Clean Lines

When it comes to design, I love a strong emphasis on line and form. Well, I like many things, and this is why I can never really describe what my design style is because just like my personal style, it’s a mix and match of everything.
However, I really love me some vertical and horizontal lines when it comes to the actual interior. I try to incorporate curves in furnishings and texture to soften things up and add more interest.
What’s your style? Are you a minimalistic? Traditionalist? Hollywood Glamour? Midcentury Modern? Industrial? or all of the above?
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  1. Amazing deco!! Love the clean and pure lines!! Great pics!


  2. wooww!! amazing post decoration! I specially like the last stairs!!

    (Black & Leopard outfit)

  3. Love this clean, minimalist look, almost effortless!



  4. Great post, I don't really love the modern look for some reason however modern mixed with traditional maybe works better for me mixed with my own jazzy style…

  5. i love minimalistic and clean


  6. Some of these are really good! I like clean lines too, minimalism but above all those things that make me feel a "warm" mood. New post on:

  7. Interior design and architecture are honestly so interesting and my mum is an interior designer. I often find minimalist look to be kind of dull but I actually really love this! xo

  8. I love the minimalist decor! :D

    xx Denysia Yu

  9. The decor is so modern I love it.

  10. love the dining room and lounge area

  11. I like clean lines, but I also love cozy. Soft pillows, blankets all over the place, window seats. I don't know what you'd call that style, but it's what I love.

    Fashion and Happy Things

  12. I'm definitely a traditionalist. Love these photos.

  13. Amazing post! I love interior design, i'm definitely a traditionalist and I adore Hollywood-glamour interior design but i picture myself living in a minimalist appartment at some point in my early to mid twenties!


  14. Love the gold stairway handle rail. I'm not quite sure how to define my style. I like midcentury modern with clean, simple and minimalist, but warm, not cold.

  15. Love the gold banister – maybe for my future home?

  16. Love the color and it's so spacious, adore the design. x

  17. clean lines, minimalist style – the best for home :)

  18. I like always white interiors like in the lasts pics. HAve a nice weekend.

  19. Beautiful, love it !
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    Love from Paris

  20. This style of interior decor is not my cup tea. I'd say I'm more into personal, colorful and vintage with a touch of simplicity :)


  21. It's amazing interior. I like this deciration style.

  22. Love this style!

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    Kisses from My Bloglovin

  23. I love this, so simple and clean. Makes every room look bigger.
    Love your interior posts!

    With love,


  24. Love it! Such a clean and beautiful design :)


  25. The office picture is my favorite. The colorful book bindings against the neutrals of the room. Mmm mmm :)

  26. What gorgeous photos, I love all of the clean lines!

    Sparkles and Shoes
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  27. adore that gold staircase

    much love from NYC

  28. These are great modern interior looks!


  29. I love the pictures above!

    When it comes to my personal interior design I love to mix and match different pieces that express who I am. I love a minimalistic interior mixed with some colorful paintings (as I really love art and abstract paintings…as a student of art history :D ) and some stuff that makes my home space kind of cozy and warm yet chic. I think with interior design it's the same as with fashion… You're allowed to take same risks to show who you are and what you expect and it's a way to express your own personality. It's a kind of art I guess :D

    I follow your blog since a few months and I love your work as much as your outfits–> always perrrrfect to me! <3

    xo Deborah Chloe

  30. This is awesome !!! I love IT!
    My favourite colours…
    Everything well matched.

  31. I'm in love with the gold rail/frame for the stairs!! Gorgeous detail.

  32. Love the photos <3 Made me fall in love with clean lines in interior design

  33. Modern designs with clean lines are my favorite, clean and bold lines create perspectives and it directly leads my eye to the direction of the furnishings. And I have a thing for lighter color interiors like whites and light wood colors, just makes the atmosphere so welcoming ;))) (although it gets dirty so easily =P)

    ❤ Jenny Tsang
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  34. Beautiful! Even though some of the pictures made me think of the movie 13 ghosts…because of the glass!

  35. I love looking at all of these photos but I'd only want to live in a few of them. I definitely have a tendency for clean lines to with a mashup of extravagance and cosiness. =)

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