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Clean Lines

When it comes to design, I love a strong emphasis on line and form. Well, I like many things, and this is why I can never really describe what my design style is because just like my personal style, it’s a mix and match of everything.
However, I really love me some vertical and horizontal lines when it comes to the actual interior. I try to incorporate curves in furnishings and texture to soften things up and add more interest.
What’s your style? Are you a minimalistic? Traditionalist? Hollywood Glamour? Midcentury Modern? Industrial? or all of the above?
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  1. “One’s diet morphs into a fundamentalist religion where food becomes the road to immortality. Visit a vegetarian health food store sometime and take a deep breath of the pervasive sanctimony.”Good lord do I know what you are talking about. I was recently looking for a new apartment and saw this nugget in the classifieds. “No cooking of meat allowed.” God forbid you are a smoker! You might as well pitch a tent somewhere because you will not find a place to live.

  2. I love the pictures above!

    When it comes to my personal interior design I love to mix and match different pieces that express who I am. I love a minimalistic interior mixed with some colorful paintings (as I really love art and abstract paintings…as a student of art history :D ) and some stuff that makes my home space kind of cozy and warm yet chic. I think with interior design it's the same as with fashion… You're allowed to take same risks to show who you are and what you expect and it's a way to express your own personality. It's a kind of art I guess :D

    I follow your blog since a few months and I love your work as much as your outfits–> always perrrrfect to me! <3

    xo Deborah Chloe