rickety desk in my bedroom. I need a new one!


  90. I like your sofa :)

  91. Love these photos! I'd love to see more!!


  92. I love that gorgeous flower blouse you're wearing! ANd the footwear are exceptional~~ loving the laced up sandals so much!


  93. your house is so beautiful. when i win the lottery, will you be my interior designer? :)

    I left my heart in Miami

  94. i love this post, you have such great style!

    Blog / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

  95. Y

    I lvoe your home Aimee

    You are so artistic.
    I am your royal reader since your SF time ^^

    So love your bed, living room table and the blue sofa looks so confy.

    So clever girl you are.

    good day


    Y from SIngapore

  96. Beautiful and totally you! I just purchased a new home and I was wondering what tips you might have for decorating on a budget?

  97. I'd love to know where you got the giant black, gray and white photo above your couch! I've been looking for something just like it!

  98. Amazing! That couch is gorgeous!!

  99. Seriously crushing hard on your couch and the jimmy choos!!! I blog from my bedroom mostly! Xoxo

  100. I blog either on my bed, my couch or my grandmas couch lol

    I love the posts of your lovely home! Whether it's on your IG or a post on your blog, I'm simply entranced. The way you design, organize and decorate each room, I can't get enough of!!


  101. Saphire blue for the sofa is the most phenomenal shade for a living room dramatic piece! I would never want to leave that luxurious setting, ever!!!!

    Lauren at adorn la femme

  102. I blog in my room (: with all my soft toy even though I'm way over the age for soft toy. :D then in my room there's this dream catcher that I adore a lot. Lovely room you got there (: , look very elegant and classic. xx


  103. Please please share who created the artwork above your Royal Blue sofa! I have been looking for ages trying to find out who painted it/ artists who create similar work and I cant find anything as beautiful! Please please tell me who it is!?



  104. The blue velvet couch its incredible, i also love the arms of the chairs of your dinning room

    Style and Paper

  105. Loved your house…. and you looking so so pretty Aimee ….
    Well m your new follower !!

  106. you have a beautiful house and that blue couch is awesome!
    Kenneth bordewick

  107. Such gorgeous spaces! And thanks for sharing…it helps all of us contextualise your blogger life so much better <3


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  109. I'm so in love with your home! straight from a magazine


  110. such a beautiful home Aimee. so beautifully designed! love the colors, the furniture..love it all


  111. really love your outfits , also pictures with your home are gorgeous….

  112. Love those outfits, you look so chic!!!

  113. Gold and blue is so royal! I like it! Your doggies are so cute as always and I love your outfits here! I usually blog from the kitchen or bedroom, but I have a laptop so I usually just end up in random places. Never just one zone!

    Behind The Scenes At LuisaViaRoma

  114. i actually gasped when i saw that first photo! so gorgeous! thanks for sharing!
    xo : jade

  115. I usually blog in bed late at night or early in the morning on my couch! Your home is beautiful!

  116. The painting behind your sofa is beautiful! I usually blog or work either from my office or bedroom, depending on the time of day!


  117. I love your style! great shoes.

  118. Your home is absolutely gorgeous!! In love with those brass dining chairs!! Fab job!

  119. i like the chairs.
    xx Stephanie (www.stephaniesstyleblog.blogspot.com)

  120. Can I live with you, please? The sofa <3


  121. Wow, you house is just as beautiful as you are! x

  122. OMG your dogs are so cute! I can't wait to see more in the Elle issue :)


  123. your house is mag-shoot worthy!

  124. those shoes with the tassels! i adore.


    Twin In The City

  125. Those two rooms look so amazing! Love the sofa soooooo much! If I could get one like that it'd be a dream come true!

    I usually blog from whereever! :D


  126. Wow your house is amazing! My blog is innovationedit.blogspot.com.au, it still needs a bit of work!

  127. LOVE your heels

    Lots of love,

    April Fashionreports

  128. 너무 이쁘게 잘 꾸며났어요 … <3

  129. Your house seems is so gorgeous, lovely furniture!


  130. B.

    I love your home so much, it is so beautiful!
    Usually I blog in my living room on the couch. Maybe the most comfortable place in my appartment. I write many of my entries in the evenings or on my free days and post them day by day. xx

  131. nice

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  132. Yup! I saw the picture of you with your blue sofa on Elle mag. I bought that mag for my long haul and saw you in that mag and thought..wow, I'm so proud to be 1 of your follower and to know you =)
    I usually blog at night in my study/office and check my mails on the living room's sofa =)

  133. Your house is very stylish. The golden details in particular have an opulent effect! I am a blogger too and I like to write my blog posts drinking a cup of green tea in my office. I usually keep flowers on my desk. I noticed you have a lot of flowers around the house as well!

    Greetings from a Romania!


  134. Your house is gorgeous! Love the blue sofa! To die!

    I blog on the couch with my pup also! At random times though, I can't seem to find a routine. =)


  135. that sofa is perfect!


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  137. Can’t get the six chairs out of my head. Anyone who can tell me who designed these??

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  141. I love those chairs in your dinning area ! if you dont mind where are they from would love to post them on my blog. Also couldnt help but to notice that awesome finders keepers mini ….. you look sick ! I love it !

  142. I love those chairs in your dinning area ! if you dont mind where are they from would love to post them on my blog http://www.juavonestyle.com Also couldnt help but to notice that awesome finders keepers mini ….. you look sick ! I love it !

  143. I totally blog in my dining room as well!! Not being close to my bedroom helps to keep me focused!

    I love that shade of blue with the gold accents. It reminds me of Egyptian design.

  144. Julie

    Your home is gorgeous and inspired me to purchase 8 of the same Milo Baughman vintage chairs. I’m having trouble finding a dining table that’s similar to yours though. Can you provide any suggestions for places I can look to source a good vintage dining table (that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg!) in the Bay Area? Thanks very much and keep blogging on — your site is awesome!

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