The Boyfriend Sweatshirt

I love dressing up sweatshirts instead of wearing them as well… just plain sweats. Sweatshirts are perfect when you want to create an effortless look that’s still cool so I tend to wear them quite often in many different ways.
I styled my sweatshirt with keeping the rest of the outfit simple but added a few standout pieces such as the chunky necklace and a pop of color bag.
Do you have a favorite way of dressing up your sweatshirts?
I always love pairing a chunky statement necklace with a great basic for added contrast.


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  2. J.Crew has that same necklace and I just bought it for almost $100 more there! Do you know if the workmanship of this ILY necklace is the same as J.Crew's? It appears to be identical, so maybe it's even from the same manufacturer!

  3. I also love to style up sweaters or other easy pieces in an elegant way. This one is also already "classic" on it's own. Perfect with the necklace!
    Kisses, Sally